How to change Etisalat Router wifi password

Etisalat is a popular router, this is the mode by Etisalat inc., basically, it is a global provider telecommunication brand. This router provides very long hours of working time including multiple functions, high-speed internet, and works long-lasting. When you will buy this Etisalat router, first of all, you have to create your own username as well as password. This is due to the establishment of a Wi-Fi connection. You can also work on it by using the default username and password because this is manually mentioned previously. So it’s up to you which side you will go or it’s your choice.

The biggest mistake that can happen during password creation is that some people may forget the existing username or password. It can lead to serious issues related to your password and username, even this mistake sometimes cannot recover by trying all given possible options. Our team always provides the best possible solutions regarding the creation of ID and passwords at the very cheapest price. You can contact us by following ways, as via call, mail, or direct chat. Our experts have the ability to solve these annoying issues within a short span. This will only happen when you will share your all problems related to password or username with us.


Guidelines to configure your Etisalat Router:

First of all, install the router in proper ways, it is essential to check the flawless performance. Also, we can enjoy high speed or fast internet services. 

Here is the installation procedure:

1- initially connect your Etisalat router with your PC through any available four LAN ports of modem.

2- Firstly, turn off and then turn on your PC, router, and modem.

3-  Configuration page of the router will open then you can set up wizard.

4-  Here is the time to enter the IP address of your own Etisalat router by using UC Browser then immediately you will receive the entire router setting.

5- Click to ‘next’ and wait until the router saves the setting.

6- Now edit the default username, you will shortly receive a password, that is provided by Etisalat.

7-  You can change it as it’s your choice otherwise login in if you find any problem related to the above-mentioned steps then you can ask for help. Our specialists instantly provide you the best possible solutions for Etisalat router configuration at a low price in a short span.


Basic steps to modify Etisalat wifi password:

In this procedure, there are several chances to make mistakes. So we are providing you some easy and well-defined steps, by which you can change or correct your problems related to the Etisalat password.

  • Visit the internet browser and type your Etisalat router IP address on the address bar.
  • Press the ‘Enter’.
  • Then type your default password incorrect and easy manners.
  • You will be announced to add a new password.
  • Then enter your password as per your choice. Make sure it must be short and easy. So you can remember it.
  • Press to ‘Finish’ or complete the whole process.

These above-mentioned steps will be helpful for you to solve the issues or problems related to the Etisalat wifi password.


How to change the Dlink wifi password:

Follow these steps, this will clear your ideas regarding the password modifying process.

  • Add the IP address of your Dlink router.
  • Next, the login page will appear, open it and quickly enter the admin password.
  • Enter ‘setup’ within the displayed Web configuration and press the ‘wireless setting’ link.
  • Enter the ‘manual wireless setup’ option.
  • Now type a new password and press on ‘finish’.

If the result is not according to your desired work, then contact our team instantly. We are providing Etisalat Dlink 8501 at an affordable price, just to solve your problems.

045864033 is our helpline number. Contact us, we will provide the best possible ideas or solutions to change or create your Etisalat router password at a low cost.

UAE internet providers, use different types of brands router through which they can deliver internet services.

Etisalat used Dlink DSL-2750U-Etisalat Router, ZTE, Password and ADSL Modem Internet Connection.


How to check who is connected to my internet wifi router:

You have to Etisalat default, login IP address, and its related criteria as username and password to alter the setting. Just login to Etisalat DSL modem here the login to Etisalat DSL modem. Here the login method is the same but the password may be different. Now it’s time to turn on your router, followed by login methods and change password steps.


Login Etisalat router using default setting:

Here you need or required a wireless connection for login or to access router settings.

Just follow these steps to connect the router.

  • You need a LAN cable from the LAN port to your device like a PC or laptop LAN port.
  • Use wifi SSID for using a wireless connection.
  • Connect internet cable to LAN port and this cable always comes from internet providers.
  • DC adapter is used to power on the router.
  • Next, go for laptop/PC LAN setting and TCP/IPvT setting should be in DHCP mode. On the basis of this, you can get IP from the router.


Access router web interface:

  • First of all, click to open a web browser and access to URL and click to enter the key.
  • You will immediately find the router login page. This page asks about username and password to enter router setting e.g
  • Username- admin
  • Password- admin
  • Click to enter key to proceed router control panel and to alter remaining setups.
  • After Click On the Advance Button.




Change wireless SSID and password:

  • Just to go to wireless- WLAN. 4GHz or WLAN (5GHz). Here select the wifi band, if you want to change the name.
  • Band-2.4 GHz (B+G+N)
  • Mode: AP
  • SSID- create Etisalat wifi if you want to change.
  • Channel width- 20/40 MHz (always use 40 if you have made a plan more than 50 Mbps)
  • Save this setting by following all the desired steps.
  • After this, go to the security option under this setting and create a wifi key.


Setup and change wifi:

  • Select SSID-AP root (if you are the user of multiple SSID then select SSID name if you want to create, wifi key)
  • Encryption- WPA2
  • WPA2 cipher suit-AES
  • Authentication mode- personal.
  • Shared key- wifi password
  • Click apply to change button to confirm the setting. Here you can connect any device as per your choice as PC, laptop, mobile, etc with a new SSID and password to alter the further configuration.
  • After working on SSID and password you must forget to update the password. Here you can protect your router setting.


Change Etisalat administer password:

  • – Visit the management- login or user.
  • – Old password- admin
  • – New password- log in to this password.
  • – Confirm new password- here again, type a new password and confirm it.

Must remember to avoid writing login and password in router sticker because it might be visible.


Factory reset Etisalat router:

  • If you will delete all previous configurations from the router so the internet can stop working and you will reset the internet setting.
  • Watch small reset switch on routers backside.
  • Press this reset button, for 15 seconds and release it quickly.
  • Ping IP address to confirm this setting.
  • After resetting, follow all the above-mentioned steps for setting up this.


Significance of router password issues:

Network routers are found everywhere at homes. And these routers are more in offices of all around the world.

At every level of working, you may give a serious boost. Just for corporate productivity. But this depends on the proper functioning of all other devices.

Here I tried hard to explain, how can you change the Etisalat router wifi password as previously mentioned this site provides a long time working facility for many hours. According to this, you can do your job, the way you want to do it safely. I hope that if you like this article, you will use it in the same way and share the information with others.


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