Potato price in Pakistan

If you’re looking for the best potato prices in Pakistan, then you
should know that there is a wide variety of potatoes available. We’ll discuss
all your options and give you examples of where to buy these products at 1. A
brief history of potatoes is below.


What is the Price of Potato in Pakistan?

The different types of potatoes include the Russet, White Round, and Red
varieties. The most popular potatoes in Pakistan include those produced by
Agha Khan, Agro Farm, and Pak Sarzameen.

The cost of a kilogram of potato varies from region to region within the
country. In Lahore, prices range between Rs 35 to 85 per kg depending on both
quality and seasonality. Despite being an important crop for many people
across Pakistan, it is still not possible at this time to determine what
exactly causes such significant price variations due to the lack of complete
data about production costs as well as market behavior. It is imperative that
all stakeholders work together towards developing more robust agricultural
policies so that Pakistani farmers can produce high yields with less water
usage while simultaneously producing affordable consumable products for


Potato 1kg price in Pakistan

In Lahore, the price of 1 kg (2 lbs) of potatoes is ₨ 65.

Potato Rates in Pakistan List Of All Cities

City Quantity Min Price Max Price
Lahore Rs/100Kg 5600 5800
Faisalabad Rs/100Kg 5200 5600
Gujranwala Rs/100Kg 5300 5600
Sargodha Rs/100Kg 5400 5800
Rawalpindi Rs/100Kg 4000 5300
Multan Rs/100Kg 5000 5200
RahimYarKhan Rs/100Kg 4800 5200
Bhalwal Rs/100Kg 6300 6500
Kasur Rs/100Kg 6000 6200
Sahiwal Rs/100Kg 5500 6000
Vehari Rs/100Kg 5000 5200
Burewala Rs/100Kg 4500 4800
Layyah Rs/100Kg 5300 5500
Khanewal Rs/100Kg 4700 4900
MuzafarGhar Rs/100Kg 4800 5100
BahawalPur Rs/100Kg 5000 5300
TTSingh Rs/100Kg 5500 6200
KabirWala Rs/100Kg 5200 5400
Patoki Rs/100Kg 5200 6200
ArifWala Rs/100Kg 5400 7000
PakPattan Rs/100Kg 5227 6363
Lodhran Rs/100Kg 4600 5000
HaroonAbad Rs/100Kg 5091 5273
Mailsi Rs/100Kg 4800 5000
Kahrorpacca Rs/100Kg 4500 4800
Chichawatni Rs/100Kg 5000 6000
DGKHAN Rs/100Kg 4600 4800
LalaMusa Rs/100Kg 5700 5900
Daska Rs/100Kg 5000 5700
Kamalia Rs/100Kg 5400 5600
Jahanian Rs/100Kg 5200 5400
MianChannu Rs/100Kg 3800 4200
Jhelum Rs/100Kg 4200 5000
Jhang Rs/100Kg 5700 5800
KotAdu Rs/100Kg 5400 6400
Nankana Rs/100Kg 4600 5200
ChackJhumra Rs/100Kg 5600 5800
Summandri Rs/100Kg 5100 5270
Tandlianwala Rs/100Kg 5810 5885
Yazman Rs/100Kg 5200 5700
Fatehpur Rs/100Kg 5200 5200
Depalpur Rs/100Kg 5800 6000
Chiniot Rs/100Kg 4800 5200
Shorkot Rs/100Kg 5700 5800
Fortabas Rs/100Kg 5600 5800
TALAGANG Rs/100Kg 5000 5200
HujraShahmuqeem Rs/100Kg 5100 5900
Abdulhakim Rs/100Kg 4700 4900
Sanglahill Rs/100Kg 4300 4900
Hafizabad Rs/100Kg 5400 5600
MultanRoadLahore Rs/100Kg 5600 5800
Kotradhakishan Rs/100Kg 6000 6200
Kanganpur Rs/100Kg 6300 6500
Khudian Rs/100Kg 6000 6400
Phularwan Rs/100Kg 5800 6200
Qadirpurrawan Rs/100Kg 5000 5200
kotmoman Rs/100Kg 5800 6200
Taunsasharif Rs/100Kg 5000 5200
Minchanabad Rs/100Kg 5600 600


The best time to buy potatoes in Pakistan is during the winter months when
prices are at their lowest. However, those who want to get them cheaper can
simply wait until summertime rolls around and retailers try to offload stocks
before they expire. These deals usually take place every year between May and

As far as potato recipes go, there’s no end of ideas on how one can use this
versatile vegetable including making fries, boiled potatoes, or even mashed
potatoes with gravy. It goes without saying that all these dishes taste much
better if you pay a reasonable price for your supply!

Even though it has been predicted by some experts that global production could
drop next month due to unfavorable weather conditions across certain key
growing regions, potato prices in Pakistan are unlikely to experience any
significant increases. This is primarily because most of the current produce
still has a long way before it reaches its expiration date.


