The PTCL Internet Student Package?


PTCL is one of the best and reputed companies in Pakistan and is the first telecom company in Pakistan to offer broadband internet packages to Pakistani consumers and to provide other internet connections. PTCL is more than an excellent and market tiger and the main reason is that it has over 2 million bridal users currently using PTCL internet service and there are generally users and students and corporate users and This post covers PTCL internet packages under updates which offers more broadband offer and you can take full advantage of it PTCL internet is the best internet There are many benefits.


And you can also use its packages and have the best internet service available in it or since Etisalat has been available in the last few years PTCL has been performing its services in the best way. Smart has given three to five star ratings in it and it is providing high speed internet network up to 100 MB for its customers and PTCL network is one of the best internet. Is going to be launched which will be of great benefit to the people and people will be able to take full advantage of PTCL internet in the future to enable them to speed up their work. 



Student Package Ptcl


That is why PTCL has provided the best packages and internet service which you can now take full advantage of using the best packages and we provide you all the packages and details of PTCL on this page. If you read this page at the bottom, you will find the details of PTCL at night which will increase your knowledge and you will also find the best packages of PTCL on this page. You can get PTCL service using internet package.


Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD PTCL Information Details?

Pakistan Telecommunication is a national company commonly known as PTCL in Pakistan and people know this company as Pakistan Telecommunication. PTCL has been the operator of more than a dozen other telecommunications corporations, including Telenor and Jazz and all such companies and Mobiles. Which has the largest line network of data and backbone any son-in-law such as GSLDA Plus CDMA LTD Broadband Internet.


And the wholesaler is participating in its business. In fact, up to 62% of the shareholders from a state-owned corporation PTCL would have been employed, while 26% would have been sold to Control and Telecommunications, while the remaining 12% would have been sold. In 2006, it was sold to the general public under an extremist program led by Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, but 62% of it is being run by Pakistan’s state-owned and corporation-owned government.



Who Is The CEO Of Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD?

In February 2019, PTCL announced that Rashid Khan will be its new CEO and Rashid Khan is serving as the CEO of PTCL and its subsidiaries and both. And inspired by Ufone March 2, 2019, PTCL appointed Mr. Matthew Wilsher as Chief Executive on December 1,  and he did his best to make PTCL the best company in Pakistan I am running and doing my job better.


Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD PTCL History?


The Telegraph & Posts Department?

The Post and Telegraph Department in PTCL was started in 1962 and the Telephone and Telegraph Department in Pakistan was started under the name of PTCL Pakistan Telecommunication and as a major player this Parliament Was started which people took full advantage of because of this telegraph which people found it available to communicate with each other and people could work hard in terms of time and people slowly Gradually my work progressed. In 1962, I set up the Telegraph, which greatly benefited the people.



The Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation?

Pakistan Telecommunication under and functions in the Pakistan Telephone and the Telegraph Department under the Pakistan Telecommunication 1991. This has solved many problems of the government and policy and private. Encouraging the participation of the sector and as a result of which the cellular card-powered phone and Beijing and more recently the data communication services and license who received the award under the 1991 Act in the public and private institutions of Pakistan. He did his best and then he got the award.



The Privatization Plan?

PTCL In a progressive and progressive manner, in 1991, the government announced its plans to privatize PTCL which resulted in 600 separate PTCL in 1974. An exchange appeal was issued in millions of shares, with the equivalent of one rupee being added to it. In 1996, the hadiths of PTCL were changed. Be the best so that people can do their best in their work and people have taken full advantage of the PTCL company which has benefited the people a lot. As a result, the company has grown in time and PTCL will continue to do its best in terms of time in the next few years.



The Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD PTCL?

The PTCL Communication Ordinance in Pakistan laid the groundwork for the monopoly of the basic telecommunications PTCL in the country. Pakistan Telecommunications prayed for the provisions of the ordinance through a tweet in October 1996 through a scientist. Pakistan Telecommunication Limited was formed and in all the stock exchange reserves of Pakistan PTCL, Ufone and all such companies started their mobile and data services companies in 2001. 

