The Best And Amazing Do Darya Restaurants in Karachi

Karachi is the most big city of Pakistan due to its population. Karachi is the capital of province Sindh. This city is very beautiful and very good looking city in all over the Pakistan and that is why it is also known as “Lights Of City”. There are so many hotels and Restaurants are working in the Karachi, and Do Darya Restaurants is also in the Karachi city. The people which are the residents of Karachi city are going to these Do Darya Restaurants along their families and friends every day or on the weekends. If you are the citizens of Karachi or before lived in the Karachi city then you are look these restaurants or any friend tell you about these restaurants. The people which are from the other cities of Pakistan also heard from any other person or they look personally  these Restaurants when they sometimes visit the Karachi city.

Basically, Do Darya Restaurants is the fashionable and elegant place in Karachi city. The popularity and distinctiveness of these Do Darya Restaurants are so much because these restaurants are situated on the beachside. The most sensational and thrilling naked truth of these restaurants is due to their general components and the other thing is that on these restaurants two seas are joined. And due to this reason of two seas these restaurants are to be popular with the name of ‘Do Darya’ and this terminology is in the language of Persian.

These restaurants are got the reputation due to the segment of the restaurants which are currently providing the services to their customers onward the beachside place. If you are make the plan to go these restaurants and eating the tasteful dishes along to your families and to your friends and also take the fresh and air-conditioned air on the beachside then you can easily search the divergent preferences places where you can bear on. The all restaurants on the beachside are providing the services to the people as moonstruck daily. These restaurants are commonly full at the night time. The all restaurants which are situated at the Do Darya Karachi are totally overfilled and if you are go to these restaurants at beachside then you may be hold up for a long time of period due to over filling. And as all of you well know that the restaurants are burning along the lights into the whole night and due to these beautiful scenes on beachside anybody not want to return their home.

On this web page we will explain you in full details about the Do Darya Restaurants in Karachi city. Also tell you about the all restaurants which are provide the services to their customers at Do Darya Karachi. The names of these restaurants and also the time schedule of opening and closing of these restaurants. So, if you are desirable to get out the all information related to the good service provider and famous Do Darya Restaurants in Karachi then study this article till the end.

1. Kolachi Do Darya Restaurant at Karachi

If you are make the plan and program to enjoy the very tasty dishes and also spend the very decent time with your family and friends then you must give the preference to the Do Darya Kolachi Restaurant because this is very dominant and first class restaurant at the beachside of Karachi. This restaurant is perfectly the most prominent choice for you at the seaside, which is provide you the superior BarBi Que and conventional manner of preparing food. Due to the exceptional facilities which it provides to their clients, this restaurant is very popular among the other restaurants of Do Darya in Karachi city. Everyday number of people are visiting this restaurant along their families and friends because the people are like their tasteful dishes and excellent services. And if you are get the seat in the restaurant then you can be wait for a long time because the restaurant is always full with people.

The Kolachi Restaurant is very ethereal distinctive emotional atmosphere along the beautiful and well arranged lights. This restaurant provide the very enjoyable and inanimate air to their clients which are come to this restaurant. When you are go to the this restaurant, you can sit down alongside the sea to enjoy the very beautiful scene of seagull on the sky and also feel the very cold wind on the beachside. The beautiful furnishing of a livable interior and the tasty dishes of this restaurant attract the people to enjoy their weekend holidays along their family at the night meal.

Most Famous Foods Of The Kolachi Do Darya Restaurant at Karachi

When we talk about the dishes and other foods of Kolachi Restaurant then there are so many options and collection are available according to your desire and you can order the dish which you are want to eat. This is go on from the manner of preparing the food individually the dishes of Afghan Boti to Texas Beef Burger, Fried Fish, Peshawari Karahi, Kinds of Pasta, Mutton Chops and very tasteful Mughlai dish. Along these dishes, you also take the rejoice of their Mediterranean Dishes, Sizzling Steaks and there are other dishes are also provide to their customers. You can not try to apologise on the any kind of service or food which are given on the menu list because its workers are very accurate and good in manners of preparation the food. This restaurant also makes your Ramadan Sharif very special and it provides the services in Ramadan Sharif at the Iftar time and you can enjoy these moments along your family and friends in the Price of only 1090 Rupees included the Tax.

