TCS Courier Rates List Updated

This blog post will provide an up-to-date list of TCS Courier rates. The list includes both domestic and international rates, so whether you need to send a package across town or around the world, you’ll know how much it’ll cost. Keep in mind that these are just ballpark estimates actual prices may vary depending on the size and weight of your package, as well as the destination. So whatever your shipping needs may be, make sure to use this guide to get an accurate estimate before you send anything out.

TCS is one of the largest courier companies in Pakistan and it has recently released its price list. The price list is very reasonable and it includes several different services that TCS offers. TCS provides both domestic and international courier services, and it has a wide variety of different options that customers can choose from. TCS also offers a loyalty program for its customers, which allows them to save money on future purchases. Overall, TCS is a great option for those who are looking for a reliable and affordable courier service.

TCS Courier Domestic Delivery Rates List in Pakistan

The TCS Courier price rate list has been released! The new rates will be effective. Here is a look at the updated rates:

Same Day Express Price List

WeightSend in your own City
Upto 1 KGEach Addl. 0.5 KG
Rs. 90Rs. 25
WeightSend City to another City
Upto 1 KGEach Addl. 0.5 KG
Rs. 350Rs. 60

Special Express Price List

WeightSend in your own City
Upto 1 KGEach Addl. 0.5 KG
Rs. 65Rs. 33
WeightSend City to another City
Upto 1 KGEach Addl. 0.5 KG
Rs. 150Rs. 75

Over Night Express Price List

WeightWazanSend in your own City
Upto 0.5 KG0.6 – 1 KGEach Addl. 0.5 KG
Rs. 30Rs. 40Rs. 20
WeightWazanSame zone
Upto 0.5 KG0.6 – 1 KGEach Addl. 0.5 KG
Rs. 43Rs. 60Rs. 30
WeightWazanSend in your Different City
Upto 0.5 KG0.6 – 1 KGEach Addl. 0.5 KG
Rs. 87Rs. 99Rs. 48

TCS Red Box Courier Rates

Send your PackageInside of City
2 KGRs. 87
5 KGRs. 161
Addtl. Kg for 2KG & 5 KGRs.30
10 KGRs. 204
25 KGRs. 300
Addtl. Kg for 10KG & 25 KGRs. 20

Send your PackageSend Same Zone
2 KGRs.126
5 KGRs. 213
Addtl. Kg for 2KG & 5 KGRs.50
10 KGRs. 300
25 KGRs. 517
Addtl. Kg for 10KG & 25 KGRs. 30

Send your PackageOutside of City
2 KGRs.152
5 KGRs. 326
Addtl. Kg for 2KG & 5 KGRs.80
10 KGRs. 517
25 KGRs. 935
Addtl. Kg for 10KG & 25 KGRs. 50

Second Day Express Courier Price List

WeightSend City to another City
Upto 3 KGEach Addl. 0.5 KG
Rs. 150Rs. 60
At the same rate, you can send city to city or in city.

3rd Day Overland Express Courier Rates

WeightSend City to another City
Upto 10 KGEach Addl. 0.5 KG
Rs. 150Rs. 20
At the same rate, you can send city to city or in city.

DomesticStandardDelivery in day light, connecting more than 90% destination on overnight.
DomesticRed BoxVariety of boxes with extra care.
DomesticEconomyReliable service at economical rates, with KPI 48 hours plus.
DomesticMehfoozDelivery of valuables with extra protection.
DomesticSpeedyDelivery of extremely urgent shipments, same day delivery.
DomesticTime ChoiceDelivery of valuables with extra protection at selected time.
DomesticSunday / HolidayDelivery on Sunday/Holiday at designated location.

TCS Courier Rates List International

Looking for the latest TCS Courier Rates List International. You’ve come to the right place! Here, you’ll find all of the latest rates for sending parcels and packages internationally. Whether you’re shipping to Canada or China, we have the rates you need to get your package there safely and affordably. Keep reading for more information on shipping with TCS Courier!

The TCS International rates depend on where you want to send your package. For example, in America and the UK there’s a charge for Courier Service that is shown here:
US-$5 ($1 per item), United Arab Emirates – Dubai 4% ,Kuwait 12%. The MMS service allows people living within Pakistan access some great delivery options like express centers with more than four thousand members as well as 24-hour trackable vehicles or couriers who can deliver within 3 days max!

From Pakistan to Dubai Tcs Rate

Send your PackageFrom Pakistan to Dubai
Up to Half KG$13.71 Dollar
Every addition of Half Kg2.42 Dollar
Up to First KG16 Dollar
In addition of next Half KG3.23 Dollar

From Dubai to Pakistan TCS Rate:

Send your PackageFrom Dubai to Pakistan:
For 1st Half KG14.52 Dollar
Every addition of Half Kg4.84 Dollar
Up to First KG24.19 Dollar
In addition of next Half KG4.84 Dollar

TCS Rates from Pakistan to USA:

The TCS rates from Pakistan to USA are different for every weight of parcel. The following chart will help you understand the entire story behind these prices, so make sure it’s accurate before sending!

TCS Rates from Pakistan to UK:

Nowadays, many people from Pakistan are going to the UK for studies. So their loved ones look out for TCS rates and courier charges in order find a cheaper way of sending them money or receiving funds on behalf of someone back home who wants access but cannot travel abroad themselves due medical reasons etcetera – this is where exchanging foreign currency into Pakistani Rupees comes into play!

The thing I found interesting was how there’s been an increase recently with searches related just these two things: namely studying at universities locally vs paying international tuition fees; plus finding ways around having your life savings sent overseas by wire transfer.

The convenience and speed of delivery is one reason people choose this service over others. For small items, the minimum order size can be sent without incurring any cost at all; if you’re sending something larger then there will always a charge for Overseas shipment but it’s well worth checking out because these services provide full insurance coverage on every package before they leave our warehouse!

The company has all rights to change these TCS International Rates without giving any notice.

TCS International Rates are always fluctuating depending on the market, but recently they’ve been swinging too much. This is most likely due to inflation which affects all industries worldwide- even those without a strong presence here in America or Canada! The CEO of this company has worked as both an airline pilot and 30 years with one organization; he’s dedicated enough you’ll realize why their servicequality remains unmatched throughout North America But what we really want answer about TcS’ rating was how? What caused these latest changes?). As mentioned earlier.

All couriers is not only headquartered in Pakistan but also across various parts of the world such as North America and Middle East. It’s innovation, passion , focus commitment to pioneering spirit has made it a leader for courier services with over 100 years’ worth experience under its belt!

The people living in America, UK and Dubai love TCS for their reliable services. They always choose it when sending things from Pakistan to other countries because of safety concerns that come with using international delivery services Some may say Courier rates are high but still this way you can ensure your package arrives safely at its destination!

These Tcs Price rates are subject to change without prior notice. For more information, please visit the TCS website or contact your local TCS office.

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