The trend of online shopping is on peak now but all it happened to peak slowly. Many people for selling their goods like from mobiles, clothing and home appliances online and for this the retailers are using internet services daily because it has lessen their worries. And behaviours of online customers are changing rapidly because they use mostly smartphones and good internet services also involve in changing their behaviours.Although as compared to other developed countries the current internet users in Pakistan are around 25% that is still quite less.And according to State Bank predictions there is almost 2 times or few more increase in online shopping for the very last few months, and this trend is  expected to increase further in the coming years. And I think so this rate is increased due to pandemic covid which has restricted the people to home.

The online shopping customers in Pakistan can buy their products by various leading online marketplaces like OLX and DARAZ.PK and these online marketplaces allow the retailers to sell thier products to their customers.


E-commerce websites in Pakistan

I would like to tell you that in our Pakistan with every second month there are emerging new online shopping stores and this is just because of this that customers mostly like to shop online these days,some people do online because of covid and some people are so busy in their daily routine that they could not visit markets and then they do online shopping.

Now in the following list there are 10 most reliable online shopping stores which are like by most of the Pakistanis.











Following is the list of questions are mostly asked by customers on best online shopping websites in Pakistan and for the satisfaction of customer every retailer must answer to their customers queries so that retailer can sell thier products.

Questions are;








If we talk about the most popular online stores in Pakistan,then DARAZ should not be ignored because this is inevitably one of the most famous online shopping store in Pakistan.

I think so this is the complete marketplace and now it is owned by Alibaba group,it is actually China’s biggest online company.A brief description of Alibaba group is that it was formed by Jack Ma with 17 friends and students as Alibaba.com a china based B2B marketplace site.On DARAZ.pk there are many sellers which are offering  thousands products and these products are about 30,000.These products include many things for daily use such as from mobile phones,home appliances,toys and kids products, even fashion accessories of ladies and gents also because our gents fashion accessories are also the need of time.

On DARAZ.pk people can buy products at very low cost and for this reason it has gained fame for its discount offers and is also well known for its online sale.In addition to all this the leading brands in pakistan of clothing,shoes,cosmetics,as well as groceries and all other needs of daily routine  have their flagship stores on Daraz.pk,which is the source of pakistani people to enable them for buying reliable products when they want.

As it is very popular,so around 60% people get directly access it on the internet without opening other websites.Now Daraz aap is also available and many mobile companies installed it in thier mobiles for the ease of customers.





The most innovative and revolutionary way of online shopping in our Pakistan is offered by WBM INTERNATIONAL.This is like the online shopping marketplace which provides to shop online whenever,however and wherever you like.

This is the well-known brand for many consumers products that are sold through the AMAZON-USA and this is recently launched by WBM(Pvt)Ltd.

This website sales the same products which are sold on Amazon USA and they are about 600+.You may also find on this website the imported products of locally popular brands.It offers the genuine products with highest quality and this is the best thing about this online shopping website and this is the reason of it’s popularity among it’s customers.And almost all of it’s products are directly imported from abroad.For your purchase of products you can fully trust this online shopping website,in case of your worry that you are not buying original products in Pakistan.

This website is known worldwide for its business and high standard quality products.It is popular among 5 continents and 16 countries.

From business to business and from customer to business, WBM International is now expanding its platform in Pakistan to create ease and convenience in both businesses.

In Pakistan this website is new entrant and so in this regard they are offering their customers many discounts and deals, for example with 7 PM deals you can save up to 50% with an additional 10%discount that is applicable for all deals or purchases which are made through online shopping mobile apps.As this is online shopping website so it may allow in future the third party sellers and brands to sell thier products by using this platform however currently this online shopping website only offers it’s own brands and imported products.



Here is the description of one more online shopping mall in Pakistan which is known as BESTBUY MALL and this is rapidly growing website that gives us opportunity to buy everyday necessities instantly from home and online shopping from this website is also hassle_free shopping experience.

No online website is comparable to BESTBUY MALL website.It allows you to order products of diverse categories  like grocery,household care,baby care,personal care and meat and seafood from your nearby shops.And then your desired products from all of your city shops are delivered to your doorstep when you gave order.It is also the best spot with easy online shopping cash on delivery facility.This is also the best online vegetable shopping store in Pakistan in addition to grocery stores.

It empowers their sellers to connect with their millions of customers in different specific regions  as it is a hyperlical e-commerce platform.It is also giving last mile delivery services to businesses and allow customers to buy from variety of categories such as apparel,electronics,foods,personal and beauty care products,grocery,fruits,vegetables,meat,bakery items,medicines from nearby stores.

This hyperlical .marketplace is the best option for customers for online shopping in Pakistan.Google and social media is the source of access to BESTBUY MALL for most people.Google play store and apple store also gives the BESTBUY MALL app for the ease of customers.



In Pakistan SHOPON is one of the emerging online website for trendy apparel,fashion related stuff or gadgets such cameras,lenses,smart watches,mobile phones,gaming consoles and earbuds.SHOPON mission is to bring high quality to their customers by single entity retail operation.Majority if Pakistanis online shoppers belongs to PAKISTAN’s vibrant a d enthusiastic young generation so that’s why SHOPON primarily focused on sellers and products that attracts the young generation.SHOPON has a separate category for shopping of your favourite brand if you are brand lover.SHOPON brings the best products for you at discounted rates and this is the aim of SHOPON for bringing Pakistan forward in e-commerce industry.This is the best thing that you can avail items at whooping discount.This e-commerce store is opened 24/7 and is all set to deliver you quality products of your choice at your doorstep.so now it’s up to you that you must be ready to buy and get benefit of it’s offers.



