15+Best learn quran apps & Islamic Knowledge Apps For Android & iOS best islamic apps

Almost daily, new Muslim applications appear on iOS and Android platforms. The electronic Quran is now always with you: there is free time learn quran apps . you can read. If you want to know the time of prayer, just look into the smartphone. Applications help you find Qibla, cafes and halal cafes, nearby mosques.

Discover which are the Best Muslim Apps you should have! Without a doubt being a Muslim is something unique. And why not take a bit of your life in an app? In this post I will show you apps that you can not stop having on your mobile device.>

With these apps you will find all those results that you want so much. All you need to do is take a little time and read this post. Then choose the one that most resembles you and finally install it on your device and that’s it! You will be able to enjoy all these incredible apps. Find help and fun in these original apps that will undoubtedly help you improve your duties as a Muslim. So take your time and take a look at the apps that I am going to present to you.

Best Islamic Knowledge Apps For Android & iOS List best islamic apps 2023

1.Muslim Pro FOR Prayer Times, Azan, Quran & Qibla -how to learn quran easily

Developed in Singapore, this popular application is interesting in that it offers several functions at once. It tells the time of prayer by means of azan or in silent mode, points to Qibla, gives you the opportunity to read and listen to the Qur’an, shows holidays on the calendar, offers electronic greeting cards, there is a calculator of zakat. Using the application, you can also familiarize yourself with 99 names of Allah Almighty, as well as find halal food points and mosques. 
All these features are included in the free version. There is a paid premium version for those who want to use the application without ads and choose the pronunciation options for azan from numerous options.


  • It comes with the fully complete Quran.
  • It also has a Qibla locator.
  • Islamic Hijri Calendar.
  • Masjid Seeker.
  • Calculate the prayer time.
  • Islamic calendar.
  • It has a list of all the names of Allah.

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2.Muslim: Prayer Times, Quran, Qibla, Dhikr

If you are a forgetful person and need the help of an app that reminds you of your duties as a Muslim on a daily basis, this is the app you need! That is why it is considered one of the best Muslim apps they have created. Muslim is an excellent personal assistant, he reminds you of all those prayers you should do, the Qibla direction, times of face prayer, it also comes with the holy Quran, Ramadan calendar, Dhikr counter, among many other things.


    • Send daily messages to improve yourself.
    • It has special dates and holidays.
    • It comes with a Dhikr Counter option, where you can do your Dhikr daily.
    • A list of 99 names of the glorious Allah.
    • Reading the Holy Quran.
    • Alarms to remind you of your prayers and invocations.
    • It shows you how long each sentence should last.




The application is designed for a comfortable stay of Muslims in unfamiliar places while traveling. With it, you can find out places suitable for prayers, shops offering halal products, points of sale of Islamic paraphernalia, Muslim books, halal cafes and restaurants. You can also ask the imam questions, listen to the radio, find out the exact time of prayer in different parts of the world. Using the application, you can also check the availability of a halal point of sale certificate.
Regular users of the HalalGuide application can accumulate points and receive discounts in halal restaurants and cafes.

4.Guiding Islam

This guide is intended for all those Muslims who wish to understand Islam, the Holy Quran, and Muslims. If it is difficult for you, without a doubt, this is the app you need in your life. It is a very complete app, it comes with references, information and biographies of great importance in Muslim life. It also has illustrations for a better understanding of reading.
  • It has a lot of important information, including the following:
  • Miracles of the Holy Quran.
  • Origin of the universe.
  • What the Koran says about the seas and rivers.
  • The clouds and the Koran.
  • Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad
  • Muhammad’s life and work.
  • Growth of Islam.
  • What is the Islam.
  • Allah’s Belief.
  • Prayers
  • And many more!

5.iQuran / iQuranPro (Electronic Quran)

With this application, you can listen to the Holy Book of Muslims performed by world famous readers of the Koran. It is especially convenient for those who want to memorize verses and surahs; there is the opportunity to listen to each verses separately. Also given the opportunity to re-listen, bookmark pages, you can read by the rules of Tajwid.


