If you want to experiment with your Android device or have decided to install a Custom ROM to improve its performance, stay with us. We have prepared a selection of the best ROMs for Android with the details and differences between each one, do you want to know them?

Just because you can install other ‘operating systems’ doesn’t mean that the original Android version is bad. However, Google offers the possibility to its users to create their own versions of the system, being able to add different features, eliminate those that are not used or improve some others.

what is a Custom ROM?

Android is an open source operating system, so its source code is available for developers to modify and create somewhat different versions of the Stock version, which in many cases is faster and allows greater customization by of the user thanks to root access. In short, a Custom ROM is a modified version of Android to achieve greater versatility, speed or other purposes, it all depends on the ROM in question.

The 16 best ROMs for Android

Now that you know what it is and how to install a new ROM for Android we move on to what matters to us. We present you what, in our opinion, are the best ROMs for Android so far so that you can try and decide on the one that you like the most.

1.Dirty Unicorns

Dirty Unicorns is a fast, stable ROM that also receives constant updates. This Custom ROM is compatible with Xiaomi, Nexus, OnePlus, HTC, Oppo and Samsung devices, so if your manufacturer is on the list do not hesitate to visit the official site to find out the details and download the necessary file for installation.

2.Resurrection Remix

This ROM for Android has become increasingly popular as it is a stable version with constant updates. Its main advantage is the ability to personalize, since it allows you to play with almost all aspects of the operating system in a very simple way.
This edition also supports various brands and models, so we recommend you visit the Resurrection Remix official site to find out the compatibility details and download it.

3.Lineage OS

Lineage OS is the successor to CyanogenMod, which until this year was the most widely used ROM in the world of custom versions of Android. Like its predecessor, its main advantages are speed, stability, versatility and some more than interesting functions such as the ability to record the screen and manage privacy.
Lineage OS is compatible with various devices, follow the link to the official site to find out if yours is listed and download the Custom ROM.


Developed by a Brazilian team, ViperOS is another of the great pre-cooked ROMs that can be installed on an Android device. Another alternative that seeks to offer stability and lightness , as well as a free experience of bloatware installed by Google or the phone companies that load their own applications.
It is based on LineageOS, so it already offers a lot of interesting features, but it is not limited to just changing its appearance or the logo on the system wallpapers . ViperOS offers many interesting customization options, as well as personalized settings on the lock screen, a unique style on the lock screen clock. It also includes an amazing theme engine, as well as a host of customization options in the navigation bar. Personalization is also found in the power menu.
One of the most interesting features that can be found is that it has an option that allows you to kill applications, including an undo button in case there has been an error.

5.Paranoid Android

This is another of the most famous and used ROMs for Android, along with the old CyanogenMod and the current Lineage OS. It stands out for its great customization capacity and some special functions such as the hybrid mode, which shows the apps as if you were on a tablet, or the floating mode, which allows you to view a miniature version of another application while continuing to use the app open in the full screen.
You can download Paranoid Android and find out if your mobile is compatible by following the link to the official site.

6.AOSP Extended

We already said that AOSP is about the Android Open Source Project . Well, there is a ROM that offers this experience almost in a pure way. AOSP Extended offers, as the name implies, the AOSP experience but with extended functions .
This option offers a lag-free experience and a very smooth operation of the system, as well as all its features. Also, like LineageOS, it supports Substartum , the new theme engine that can be found on Android.
Its Extended is not only limited to a handful of new features, but also extends to where the user can go when it comes to ‘getting their hands’ on the system options. For example, in being able to consult CPU information, disable the orange color in the Battery Saving mode, the PiP titles, extended support and many other more options that can be consulted on the project website. download

7.Carbon ROM

Carbon is a ROM based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) that, although it does not have the same number of apps as the rest of the aforementioned ROMs, stands out for being one of the fastest. If you want to see your Android fly you can go to the official site by following the link to verify that it is compatible and download.