Contact Information About Kolachi Do Darya Restaurant Karachi

Contact Number: 021 111 111 001

Address: Abdul Sattar Edhi Ave, D.H.A. Phase 8 Zone C Phase 8 Karachi

Time Schedule

Open at: 5 PM

Close: 12 AM

2.Al Habib Do Darya Restaurant at Karachi

In the end up, the Al Habib Restaurant is also very perfect and decent in providing the nice quality of dishes and foods to their customers in Karachi. This restaurant is also included in the Do Darya Restaurants in Karachi which is at the beachside. You must also give the preference to this great restaurant in Karachi city. This restaurant polished and cloyed furnishing build up your perspective about the sea. This restaurant is present the very good and perfect scene at the night time due to the clouded broad water in the blue colour and also the white colour birds which are seen on the sky. When you go to this restaurant, you can easily feel the calmness which is available in the atmosphere. And also you must make a plan to enjoy the very beautiful moment along your family and friends at the Al Habib Restaurant Do Darya in Karachi city and make your time very remarkable. This restaurant is the correct choice for the those people which are currently live in Karachi and to avail this amazing services and dishes according to your desires.

The Al Habib Restaurant is another very popular restaurant at the Do Darya Karachi and it is provided the all variant of meals and very good services to their clients compared to the others Restaurants at the Do Darya in Karachi. It is also give you the very tasteful and delicious dishes and foods according to your needs. This restaurant presents the Chinese dishes and foods for those customers which are very eager to eat Chinese food too. It is provide the many kinds of meat dishes for their customers which are very like to eat the meat. The BarBi Que and Grilled Dishes are very famous and favourite dishes for the clients. This Restaurant also work for you the special Sunday meal at the late morning.

In the month of Ramadan Sharif, the restaurant provide the service of very delightful amazing Iftar dinner at night time and they are start this service from the third of Ramadan Sharif. You can book your seat through the online service in advance because the customers are large in number which are book the seats and many customers are wait for the long time.

Most Famous Foods Of The Al Habib Restaurant at Karachi

The Al Habib Restaurant is provide the very tasteful dishes for their customers and these dishes are Reshmi Kabab, Malai Boti and Tikka, Chicken Sajji, Popular Chicken Broast of Karachi and the all kinds of handis and karahis. And Al Habib Restaurant is very good choice for you to enjoy the late night dinner along your family and friends. Along to these dishes, you can also choose the very good quality of Chinese food, Grilled Chicken and Steak food.

Contact Information About Al Habib Restaurant at Karachi

 Mobile Number: 0300 9244872

Address: Beach Avenue, Do Darya، Sea View Rd, Zone C Phase 8 DHA, Karachi

Time Schedule

Open:  9:00 AM

Close: 12:00 AM

3.Charcoal Do Darya Restaurant at Karachi

The another excellent and popular Restaurant at the Do Darya Karachi is Charcoal Restaurant. This is also provide the very delicious, tasty dishes and services to their customers. This restaurant and Kolachi restaurant are both in similar providing the facilities. The regional dishes of Charcoal Restaurant are BarBi Que and along the Grill, like the name selected. This is also very beautiful and good looking Restaurant at the Do Darya in Karachi city. The Charcoal Restaurant is presented the various kinds of dishe but the favourite and most popularity in South Asian dishes. You can order the dish which is your favourite and the cooks will prepare your dish and after this the restaurant workers will present your dish in the very decent and perfect place. Compare to the Kolachi Restaurant, the people rush is not so much and due to this reason if you are go to this restaurant with your family or friends then you can easily get the seat.

