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How are you all? I hope so you are doing great. Today my topic of discussion is related to communication and its methods and shortcodes use to run all these systems. Still, all over the world postal system is working and developing even in this time of fast communication ways like the internet,
mobile phones, wireless, and many other ways to communicate. These are all the convenient and the most efficacious ways to communicate. These are also the fastest way to contact someone. Internet is one of the most latest and efficient ways for o contact other people. So here if we talk about the portal system in many countries Like Pakistan, the USA, Canada, Russia, and other
Muslim countries like UAE and Saudi are still working on the postal system. Even in many developed countries like the USA official letters and orders are still proceeds in the postal system. In Europe, Many kinds of bills like Electric bills, Gass bills, Landline bills, and many others are still sent in the form of party letters. These can be received in many ways. In
Pakistan, this system is still in progress. The Pakistan department that deals with the postal system are called ‘GPO’.

So back to the topic in Dubai postal system is running in its way despite the fact internet has taken a lot of space. This system is working and preceding on the zip code and postal code system. There is a serial number that has its value in different countries in different ways. Now we first discuss the meanings of terminologies like Postal Code and ZiP code. so it is the first task to sort out the meanings of these words and their existence.

So here first I will explain the term name Zip system in detail then I will discuss the other one that is ‘postal code’. So it is what we have.



As this name Zip indicates that it is a short term that might contain some abbreviation in it. So first we have to discuss the exact meaning or abbreviation of the short term. So here it means or full abbreviation is ‘Zone
improvement plane” so this is a pretty simple name and it might be easy as
well as it looks.

So this system was invented or introduced in America. After that, this system got better. Now we talk about the function this system has in it.

This was introduced to the system so that the emails and letters may reach the destination more effectively and efficiently. This may fasten all processes by itself. When a mail server writes the mail and this may reach the destination easily because of the zip he wrote in the postal address.


2.Postal code:

As the name indicates that these words are also code that may have something
to do with the code for the mail. So here it is. This is a term that has many
other similar terms used in its place like postcode, Zip code, postcode. These
are a few similar terminologies. Now about the postal system, it is a sequence
of numerical digits,  alphabetical letters, or may include both. This may
be covered by space some time or written with punctuation. It contains the
postal address to proceed with all letters and emails in it.

This was all about the introduction of the system we take care of mean two
terms like postal code and ZIP code. We can find help by reading this article
and its purpose is to provide the best information about the system.


Zip code of Dubai, postal code of Dubai:

So if we talk about the fact and the information about the ‘postal code’ of
Dubai and the ‘zip code’ of Dubai. Down in the following lines, we have these codes there.


Dubai postal code is here in the commas


“00000” so these are the few pieces of information about the code we have. There is not any specific reason to write or standardized that code with
5 of the zeros if someone is interested then he should ask in the comments too. tell this.

So the postal code is also “00000” so here it is with the same all the reasons same for the both.


Dubai postal & ZiP codes
Bur Dubai postal code


Bur Dubai zip code


Deira Dubai postal code

Deira Dubai zip code


 Abu hail postal code
125212 Pin code
Al nahda postal code
Al nahda zip code



Facts about the postal code: 

So here is the reason to tell about the fact to be frankly speaking there is
not anything extra or important about the fact behind this number it is just
randomly selected by the postal system so to maintain and send your mail you
have to mention the exact and right Makanni number. After all the procedures
try to write the exact number with the postal number and the makhani number
with a postal number like ‘00000’. So it is what we have.

So it is mandatory to understand this postal code has a purpose in it because
every building or house in the UAE has its number and serial number allotted
by the government to specify its address so here it’s a purpose to write this.
Every building has its own ‘makhani number’ which is the numerical serial
number allotted to it. This all is about the exact address with a proper
source on it which can’t trace by the department easily. So that is compulsory
to mention the postal code with the right makhani number where the person can
be traced and find out. So it depends upon the thing or addresses you write on
a specific number where it can be mentioned to locate that person. In short,
if you want to sense that to the right location where you won’t you have to
put always the right instructions about this.

So because of its fact, the postal system of Dubai prefers to write the
central code of Dubai. In a short time, you can write it and fix it. So it’s
what it is.

Dua I postal code of the ‘Burr’ is “00000”

So this was the same code as we read that before.