The cost of potatoes depends on the type, where you buy them and their

When it comes to buying potatoes, always try to avoid purchasing those which
are old or bruised. This is because they can quickly go bad and lead to food
poisoning if not stored properly. It’s better for your health (and wallet)
that you purchase fresh products at all times! Depending upon what country you
live in, there will be different types of stores available from which you can
make your purchases including supermarkets, grocery stores, and farmer
markets/stands. When choosing a specific store keep an eye out for offers such
as seasonal sales or discounts for multiple items being purchased.




Potato benefits and nutrition facts 

The potato (Solanum tuberosum) is a commonly consumed root vegetable and
belongs to the nightshade family. This means that they can be found in all
parts of the world including Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe among
others. Potatoes provide many health benefits such as providing high levels of
vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant when fighting against free radicals in
our bodies.


Potato nutrition facts 

Nutritional values vary depending upon the type of potato chosen – for
example, red-skinned potatoes contain higher amounts of potassium than other
types such as russet or gold ones! They’re all very nutritious and can offer a
number of benefits to our bodies when eaten regularly. Generally speaking, one
medium-sized raw potato provides around: 95 calories/grams carbohydrate/gram
fiber/potassium/. There is no fat within the body so it’s important not to
cook them too much otherwise you’ll lose out on these nutritional benefits
while increasing your calorie intake unnecessarily! In summary, there are many
benefits to eating potatoes and no one should be put off from incorporating
them into their diets.


The best potato prices in Pakistan can be found at a number of different
stores including supermarkets, grocery stores, or farmer’s markets/stands. The
cost of potatoes depends upon the type, where you buy them, and their quality
so it’s best to avoid any old or bruised products when making your purchase.
To ensure you get the most out of your potatoes, make sure they’re not
overcooked and store them properly in a cool dark place (not the fridge) until
ready for consumption. Potatoes provide many health benefits such as providing
high levels of vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant when fighting against
free radicals in our bodies. They’re also rich in potassium which helps lower
blood pressure whilst controlling fluid retention within our body’s cells –
this may help prevent heart disease or stroke! Additionally, potatoes contain
no fat or cholesterol making them ideal for those looking to maintain their
weight but still eat healthy foods throughout the day. The average person
should aim to consume around 300g of potatoes (uncooked weight) per day.
Potatoes are also high in complex carbohydrates which help provide us with


Where to buy the best potato in Pakistan

Where to buy the best potato in Pakistan? Online stores are selling them at cheaper prices. You can also find potatoes for sale locally and at your
nearest markets/stores etc. Where to buy the best potato in Pakistan online
and at your local stores. Make sure you choose a good quality product when
making any purchase worth several dollars!


Best Potato Price In Pakistan: Supermarkets, farm stands/produce markets, etc
sell them for affordable prices. However, it’s also possible to find potatoes
for sale locally or even via an online store such as Amazon if not available
near you. The cost varies depending upon where they’re sold – so make sure you
check all of your options before purchasing from one specific place only!
Generally speaking though, expect to pay between $0-$15 per pound (16oz) for
fresh organic produce while non-organic can be found much cheaper! It’s
important to consider the quality of your potatoes and whether they’re organic
or not when making a purchase as this can affect their taste/texture etc. You
may find them much more flavorful if eaten organically for example, but it
really depends on personal preference and what you require from your
product(s). Make sure any store you buy from has a good reputation and would
be recommended by others.



 A brief history of potatoes

Potatoes were originally from South America. They were brought to Europe in the 16th century by Spanish explorers. Europeans thought potatoes would be a great food source for their people and took them back with them across the ocean. Potatoes have been an important part of European culture ever since. People all over Europe, especially Ireland, began to grow potatoes as a staple crop so they could feed many people at once without worrying about famines or shortages like before when just grains alone had been used as sustenance foods. In 1769 this new knowledge was spread throughout England which made it possible for everyone who wanted one to purchase his own potato garden, thus creating more independence among working-class citizens and giving birth to our modern economy that is still in place today.


Now, having a potato garden is nothing new for anyone who has ever had one in the past or currently still does have their own backyard potatoes growing! However, there are many things that can be said about our current supply of fresh produce and how much they cost on average to buy from any grocery store around town. In Pakistan, we seem to have some really good deals when it comes to purchasing certain foods such as oranges which only costs up to Rs 15 per kilogram at most places. On the other hand, you will find prices of beef meat being more expensive than what was originally expected by everyone who likes using this product during dinner time because it is commonly known that a pound of ground round steak normally runs you around 2500 rupees. Of course, all of these prices are expected to change according to the season, so when it comes down to getting your hands on potatoes at a good price you have come across something that is very much in demand by everyone who likes eating them either by themselves or with another type of dish that requires this particular staple food item to be added into its recipe.

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