The facility of fascinating open-air bench into the cottage made of wood is present the very charming scene on the beachside. And due to this looking, you also very thirst to visit this beautiful place along to the family or you also enjoy the glamorous the dinner of candlelight and for this dinner the all team of the restaurant will appreciated you when you are sometime make this kind of plan. This restaurant provides you the sheesha facility and that is why the many youngsters are like this. Therefore, the young generation are mostly go to the Charcoal Restaurant. And the Ramadan Sharif is also coming up, in this holy month the Charcoal Restaurant has presented the Iftar burst dinner for their customers and it has provided the so many very tasty dishes in the Iftar time dinner.

Most Famous Foods Of The Charcoal Do Darya Restaurant at Karachi

Due to it’s very delicious and tasty BarBi Cue and Grill dishes, it is become very popular for the people and they are likely to eat the best dishes of this restaurant. When you sometime go to this restaurant, you can avail according to your choice the perfect platter along the combined of Seafood, Mutton and Chicken. This restaurant also provides the few kinds of classical dishes in which extraordinary slice of meat, Pasta, Seafood, Mexican Dishes and Burger. So, this restaurant has provided you the all kinds of dishes and foods which you have like and need to eat.

Contact Information About Charcoal Restaurant at Karachi

Contact Number: 0323 2001045

Address: Abdul Sattar Edhi Avenue, Pakistan, Zone C Phase 8 DHA, Karachi

Time Schedule

Open: 5:30 PM

Close: 1:00 AM

4.Kababjees Do Darya Restaurant at Karachi

The Kababjees Restaurant is very equally same with Kolachi Restaurant Karachi to provides the good quality of dishes and services to their customers. Kababjees Restaurant is also very perfect and excellent at the Do Darya Restaurants in Karachi city. The Kolachi and Kababjees Restaurants are present the very good combination of different kinds of meals from all over the world. And this restaurant is very popular and the more demanadable for the people due to their Seafood intersection from their menu list, it is also provides you the large size spiciness of fish, prawns and many other kinds of dishes is prepared at Kababjees Restaurant. If you are a fonder to eat the sea dishes and foods then you must give the preference to Kababjees Restaurant Do Darya in Karachi than the other restaurants because of its tasty dishes. Compare to other restaurants on Do Darya, this restaurant be proficient to the handis, karahis and the kebabs and these dishes are also popular and very special in all over the Pakistan.

There are also the cottages made of wood are build up on the 2nd floor of the restaurant, and the all cottages are decorated with the beautiful lights in yellow colour to make the restaurant very elegant. These decoration of lights is very perfect choice for you to enjoy the amazing moments with your family and friends. At the Kababjees restaurant, the people are like to enjoy the wonderful moments at the late night time. The Kababjees provide you the facility of restaurant and also give you the reception hall for your function and parties, workplace for the baked goods and give you the excellent facility of park place for the children in the restaurant which is situated at Highway place. And during the very dangerous COVID-19, people are give the preference to spend their most of time on their houses. And in these conditions, you give your desire dishes or foods order through the online service of Kababjees Restaurant and get your dishes on your homes. So, you can easily download their application from the Playstore and book your favourite dishes online.

Most Famous Foods Of The Kababjees Restaurant at Karachi

The Kababjees Restaurant provide your favourite and desired foods according to your requirements and we suggest you to must visit the Kababjees Restaurant and eat these dishes. These dishes are included Lahori Fish, Malai Boti, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Seafood Chowder Soup, Chicken Steak, American Beef Steak, Tempura Grilled Fish, Morrocan Chicken Steak, Mexican Wings, Chicken Reshmi Kebab, White Mutton Karahi, Chicken Makhni Handi and Kababjees Fire Chicken Steak.

