Du balance check | How to check du remaining balance

 How to check DU balance, USSD number and credit online for prepaid and postpaid users

DU is a telecom network which uses in UAE like Etisalat. Many people use this network but they don’t know how to check its balance, mobile number with balance and its postpaid credit for which they face problems many times postpaid customers cross their credit limits and they pay some penalty and many times they don’t know their remaining balance and in emergence they face problems. So, we write this article for such kind of people who DU telecom network and don’t know their features. 

So, in this article we are giving you information about DU telecom network remaining balance check codes, USSD code and credits online. Recently we give you information about Etisalat telecom network packages but here we give you information about DU telecom network function. So, we start are topic


du balance check

In this article we give you simple instructions about DU telecom network

• For DU prepaid SIM functions

• For DU postpaid SIM functions 

• To get roaming services of DU network

• General usage tips during tips

Further detail of these listed points is given below

For DU prepaid SIM function

For DU prepaid SIM we discuss here

How to check remaining SIM balance

  1. How to recharge their SIM
  2. How to take loan

further detail is given below


How to check remaining SIM balance

Customers can check their remaining SIM balance by different two ways are given below; which you like you can use it.

1. Through USSD code

2. Through official online portal


1.du balance check Through USSD code

  • Prepaid customers of DU SIM can check their balance by using simple short code like as
  • Write a message balance or type code *135# and send to 1335.
  • Wait a few seconds then you will receive a message from company that your remaining balance are something. This option can be free or nominal charges.


2.Through official online portal

  • To check their remaining balance through official online portal, follow these steps given below
  • Go to DU’s online official portal- for this click on this link
  • https://myaccount.du.ae/servlet/myaccount/en/home.html.
  • Then click on login with username and password if you are already registered on this website.
  • If you don’t register then click on register now and make your account.
  • After successfully registered their account, you can easily check their remaining balance or credit.


How to recharge their SIM

You can recharge their DU SIM by different 6 ways which all are discussed below.

1. Through a card

2. Install DU app online

3. Auto recharge or top up amount

4. Through DU official portal 

5. Through payment or deposit machine

6. Through transfer balance

Detail of these points are given as



1.Through a card

The easiest method to recharge their DU SIM through a card. DU offers many scratch cards and Vouchers. You need to just purchase, scratch and recharge by dialing scratch code *135# card number # press send button.

You can get recharge scratch card by AED 25 to AED 525 according their need. 


Install DU app

  • If you don’t want to recharge through card or you can’t convenient then you can recharge through a mobile app. To use this process, follow the steps given here
  • First install app from google play store
  • Then visit any nearby franchise or self-care account and register their card (debit card, master card or any other credit card).
  • After one time registration you can recharge their SIM any-time from anywhere. 



2.Quick recharge or top up line

It is the best and quick method to recharge their SIM. For this purpose, you just go to nearby top-up store and register their account for auto- payment and select recharge amount. When you use this option, your SIM will be automatically recharging when your balance 

shows insufficient.


3.Through DU official Portal


  • Like check their remaining balance from official Portal you can also recharge their SIM from DU official portal. 
  • For this purpose, go to DU official website (https://myaccount.du.ae/servlet/myaccount/en/mya-quick-recharge.html) and login with user name and password if you already registered this website.
  • Then enter your debit or credit card with pin code and recharge their DU SIM.
  • If you don’t register on DU official website then register your account first and do further process.


4.Through payment or deposit machine

In Arab Emirates and UEA has many recharge machines like deposit machine. By using these machines, you can easily recharge their DU SIM.


5.Recharge through balance transfer

You can recharge through their friend balance transfer option

To transfer balance, follow these steps

  • There are different ways to transfer balance given as
  • Option # 1
  • Dial *121* recipient mobile number (which person you want to send balance) *amount in AED # press send button.
  • Then you will receive two option, 1 for send balance and 2 for cancel.
  • Press 1 for send button.


  •  First login or register GoRecharge.com 
  • Then select your country 
  • Enter their mobile number which you want to share balance
  • Now select currency 
  • Then enter recharge amount 
  • Select option for sending balance like Go card or any other.


For DU postpaid SIM functions 

For postpaid users we give you information that how you can check their data balance.

1.How to check remaining data balance

  • Here we give you some codes through which you can check their DU postpaid data balance and these codes are valid for all postpaid DU SIM. To check their DU postpaid data balance, follow the process given below.
  •  Type “Reward” or data balance and send to 1223.
  • Then after some seconds, you will receive a message from DU network in which your remaining data will be mentioned.


2.DU official website

You can also check their remaining data balance of postpaid DU SIM from DU official website.

Self-care Portal

3. You can also check their DU postpaid data balance from self-care portal. Just log-in and follow the on-screen instructions.


To get DU roaming services

When you get abroad or out side from UEA then you can get roaming DU roaming services by different ways. DU had partnership of 250 countries in all over world in which all Arab emirates includes. You can get these facilities by different ways which all methods are given below.

1. Get roaming services before going trip

2. Get roaming services during travel

3. General usage tips during trip

Detail of these points are given below


1.Get roaming services before going trip

  • To get roaming services first you must have 3G/4G/5G phone.
  • Then check DU  preferred partners in the country where you visiting.
  • Then set a PIN code for the safety of your phone and SIM, in case of stolen.
  • Your phone roaming services must be enabled. For this go to setting-click on data roaming- and enabled data roaming.
  • To check status of roaming data is active or not. write a message “roaming” and send to 5102.


2.Get roaming services before traveling

  • First, we recommended restart your phone when you reach your destination or during traveling.
  • When you restart your phone automatically connected with present country network.
  • If don’t not connect automatically then you need to go phone setting and search their preferred network and connect their phone.
  • You can check their data balance any time by using DU app or from DU Portal online mydata.du.ae.
  • You will be informed your remaining data balance when you use 70%, 80% or 100% of your data.
  • If your phone lost or stolen then repost this number +971555678155. Your line be suspended with in 5 days to prevent any misuse of phone line.


3.General usage tips before traveling

  • When you calling back UEA, you need to replace first 0 into +971.
  • To dial + from your phone press 0 until it converts into + symbol.
  • When you calling any members of their visiting country, you need to transfer 0 into designated code of visiting country.
  • You must check emergency numbers of visiting country before going to trip. To use these emergency number, you don’t need to use any special area code and you can check all list of emergency numbers of any country from Wikipedia.
  • You can do any voice and video calls through internet application by using DU roaming services.
  • Before going to trip, you need to top up your phone line through DU app or quick recharge. Through this you can pay your DU bills from any where or you can use DU official Portal.
  • To get access voice mail dial this number +971555678155. Charges of voice mail is equal to calling back UEA.



Terms and conditions

  • When you abroad and using roaming services, you will receive 500 MB automatically every day after 24 hours. This option is valid just for abroad countries or during trip not in UEA.
  • This bundle will be automatically renewed after 24 hours. 
  • If you use all 500 MB in single day then then data will not be renewed next day.
  • You can deactivate this option by typing “D stop” and send to 5102 or visiting mydata.du.ae.



In this article we give you all needed information about DU telecom network which will be very informative and useful for you. For any further guidance or any query, visit our website, leave a comment in comment box more ever you can contact us on our email address given below.

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