DU is a telecom network used by Etisalat in the UAE. Many people have to
face many problems for which they use the network, but they do not know how
to check the sim owner name and postpaid mobile number. However, how can you
find your Du SIM card number owner. If you want to know the details of your
du number owner in UAE. So, we going to share this article for such
kind of people who DU telecom network and don’t know their features.

You can check Easily  with the number through a simple SMS DU mobile
number owner name and complete details. Means that you will need to confirm
the United Arab Emirates DU number owner name, Emirates ID, address and do
not have to go to the center location and mobile connection number and owner
details. We always need to check the owner’s name when someone calls or
texts us. You can check the name of the owner of the do number using a
simple method. Check UAE DU Number Check Code DU Sim Owner SIM Number. Here
is a complete guide  you to check the ownership of Du sim mobile


How to check Du Sim Number Owner Name with other Details ?

We are share easy method to check your DU sim card owner name & other
details. just follow steps in below.
  • Simply Dial  115 from your Phone.
  • After your number owner name & other details will appear on
  • Service Charges: Stander Charges Apply
Service Name Du Sim Number Owner Name Check

Charges Stander Charges Apply
How to Check Owner Name Du Sim Dial 115
To this method is completely free. However, make sure to keep a minimum
balance on your DU Sim. It will call you and you do not have, get an advance
loan immediately. Furthermore, you can also find the name of the app install
DU UAE Owner details or just do your SIM card. 

Second Method to Check Owner details of Du Number

In case above method not work then you follow this method must work on your
du sim.
Did you know that you can install the Du Official application  in the
UAE and get a lot of ownership details. follow steps.
  • Fist of all  install the Du app on your Android or iOS
  • After Register with your Du number.
  • Now Login in Du application.
  • You will see the owner name of  in the UAE dashboard Du app.
  • This is very easy & simple method for all.
Prepaid and postpaid users can check the name of the owner of DU on your
mobile device SIM by calling 155. Must  you can check the details of
only Active SIM on your device. You enter the automated system to call the
name but you can not do anything while calling 155.
Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and Conditions will be apply
  • All postpaid and prepaid customers can benefit from this offer.
  • You name the owner of the SIM in the United Arab Emirates call the
    helpline can easily check.
  • Use your own name card.
  • The code may be changed by the company at any time. If that happened
    then we should not be held responsible.
  • This may be the service DU company.
  • You can check the app offers more DU.
  • The service charges are applicable.
  • Service United Arab Emirates, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al
    Khaimah, Fujairah works, Ajman and Umm al Quwain
  • The offer is valid for all users of DU.
  • This service is only for the SIM to be active, do not work on disable
    the SIM.
In this article we will give you all the necessary information about the
DU telecom network, which proved to be very informative and useful for
you. More guidance or for any questions, please visit our web site, leave
a comment in the comment box when you can contact us on our email address
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