I provided that recently the brand effectively dissolved over a period of time to build its market share in Ufone Cellular. And the recent PTSL services launched by PTCL reflect the fact that the brand name and operation of the service will be directly supervised by PTCL communications monopoly, it faced major challenges in providing its services and infrastructure. Later, during the monopoly, in January 2003, Telecommunications worked with Pakistan’s Labor government. For the telecom sector at the grassroots level, the Jamia Library Zion Policy was included in it, in which in 2005 the government of Pakistan decided to sell 26% of the company to nothing but Corporation.


Three participants participated in the privatization of PTCL, in which one company won a share with a large margin as a bid, and in June 2005, the story of 2.6 million unchallenged stories in US dollars is currently telecom. With management control of the monopoly, PTCL had successfully acquired a 26% stake and by 2019,or 800 million had been reimbursed on a proper transfer with the Pakistani government, giving the company a huge profit. And it has benefited and now it will introduce a new kind of function which will be of great benefit to companies and people because if they can take advantage of the internet. 


Privatization of PTCL Corporation was not unheard of in Murree government project and in all constituencies. Protests and strikes were staged by PTCL workers across the country. As the phone lines of the institutions were also disrupted, it had to manage all the changes taking place in the country and they arrested the workers and put them behind bars and increased the salaries of the workers by thirteen percent At the same time it was abolished and again it was decided in a new way and then it was improved which in turn helped the people and his company to benefit a lot.



Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD PTCL Company Profile?

If we talk about the profile of PTCL company, on this PTCL had set up its own company to provide the largest telecommunication in Pakistan. The largest CMA was conducted and the company performed it while maintaining the position of the second telecom operators in Pakistan as a provider of infrastructure to corporate customers in the country and Pakistan’s economic growth. I wanted to be an instrumental agent. I played Total Fiber every season two stops in major metropolitan centers of Pakistan and did local services. And the network was modernized and you were able to meet the growing demand for long-term decisions and international traffic as an international infrastructure, which increased the capabilities of the bill in two seas. It was improved.


PTCL Internet student Packages — 4Mb & 8Mb & 15Mb & 25Mb & 100Mb?

PTCL Company introduces exciting and new types of packages and offers to provide the best services to its customers and this time the company has provided three exciting packages PTCL Broadband Economy Packages and PTCL Broadband Packages. For Students and PTCL have introduced Broadband Corporate Packages which have made people use this package and find it better. The following are some of the packages we are offering below at your service.



The PTCL student Internet Packages?


1. 4Mbps Package & Rs. 1700 & 4Mbps Speed & 1 Month Duration


2. 8Mbps Package & Rs. 2150 & 8Mbps Speed & 1 Month Duration


3. 15Mbps Package & Rs. 2650 & 15Mbps Speed & 1 Month Duration


4. 25Mbps Package & Rs. 3200 & 25Mbps Speed & 1 Month Duration


5. 50Mbps Package & Rs. 5000 & 50Mbps Speed & 1 Month Duration


6. 100Mbps Package & Rs. 7500 & 100Mbps Speed & 1 Month Duration





PTCL 4 Mbps Unlimited Package Price & Subscription?

PTCL is the most used company and it provides broadband internet and for the reasons it is first and foremost affordable and secondly because it makes it available to its customers which would provide And they use these packages to improve their internet. PTCL 4MB package price and tax have been added to it in which you can sit in the office and immediately install PTCL connection. You can subscribe to your packages by calling support which will benefit you if you want to get 4MB speed you can use internet about it.



PTCL 6 Mbps Unlimited Package Price & Subscription?

In this package you will be able to send 6 MBs to your home with a shadow shoulder and get internet connection as it distributes very well and you can get it at the best speed and Speed ​​of six MBs with tax as unlimited packages you can destroy this package for Rs 2800 in the category in which you will get this MB speed and internet in the best way if you like this page So you can share it with your other siblings so they can use the internet and you guys can do it. You can provide MBs for a month and after a month you Will have to reactivate the package.