This is owned by trade link enterprises and is the well known name in the e-commerce spehere of Pakistan.Since 1991,it’s parent company has been dealing in electronics and selling mobile phones.So,because of it’s 27 years of excellence in dealing with online shopping and customers services it is considered to be the top 5 e_commerce companies in Pakistan.Telemart.pk was stated with selling mobile phones and electronics and was successful and then also evolved to healthcare products, women’s fashion,kids mart and many more.The reason behind this that thier customers keep coming to them for their necessities that they aim to provide value through their products.This is the only brand in Pakistan which has become to sell premium plated gold products and they are about more than 150,000 products in their stores.As this is the aim of every online website to make convenient shopping for their customers and so provide their apps and TELEMART is also giving a free discount card or app to their customers.




If we talk about the oldest online shopping website than SHOPHIVE is one of them which delivers a vast variety of products starting from cellular devices,home appliances and also includes daily care products.

SHOPHIVE friendly website help you to find your favourite products at low prices.You have to place your order,then choose your preferred payment option and get your order delivered to your doorstep within 3 days.And it would be quicker delivered if you are in city like Islamabad or Rawalpindi where SHOPHIVE offer 24 hour delivery.

SHOPHIVE facilitate business owners with procurement needs and for this they have a separate section for corporate sectors.When you would buy in bulk for them then they would give give you great discounts on them.By delivering a valuable experience with their customers,their aim is to deliver a lasting relationship with their customers.I think so that for your online shopping craze in Lahore,Karachi or all over Pakistan, SHOPHIVE is the excellent e_commerce platform for you.



In Pakistan for best mobile phones the one stop hub to shop the latest gadget from any brand of your choice which you want is the HOME SHOPPING.PK.HOME SHOPPING.PK stands exceptional in providing electronic products under one roof with best prices and availability.It provides countless products which are listed on the website under different categories from some of the best and reliable brands. It provides devices which are accessible for every customers with reasonable prices like from mobile phones to tablets to laptops and computer accessories.For the ease of customers HOME SHOPPING.PK also gives the availability for payment through cash on delivery or VISA and MasterCard.This online shopping website also has stuff for kids,gents and ladies to shop their heart out.



This online shopping website allows you to shop brands of your choice in much easier and precise way.So you must shop to experience the difference of iSHOPPING.pk!

Time is like money and this website understands it perfectly.And iSHOPPING  has been created to save your valuable time.

This is one of the leading marketplaces of Pakistan and is mainly designed to facilitate buyers  by this online platform.

iSHOPPING products include almost every product of customers need like electronics, women’s store, gent’s stores,also products for your health and beauty products as well,office and media needs, kid’s store, home and living,books and stationary etc.This is backed by  good buyers and sellers policies and for this it is highly reliable store in Pakistan.



VMart also provides every gadget of computer world throughout the Pakistan just like TELEMART and HOMESHOPPING are providing to their customers.Their online shopping store is also very wast which is providing customers  starting from phone and gadgets to gaming gears and computer peripherals as well.

VMart brands name include 



Steel series 

Travel more.

So you must visit this website if you are brand lover because it would provide you your favourite products.



Tohfay.com is online shopping website and SHOP DAILY is actually the project of this website and it deals with your daily use accessories like your home accessories,daily use products, and brands for gents,ladies and kids.So, if you want to experience hassle free shopping,then it’s my opinion that SHOP DAILY.PK would be dedicated to provide their customers with high quality products and for this, it has achieved a fame.In Pakistan, if you are looking for online shopping website with it’s exceptional services SHOP DAILY.PK is an emerging online website for the customers to buy their products of daily use.


Now following are the most asked questions by the customers on the best online shopping websites in Pakistan.


1: Which is the most trusted online  website in Pakistan?

Well,it’s our experience as well as according to customers comments about delivery services of online websites, that all of the websites deliver on time and are trusted.But some specific websites like TELEMART.PK,DARAZ.PK,YAYVO.COM and HOMESHOPPING.PK have great customers reviews.You must always search customers reviews before you purchase your products,and the choice of platform depends on products you want to buy.


2: Can I order from ali Express from PAKISTAN?

Your question is that 

3. Can you order from ali Express from PAKISTAN?

So your answer is that

Yes,you can

And for this you have to select the registered seller,select your product of your desire,then just place your order and don’t forget to share your payment details.Your order will be delivered successfully within 40-50 days because it’s duration is round about 40-50 days,so don’t get worry and check your mail or inbox for your delivery order.Here you must know that online shopping from China to Pakistan cash on your order delivery is not possible and for this you have to pay online always.And it could be considered suspicious if your buy bulk outside Pakistan so order only your desire products within limits.



Your question is that,


and answer to your query is that,

NO;it does not directly deliver in Pakistan.

And so for your shopping from Amazon you have to find the services which act like middleman to deliver Amazon products in Pakistan.And you must also know that there are only 5 percent of amazon products which you can get through Amazon at your doorstep but it will also include shipping charges as well.



The above mentioned online shopping website in Pakistan deliver great customers experience and customers are satisfied about their products.

But according to rating we would like to list the online shopping websites in Pakistan,



3: WBMInternational.pk






To wrap it up

In 2020,in Pakistan that’s all for our list of top 10 online shopping websites.And we hope for the great experience for you from these online shopping websites.With consistent and dedication all of these online shopping websites  are now leading the whole online shopping horizons of Pakistan and all of these online shopping websites which we have discussed have emerged from very small scale.You don’t have to hold it long if you are thinking about to be one of them.And for this you have to grab only a product and by taking services from IDEATORS E commerce development launch your online store.

And I think so that this is the quickest and best route for your successful launching of your next  big e commerce startup, Best Of Luck!

In the end it would be mentioned here that you must tell that which one is your favorite online shopping website from above list in Pakistan and what’s reason for your favoritisms for that website.

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