Best 5G/4G internet devices in Pakistan 


Today’s internet is the necessary for our new generation it’s not a just
luxury or entertainment even it becomes need in our daily routine, like many
young generations do their work on internet for earning purposes, a huge
population use internet for online shopping, grocery and medicines and
contact with their relatives, family and friends. Many businessman use
internets for their business purposes to selling and purchasing material
order. More ever students use internet for taking their online classes and
lectures, internet becomes more necessity due to corona virus those days and
safety for our life’s. So, internet facility is the basic things now a
Best 4G internet devices in Pakistan.


In this article we will tell you different mobile broadband (4G) devices
which has fast net speed and best packages at cheaper price, which you
would like you can buy it according their need and price range. Detail of
all broadband 4G devices given below, so read this complete article and
get information about best 4G devices.


List of best broadband 4G devices in Pakistan

  1. Zong 4G device
  2. Jazz super 4G device
  3. Telenor 4G wingle
  4. PTCL charge evo device
Detail of these devices are given below.

1.Zong 4G Wifi internet Device

Zong is the china-based network and working in Pakistan. Zong has
millions of subscribers in Pakistan. This network provides many packages
to their customers like SMS package, call minutes and best internet
facility. Zong has best internet packages and fast speed than all pother
telecom networks. Zong also offer 4G device to facilitate of their
subscribers. The further detail of Zong 4G device are given below.
Zong provide two types devices 4G.
  • Zong 4G Bolt+ (Huawei)
  •  Zong 4G Bolt+ (Fiber home)

1. Zong 4G Bolt+ (Huawei)

Zong 4G Bolt+ (Huawei) detail are given below.
• Net Speed= 150 Mbps
• Battery Lithium =1500 MAH, 3.8
• Device price= 3000
• Package price=2000
• Validity= 30 days (1
• Method to use= just plug in
and enjoy fast speed 4G internet
• Software= no need for
installation of any software
• 2G, 3G,4G devices also
available with this name.

2. Zong 4G Bolt+ (Fiber Home)

Zong 4G Bolt+ (Fiber Home) detail given below.
• Net speed= 150 Mbps,
connectivity with 10 devices at a time, support WIFI 2.4 GHZ band.
• Battery= 2100 MAH, 3.8 V
• Device price=3000
• Package price=2500
• Validity= 30 days (1
• Software= no need to
installation of any software
• Method to use= just plug in
and enjoy high speed 4G internet.
• Available in 2G, 3G,4G
After some months Zong will provide 5G device.
You can purchase Zong device from any nearby Franchise and prices can
be different from city to city.

Zong Wifi Device Packages

Zong 3g/4g Device Package 
    Monthly 50Gb zong device 
internet package 
Rs.2,000   60GB 30Days *6767#or*6363#


    Zong Wifi device 
internet package 
Rs.2500    150 GB (Inc. 75GB 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM) 30Days *6767#or*6363#
    zong Wifi device new
internet package 
Rs.3,250   200 GB (Inc. 100GB 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM) 30Days *6767#or*6363#
    zong device three Month package  Rs.5,500    60GBperMonth    90Days *6767#or*6363


Zong 3g/4g Device unlimited Package 
    zong device six Month package  Rs.12000    100 GB (Inc. 25GB 4am – 4pm)/ Month    180Days *6767#or*6363#


Zong 3g/4g Device unlimited Package 
    zong device 12 Month pacakge  Rs. 22,000    100 GB (Inc. 25GB 4am – 4pm)/ Month    1year *6767#or*6363#


2.Jazz Super 4G device

Jazz is the No.1and most cellular network in Pakistan. This network
provides many packages like SMS package, call minutes and best 4G
devices to facilitate their customers. Jazz super 4G device has best
internet speed and cheaper than other networks. The complete detail and
packages of Jazz super 4G device given below.
Jazz provide two types of 4G device 
  • Jazz Super 4G WIFI device
  • Jazz 4G Wingle device

Jazz 4G WIFI device

  • This device can be used for change setting and can control mobile
    for downloading apps.
  • Capacity= Can be used with 12 WIFI devices. It used both android
    and apple phone. It provides 1 USB tattering.
  • Battery= 2300 MAH
  • Device price= 4500
  • Package price= 1500

Jazz 4G wingle device

  • Capacity= starting from 25 GB 
  • Device price= 3500
  • Package price= 999
  • Validity= 30 days
  • You can change setting on this device and can control mobile to
    downloading apps.

Jazz Wifi 4G Device Package


  • Package Information:60 GB,(30 GB useable
  • 1am – 1pm)
  • Price:RS.1500
  • Validity:30 Days
  • Wifi Subscription Code:*117*73#
  • Check Remaining MBs Code:*117*73*2#
  • How to UN-SUBSCRIBE :*117*73*4#

Jazz Mega Wi-Fi Package

  • Package Info:100 GB,(50 GB useable
  • 1am – 1pm)
  • Price:RS.2000
  • Validity:30 Days
  • Package Subscription Code:*117*36#
  • Check Remaining MBS Status Code:*117*36*2#
  • How to Unsubscribe:*117*36*4#

Jazz Heavy Package

  • Package Info:150 GB,(75 GB useable
  • 1am – 1pm)
  • Price:RS.2500
  • Validity:30 Days
  • Package Subscription Code:*117*74#
  • Check Remaining MBS Status Code:*117*74*2#
  • How to unsubscribe:*117*74*4#

Jazz 3 Month Wifi Device Package

  • Package info:50 GB
  • Price:RS.5500
  • Validity:90Days
  • How to active:*117*15#
  • Check Remaining MBs:*117*17*2#
  • How to unsubscribe:*117*15*4#

Jazz 6 Month Wifi Device Package

  • Package info:100 GB
  • Price:RS.12000
  • How to active:*117*16#
  • Validity:180 Days
  • Check Remaining MBS:*117*18*2#
  • How to unsubscribe:*117*16*4#

3.Telenor 4G device

Telenor is best and fast-growing network in Pakistan. It has millions of
subscribers. Telenor also provide 4G device for the facility of their
users. The detail of Telenor 4G device given below.
  • Capacity= fast speed up to 150 Mbps, can connect up to 10 WIFI
  • Lithium battery= 1500mAH
  • Device price= 2800
  • Package price= 1500
  • Validity= 1 month
  • Software= No need to install any software just plug in and
  • Available in 2G/3G LTE devices.

4.PTCL EVO CharJi device

PTCL provides 4G device which has best internet speed and packages. Its
download and upload speed has 5 times more than 3G. 
  • Capacity= start from 64GB MicroSD card and can contact 10 devices
  • Battery = 2350 MAH, run more than 5 hours
  • Device price= 2500
  • Package price= 999
  • Validity= 1 month
  • Software= no need to install any software.
Here we tell you information about 4G devices of different network
but according my experience and search Zong has the best 4G device
with fast internet service and affordable prices. Rather all
remaining devices you can be use according your need and
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