Today 1 KG Chicken Rate in Pakistan

Every living organism in this world is must thing is the food which is the very essential part of these lives. Therefore, the prices of the chicken and also the other eating products are boosting up with the passage of time and this factor is also familiar as a ‘Food Enhancement’, and it is pointed the condition fire up in the Pakistan from the previous some years. Food Enhancement is arranged it a good time to begin finding up for the purpose of the up to date chicken rate list for the essential eating goods which are to be used in the houses. The rate list of the chicken in the Pakistan has burned small high likely when we analyze the prices in the previous times and the price is boosting up with the time at the accelerated footstep. The rate list of chicken that is available on this page is gives you along the updated chicken rate list in the market place of Pakistan. We not provide you the latest information about the market rate list but also give you along the complete updated bachat bazar chicken rate list. So you connected to this page for the chicken rate list in all over the Pakistan or when rates of poultry are alternate with the time.

How many price of the Chicken in the Pakistan. You can review the chicken without skin in the market. The price of one Kilogram gleaming meat chicken is 220 rupees in Pakistan. Today rate list in Pakistan of one 3chicken. What is the rate list in Lahore city, Islamabad, Karachi and in other cities of Pakistan. The Lahore Government of Punjab is declared the chicken price in Pakistan. If you are searching the price of one Kilogram chicken in Pakistan today then you are visiting the correct page for this problem. On this page, we will explain you the currently chicken rates in the big cities of Pakistan.

1 KG Chicken Price in Pakistan Today Rate List Lahore Karachi

The rate list of the chicken for one Kilogram provides you the new information for the current day poultry rate list in the Karachi city. So you are always communicate along to this page and from this page you can view the current information related to the poultry rates and also the current day poultry rate list in Karachi city of Pakistan include the all kinds of currently updated rates of chicken. As we all of the Pakistani have a knowledge that the meat of poultry is so much appreciated by the poor people and also rich people in the whole Pakistan. The every age of people from childhood to the elders are so much loved to eat the meat of chicken. The need of chicken is increasing day by day in Pakistan and it is also very favorable in the India. The people are used in the houses for different kinds of dishes and also use it on the wedding ceremony or party functions, The few kinds of dishes are prepared for the outside guests.

Murghi Ka Gosht Rate Today

The rate list of poultry meat in the Karachi city on the different from one city to another city. Because the rate of chicken is not same in all cities of Pakistan. The Government issued the rate list on daily basis but the shopkeepers of the chicken are not follow these rate list due to the bad management in the all cities of Pakistan. Basically the Karachi city is the larger city than the other all cities of Pakistan and in the Karachi city there are many areas in which the chicken is sale.

NameMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Chicken Meat (1Kg)Rs. 780Rs. 850
Chicken Meat (1Kg)Rs. 780Rs. 850
Chicken Meat (1Kg)Rs. 780Rs. 850
Chicken Meat (1Kg)Rs. 780Rs. 850
Chicken Meat (1Kg)Rs. 780Rs. 850
Chicken Meat (1Kg)Rs. 780Rs. 850
Chicken Meat (1Kg)Rs. 780Rs. 850
Chicken Meat (1Kg)Rs. 780Rs. 850
Chicken Meat (1Kg)Rs. 780Rs. 850
Chicken Meat 1(Kg)Rs. 780Rs. 850

Therefore, there is a variation of dimension of the poultry in the Karachi city in the different kinds of places. In the Karachi city, the price of chicken is different in all the places. The rate list that is issued from the Government Of Sindh is not followed by the shopkeepers and that is why the price of the chicken in the Karachi never be same. The price of poultry in the Karachi city low down in the season of winter and the prices are very high of chicken in the season of summer.

Today Chicken Rates in all over Pakistan

Here, you can see the list of chicken poultry rates in different cities of Pakistan.

1 KG Chicken rate in Pakistan is around Rs. 600. The price may differ from city to city and region to region due to the availability of chicken and other factors. 1 KG chicken is enough for 4-6 people, depending on the size of the chicken and how it is cooked. The price of 1 KG of chicken has slowly increased over the past few years, but it is still relatively affordable for most families in Pakistan. 1 KG chicken is a good source of protein and can be used in many different recipes. It is also one of the most popular meats in Pakistan. 1 KG chicken is usually sold frozen, but some supermarkets also sell fresh chicken. 1 KG chicken can be bought at most supermarkets.

Name of CityBroiler Chicken Price / KG
MultanRs.600 to 800
KarachiRs.600 to 800
HyderabadRs.600 to 800
NawabshahRs.600 to 800
LahoreRs.600 to 800
PeshawarRs.600 to 800
FaisalabadRs.600 to 800
Sahiwal / ChichawatniRs.600 to 800
LarkanaRs.600 to 800
SukkurRs.600 to 800
LayyahRs.600 to 800
BahawalpurRs.600 to 800
Rahim Yar KhanRs.600 to 800
MuzaffargarhRs.600 to 800
Dera Ghazi KhanRs.600 to 800
Taunsa SharifRs.600 to 800
GujranwalaRs.600 to 800
RawalpindiRs.600 to 800
SargodhaRs.600 to 800
TalagangRs.600 to 800
SwatRs.600 to 800
MardanRs.600 to 800
AttockRs.600 to 800
SangharRs.600 to 800
Mir Pur KhasRs.600 to 800
KhanewalRs.600 to 800
OkaraRs.600 to 800
ShikarpurRs.600 to 800
Khairpur MirsRs.600 to 800

The price of 1 KG chicken has increased by 5% since last year. The main reason for this increase is the continuous rise in the cost of poultry feed. However, the government is planning to take measures to control the prices of essential commodities like chicken. They have already imposed a ban on the export of chicken and are working on increasing domestic production. In addition, they are also providing subsidies on poultry feed to farmers. As a result, it is hoped that the 1 KG Chicken Rate in Pakistan will stabilize in the coming months.

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