6.Daily Supplications – Prayer Times, Quran, Qibla

With this app you can read and listen to a large number of Islamic supplications daily. It comes with over 300! It also shows the hours of each prayer and has the option to create totally personalized reminders for you, so you can make all your supplications.
  • Special supplications.
  • Reminder of supplications for fasting.
  • It helps to finish reading the Koran during Ramadan.
  • Audio pleas.
  • Translation of supplications.
  • Daily supplications.
  • Reminder alarms.
  • Search to find supplications.
  • Islamic calendar.


7.Quran Majeed, Prayer Times, Adhan, and Qibla – قرآن

One of the good applications for reading and listening to the Quran. The new iOS application gives you the opportunity to read the Quran in its entirety, listen to it in the audio version and watch translations in different languages. You can enlarge the font, find individual words using the “search” tool and see their description or translation, as well as the opportunity to find out prayer times for all parts of the world, start repeating verses for memorizing, means of regulating the interval and speed of reading.

8. Namaz: learning for beginners

Muslim prayer has unlimited value. Therefore, it is important to complete it on time and in compliance with all the rules. This application gives a lot of information about prayer: the order of execution is accompanied by illustrations and audio recordings. There is a translation and transcription.

9.Ramadan legacy

The application for those who want to spend the month of Ramadan is especially effective. Often, before the start of this holy month, Muslims promise themselves to read the Qur’an daily, increase knowledge, do more good deeds, but then these intentions are forgotten and a feeling of dissatisfaction with oneself appears. If you approach the matter wisely, everything will be different, the developers of the application assure. This application makes it possible to plan things ahead of time for the next 30 days, to look at fasting days, prayers, recited verses of the Qur’an, inspire with catch phrases. Scheduling  riting business planning — gives great results. Also using the application you can keep a personal diary and chat with friends.

10.Medicine of the Prophet – Medicine of the Prophet

Verily from every affliction there is healing. But knowledge of these methods of treatment is not given to everyone. Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawzi is a great scientist who has studied the treatment methods available in the experience of the Prophet Muhammad. His book “Medicine of the Prophet” formed the basis for developing an application for iPhone. The authors believe that the work of the scientist, which reveals the possibilities of curing from various ailments and diseases, gives recommendations for strengthening the body and heart, will be useful to Muslims.


11.Muslim baby names – Muslim baby names

The Prophet Muhammad said: “On Judgment Day you will be called upon by your name and the name of your father. So give your children good names. ” In the application released for android, more than 4 thousand names indicating their meaning and gender for which they are intended.

12.Scan Halal

Eating haraam (unlawful) badly affects the connection of a Muslim with the Almighty. Islam warns: worship of one who eats haraam will not be accepted. Therefore, a Muslim always makes sure that his food is allowed. Halal Scanner is an application that is convenient for performing these tasks. It is designed for iPhone. The application scans the product composition indicated on the label and analyzes it in terms of halal. To do this, the camera of the smartphone should be brought closer to the product label. After that, the device displays the result on the screen.
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13.Al Quran (Tafsir & Word)

This is one of the best apps on Quran. It has many benefits, such as Tafsir ibn Kasir, Tajwid, word-for-word translation and many more. In Sha Allah is very useful for Android users. The advantage of all of GreenTech’s apps is that all their apps are completely free and have no add-ons. Alhamdulillah.

14.Quran – Naskh

This app uses the 5 line Indopak Quran. This passage is very helpful in reciting and memorizing, because each page ends with a verse. Especially, for the people of our country (and those who are accustomed to reading the Indopak Quran), this is quite useful. Because this Mushaf is well known to them. As a result, they will be able to recite it easily in In Sha Allah.

15.Hadith Collection (All in one)

This app is a final compilation of Hadith. It has 5+ Hadiths, Powerful search engine, Fonts adjustability and more from a total of 5 texts. However, only English and Arabic are used in it.

16.Meaningful Prayer (Salat) With Words

 Meaningful Prayer (Salaat) is an app by which you can learn the meaning (including the meaning of each word) of Surah, Tasbih, Doa, etc. in prayer. And by this you will be able to understand what you are saying in front of Allah and your attention will be increased in prayer. It contains the Tafsir Ahsanul Bayan (Surah Fatiha and the last 5 Suras), the timetable for the Salat prayer.


This app contains many fatwas and questions answered by islamqa.info. This app is very helpful in finding answers to everyday life questions.
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