PTCL 8 Mbps Unlimited Package Price & Subscription?

Over the last few years, after revising the packages, 8Mbps has also been used, which was made for home users who have more than one device in need of internet. Eight mbs speeds can be very high. When you use it on a mobile, your installation will be very fast and quick, but at home you have some other people and they also need internet. MBs You can share the speed of Time Base with your other friends and siblings so that they can also use the internet. The cost of this package is Rs. 2890 which you are doing best to make your home smart. And in four MB as consistency while performing multiple services.


PTCL 15 Mbps Package Price & Subscription?

When you are providing high speed PTCL internet to the customers in your city, the customer is waiting for the fastest possible connection. With taxes, the price of your 15 MB package is Rs. 3550 But users who need a weak internet connection for their gaming purposes need it for the Nation option, so you can use your internet with a speed of 15 MB as it is very fast. It has a lot of speed, so when you share your page with other family members, it will not make any difference to you, because 15 MB speed is very high and when people use it, people There are many benefits. Because it has an excellent and unique speed that people take full advantage of, you can also use this package and take full advantage of it.


PTCL Broadband Packages with High Speed Internet?

1. Broadband Packages: 6 Mbps & Monthly Charges : 2100 & Data Volume: Unlimited & Total Bill: Rs. 2800

2. Broadband Packages: 10 Mbps & Monthly Charges: 2499 & Data Volume: Unlimited & Total Bill: Rs. 3360

3. Broadband Packages: 15 Mbps & Monthly Charges: 2650 & Data Volume: Unlimited & Total Bill: Rs. 3550

4. Broadband Packages: 20 Mbps & Monthly Charges:  2999 & Data Volume: Unlimited & Total Bill: Rs. 6923

5. Broadband Packages: 50 Mbps & Monthly Charges: 6000 & Data Volume: Unlimited & Total Bill: Rs. 8300

6. Broadband Package: 100 Mbps & Monthly Charger: 6500 & Data Volume: Unlimited & Total Bill Rs. 8499


PTCL has come up with the best device ever for its customers which we call EVO in common parlance and its charges are only Rs. 1500 and its duration is up to one month. It can provide pie and even provide unlimited data. It is the best provider for internet. Students use it to get interest and cheap package. It has 3GB and 15GB and its data up to 80GB. You can get these packages from 1500 to 3000 in Voice. And PTCL also provides 3G and 4G services to its customers which allows them to do the best and also set the installation charges and you can get the best internet packages using the best internet You can also access the Internet from anywhere else with the device.


You can use PTCL’s device anywhere in the country and use the internet as it was introduced by PTCL company for its device so that students and businessmen can go to their home if they are busy. If you can’t use anyone in the office, they can buy PTCL medicine and buy a package in it. They can use internet through this device in any corner of Pakistan. You can use this device in the best way.


PTCL Broadband Packages For The Corporates?

1. Package: Business 256 & Speed: 256 Kbps & Price:11999


2. Package: Business 384 & Speed: 384 Kbps & Price: 15499

3. Package: Business 512 & Speed: 512 Kbps & Price:19499

4. Package: Business 768 & Speed: 768 Kbps & Price: 24499

5. Package: Business 1024 & Speed: 1024 Kbps & Price: 32999

6. Package: Business 1536 & Speed: 1536 Kbps & Price:45999

7. Package: Business 2048 & Speed: 2048 Kbps & Price:56299



How To The Subscribe The PTCL Packages?

You can buy or subscribe to their package by calling their toll free number helpline 1218 or 0800 8 0800 or visiting their official website.




PTCL is an excellent network that allows you to make the best use of internet packages to run your internet speed in the best possible way but you will need to buy the package. We will give you all the packages and details. Now after checking all the details provided above you can now apply your relevant package which you want to apply now because we have provided you all the rates PTCL internet packages all internet packages from which It is cheap and also excellent so we have provided you all its retail. If you do not understand something then you can go to their Official website and contact them and find your package. Thanks.

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