Facebook is one of the most popular sites on the internet and makes it really easy for people to stay in touch with each other. Many use Facebook without a second thought, but what if you want to access certain features that are not available because your phone or tablet isn’t compatible? If this sounds like something that might apply to you then read more about how jazz sims free can help give you just what you need! The jazz app gives users access to all sorts of cool things including chat options and posting pictures as well as keeping track of friends list. For those who may be new jazz sims Freeplay, there’s no time like now so check out these great tips today.

In this article, I am going to show you how you can use unlimited free internet including Facebook. There are many tricks around you and me, we are working on these code tricks so that you can access the internet for free. You can enjoy free live videos, streaming, and downloads from the Internet. But before you can use the Internet for free, there are some steps you can take.


Jazz Free Facebook Code

Just Dial Code . After entering this code, you can use Facebook for free as part of the student distribution. This special gift for students gives you access to Facebook and other social networks. After entering this code, you will be able to use unlimited data on WhatsApp and Facebook for the next 24 hours. You can re-enter this code after the application is finished.


First Method to Use Fre Facebook on Jazz

For free on Facebook, you’ll see the option to switch between data and free mode on your app. In free mode, you can change your timeline, post document status updates, chat, talk status and share posts without data charges. However, you can’t view or upload photos or videos.

Open the Facebook application on your Android phone or visit the Facebook website and watch Facebook for free.

This version of Facebook allows flexible switching between two modes – free mode and data mode. Jazz Free Facebook Mode is a lightweight version of Facebook that allows you to post, comment, share and chat for free.

when you use the Free Basics promo service, you can use any mobile internet package, make calls, send text, use data and use hybrid package offers. Use of websites provided through free bases will not be deducted from your balance.


Second Method Free Facebook With Jazz Student offer

Another working method to use free facebook with Jazz. It is used as one of the most used and used social networks with millions of users around the world. FB users can upload photos, update status, digital chats and widgets. So find the JazzFree FB code on social networks.

Some bloggers have written that the code is absolutely free but this package is not free, it costs a lot of Rs.2.5

  • Open Dialer and Dial *114*6# Form your phone get free data for facebook.
  • Package Details: 500 MB 
  • Charges: Rs.2.5 (Incl. Tax)
  • Validity: 1 Day



Package Name Daily Free Facebook
Price Rs.2.5 (Incl. Tax)
Data 500 MB
Validity 01 Day
How to subscribe Dial *114*6#
Check Remaining MB Dial *114*6*2#



Jazz Daily Facebook Whatsapp & Youtube Package

Price Rs.16 (Incl. Tax)
Data 1GB for YouTube, WhatsApp & Facebook
Validity 24 hours
How to subscribe Dial *968#
Check Remaining MB Dial *968*2#


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