– Daria code postal for Dubai ‘00000’ this was it here was mentioned. We can
sort out the by the department so this is it. We can find out about this in
this way. So for further detail, I am going to write about the central post
office of Dubai. Here we can find out by this way.


Dubai central post office:

So as the name indicates about this paragraph is going to be about the postal
system of Dubai or the central office of the postal system of Dubai.

The central office deals with the postal system which includes the zip code
and also the postal code of Dubai. So here the postal system suggests that for
a business matter you should have a PO box system. This all deals with
business matters. Like if you receive your mail or officials’ letter then you
will use the PO box by yourself. This is an efficient thing. You can get the
mail at the right and exact time. This is an official type of account. Not
only for the business you can also make a PO box postal system if you are a
common man you can have your mail on the right time and occasion. But you have
to pay a bit of the amount to make and maintain the PO box system.

So to make this PO box you have to pay almost 70AED to make this ad have to
pay finally 250ARD so this was all that. You have to pay every month to run
this thing smoothly and fluently.


Requirement of Po box in UAE:

PO box is the best alternate of the postal systems and zip code you have. So
this is some kind of official type thing. ‘Don’t need to run for it it will
come to you’ this is the phrase used to describe this thing correctly. So the
requirements for the PO box are going to explain. You can get the PO box by
fulfilling all the required conditions.

  • – Fill up the required application for the system to run the PO box for the
    central office of Dubai. This is the main head office of I that deals with
    all the postal systems.

  • -copy of your passport and the CNIC of Dubai should be available and printed
    for you for this process. Both things should be attached to the copy or
    application to keep this going.

  • -For this 2 passport-sized pics are also necessary to register your PO

  • – so in the end, you should have all the mentioned things to you to get
    things done it is what it is.

So the easiest and convenient method for that is you can easily register
yourself on the official website. Just go there and open that. As they ask you
to do just register yourself on the website and after few days you will get
this thing done. This was all about the article. Fine and fair.


PO Box Numbers Of United Arab Emirates

Dubai PO Box Numbers codes
Dubai PO Box Number


Abu Dhabi PO Box Number


Al-Ain PO Box Number

Deira PO Box Number


Sharjah PO Box Number
Ajman PO Box Number
Umm Al Quwain PO Box Number


Fujairah PO Box Number
Ras Al Khaimah PO Box Number





If we talk about the merits of the postal code or Zipcode then we will find
that it is the system that has a lot to do with the postal system. Improvement
is needed in systems worldwide. And this is all we have the information.
Except for the fact, this system got old about also this also has evolved a
lot. This system has its benefits and demerits after introducing the postal
code or zip code it has become easy or confident for the department to send
these letters to its destination in time. As we all know this is the most
difficult system to follow and do. No matter what we are using this is the
classical system. And this is also efficient as well. So Fter we sort out the
problems and also after managing the solution to these problems it is not
difficult to send these letters. Like in the same manner as in the latest
technology we use the shortcode or address to make it easy and short. We can
further improve this system. Without any conflict, it is the basis of all the
communication systems like it was done in old times. Because it shortens the
period to proceed it is the best way also.



As with everything in this world has, its own merits and demerits this would
not be wrong to say this postal and dip system has its demerits. It will
extend all the procedures as well. You can solve this by changing this system
to the latest and efficient system like that already been using the internet
and mobile network. This was the demerits to use the thing like this.



It would not be wrong to say that this system has all the problems and
benefits relating to this as this postal system can be delayed as well as it
is also the security risk system. You can not get the immediate message relating to you from the postal letter so this system has been replaced a long
time ago even in the offices this system is also replacing like they are also
using the email system to run all this type of system. If someone has official
order then it would proceed to the Email and at the end that employee will get
the electronics mail at the end. so this system is flourishing as well. With
all the benefits and time. So this is all we have about this article. We
should do better and much better we can do. We must perform our duties in a
good way.

So about this system, this is not the latest system for example: if we have an
emergency and ant to talk to someone about this we should use the internet or
digital tools to send our message and to get it done. This is a blessing also.
In some cases, if the message is not required so early we can send the letter
to make this thing happen after some time. In short for the early purposes we
can use mobile and internet and other ways.  So we have to evolve with
time leave these classical ways and do new things. Save your time and do the
expected things. So try to read it properly and completely. And also share it
with your friends and fellows. This might be helpful for them as well. Thanks
for being patient and nice.

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