8.Omni Rom

Based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), Omni Rom offers a different variety of features, but always keeping stability in mind as a top priority , never neglecting the performance and smooth operation of its features.
As they indicate on their website, Omni ROM is not a ‘best rom’ but it is different. The truth is that being an AOSP-based ROM, it has few modifications at the level of characteristics. It added the advanced reset , the double column configuration terminal, headers and a feature called dynamic OmniSwitch and the OmniGears tab to personalize the device.
The really interesting thing about this ROM is found in the community and in the communication between developers and users. Everyone can access the system code, being able to view its structure on GitHub and Gerrit at different levels. In addition, they have a forum for users to participate in the ROM (like all the other options in this list), and they include an IRC channel to be able to discuss in real time with other users or with developers. download


The modified version of Android by Xiaomi has carved a niche in the world of custom ROMs. Little to say about it: careful interface to the millimeter, enviable autonomy management and own applications of the Chinese manufacturer. We can install it on a few devices through the MIUI official website at the following link .


If you have a smartphone with storage and specifications contained, SlimROM is your best option. Its weight is just over 300 Mb , and it has the best optimization of resources in the entire panorama of custom ROMs, with such interesting options as the possibility of choosing the number of pre-installed Google applications.

11.Pixel Experience

If LineageOS tries to imitate the vitaminized Android Stock experience, Pixel Experience is a ROM that imitates in detail the entire layer of Google Pixels . Same applications, same icons, same launcher  and same options as Google phones. The developer himself states that he does not have any type of error, including the fingerprint sensor. For this reason, the ROM is totally stable in operation and options, having been in the Android scene  for several months .
CRDROID FOR THE XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 5 Based on LineageOS 16, crDroid further optimizes system resources, claiming to be one of the best performing Redmi Note 5 ROMs of all. By drinking from the LineageOS code, it integrates the same customization functions as the latter, in addition to having its own functions and many other legacies of OnmiROM and SlimROM. It is also worth noting its compatibility with the different custom kernels , as it is again based on the Lineage ROM.


One of the ROMs for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 with greater support in terms of updates. Nitrogen OS Pie actually releases security patches at the same time as Google’s . In addition to being based on Android 9 Pie, it has an aesthetic similar to that of the rest of ROMs. They highlight their options to change the screen resolution and the number of elements that fit in it to further optimize the panel, of no less than 6 inches. It does not have any known bugs, and it has updates via OTA.


CyanogenMod is without a doubt the most popular ROM in the Android ecosystem , with a huge community behind it, thanks to which it has positioned itself as one of the most stable and powerful alternatives to Google’s Android, so much so that it is also one of the few that has counted on the support of some manufacturers to equip it by default in their devices.
In fact, the real objective of Cyanogen, according to its own managers, is none other than to get Android free from the hands of Google, for which they will not shake their hands when it comes to partnering even with Microsoft itself in search of an alternative ecosystem of applications . Will they succeed? Only time will tell.

14.PAC-man ROM

And why have to settle for choosing between different ROMs, each with its own unique characteristics, when you can have them all in one ? That is the philosophy of PAC-man , that although it is not yet a very popular alternative or supports too many devices, it has already earned the deserved nickname of all in one.
In summary we could say that this ROM includes and merges each of the best functions of CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android and AOKP , to which we must add some optimizations to perform better when it comes to running games, and an interface that continues to update every so often time to receive even more improvements.

15.Vanilla rootbox

Although not as complete as the Pac-man that we have talked about a few lines above, Vanilla Rootbox also tries to make a place for itself in our list by assimilating and mixing some of the best features presented by the developers of other ROMs.

Vanilla implements some of the unique and outstanding functions of CyanogenMod and AOKP, but what this ROM really stands out for is its decision to wink at lovers of stability and save itself complications including a system to receive updates via OTA like Android itself.

16.AOKP (Android Open Kang Project)

To end this list, we mention another of the most famous and used Android ROMs. It allows you to control all the ROM settings from the “Settings” menu and it is possible to customize almost any aspect, including the navigation bars, status, create different vibration alerts, pin apps to the lock screen and much more. You can find out if your mobile is compatible and download it directly from the official site by following the link.
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