Contact Information About Kababjees Restaurant at Karachi

Website Link: 

Contact Number: 021 111 666 111

Address: Beach Avenue, Do Darya، Sea View Rd, Zone C Phase 8 DHA, Karachi

Time Schedule

Open:  6:00 PM

Close: 01:00 AM

5.Sajjad Do Darya Restaurant at Karachi

The owner of the Sajjad Restaurant was make the decision to open up the another restaurant at the place of Do Darya Karachi. The first restaurant was working at the place of Karachi-Hyderabad Highway and this restaurant provided the very great and excellent services to their customers and that is why they open the other restaurant in Karachi city. This Sajjad restaurant is provide their services in great way and in decent quality. Compared to other restaurants, this restaurant is also the very good and perfect Do Darya Restaurant in Karachi. This restaurant also give you the similar aspect of dishes which are provide you in the others restaurants, the similar services and facilities which are available in other restaurants. This restaurant also keep up the taste of sweet dishes along the very good atmosphere of an environment. The most delicious and tasty dishes of this restaurant are BarBi Que and Desi Foods. And along these dishes, this restaurant also presents the other kinds of very best and tasteful dishes to their customers. The first branch of Sajjad Restaurant was opened the 22 years ago in the year of 2000 and after opening the first branch, the restaurant is serving their customers with the delicious and tasty dishes. The Sajjad Restaurant appropriate flavorful and also very perfectly due to its allocation capacity.

If you have any kind of function like marriage ceremony, birthday party and others parties which you can easily and in affordable price enjoy these functions on the Sajjad Restaurant. This is very good facility for the people from the Sajjad Restaurant. When you are give an order for your function to the restaurant then the administration of restaurant make up the particular preparation according to your function and your function will be remarkable for you. So, if you have to celebrate your birthday occasion or make the special to your marriage ceremony then the Sajjad Restaurant is the best choice. The Sajjad Restaurant also provides the special commision and new offers for their customers on their official website page, so you must avail these kinds of commissions and new offers from the Sajjad Restaurant. And also in the month of Ramadan Sharif, you must view their Iftar table menu and you can easily book your Iftar dinner.

Most Famous Foods Of The Sajjad Restaurant at Karachi

The Sajjad Restaurant Do Darya Karachi provides the very delicious and tasteful dishes to their customers are Dhagga Kabab, Malai Tikka, Fried Fish, Mutton Ribs and Mughlai Kabab. The Restaurant is also provide you the very remarkable desi desserts. You also must take up the taste of the Kheer and Shahi Tukray in Sajjad Restaurant. Along to these foods, you can also make up the order of various kinds of Burgers, Pasta and Salads at Sajjad Restaurant Do Darya Karachi.

Contact Information About Sajjad Restaurant at Karachi

Website Link: 

Mobile Number: 0333 2228111

Address: Beach Avenue, Do Darya، Sea View Rd, Zone C Phase 8 DHA, Karachi

Time Schedule

Open:  5:30 PM

Close: 12:30 AM


You are study out the all five kinds of restaurants on the Do Darya Karachi which are most famous and well known in Karachi due to theirs tasteful and delicious dishes and foods at these restaurants and people are mostly enjoying the decent time with their family and friends. And you must note this thing that why these restaurants are so special for the people of Karachi on the beachside. You are also look up these beautiful and colourful scenes on the sea side and we recommend you to must eat the delicious dishes at the Do Darya Restaurants at Karachi city.

So, you must need to keep the some important points in your mind when you are make the plan to eat the meals at Do Darya Restaurants Karachi. The first thing is that you must book your table in advance because later 8 PM the all tables are filled and due to the over people may be you wait for the some time in get your table. The second thing is that Restaurants are little expensive and the dishes or foods which are full with abdomen may be give the about 1500 Rupees to every person and can be huge from this rate. The final thing is that you must reserve your seat in advance time on the time of very particular function as Birthday Parties and Anniversaries Parties and in these Parties the Restaurants make the special kinds of decorations and preparation on these functions and that is why the every settlement is very perfect according to your needs.

The other good thing is that the parking assistant is also available for your help because in the crowded time, this is not easy to get out the parking. And you also remember one thing that when you go out to these Do Darya Restaurants then not reach out these Restaurants in the early time. You must follow these restaurants time schedule of opening and closing. Some of the restaurants also provide the service of breakfast to their customers.

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