Rs. 750 Prize Bond Result List Draw 95 Rawalpindi 17 July 2023

The result of Draw No. 95 of Rs. 750 Prize Bond for Rawalpindi will be announced on 17 July 2023. There is a total of 1,699 prizes to be won in this draw including the first prize of worth Rs. 1,500,000/-, 3 prizes each worth Rs. 500,000/- and 1696 prizes each worth Rs. 9,300/-.

The complete list of winners for this draw will be updated on the official website after the announcement has been made and the results have been verified. All Prize Bond holders can check their numbers against the result list to find out if they are one of the lucky winners in this draw.

This is a great opportunity for all Prize Bond holders to become instant millionaires in this draw. All the best and good luck to everyone who is participating in Draw No. 95 of Rs. 750 Prize Bond for Rawalpindi! It could be your lucky day!

The draw results can also be checked through mobile applications that are specifically designed for checking prize bond draws. You can simply download the app and scan your prize bond number to check if you have won or not. The apps are fast, convenient and easy to use making it easier for people to stay updated with the results of different draws as soon as they are announced.

Result List Draw 95 Rs. 750 Prize Bond Rawalpindi 17 July 2023

Prize Bond WorthRs. 750
Date17-07- 2023
First Prize for Single WinnerRs. 1,500,000
Second Prize for 5 winnersRs. 500,000
Third Prize for 1696Rs. 9300

The winners of the 95th draw for Rs. 750 Prize Bond in Rawalpindi on 17 July 2023 have been announced. The first prize for a single winner was Rs. 1,500,000; five winners received the second prize amounting to Rs. 500,000 each; and 1696 winners were awarded the third prize of Rs. 9300 each. This draw was highly anticipated and many people across Pakistan were hopeful of winning one of the prizes. Congratulations to all the winners!

The Prize Bond is a unique concept that has been around for years in Pakistan. It allows individuals to invest small amounts of money, usually from Rs. 200 to Rs. 40,000, in bonds with predetermined prizes for winners. It is an attractive option for those who don’t want to take the risk of investing in stock markets but still want to have a chance at winning big. The Prize Bond draw takes place every month, with the amount of prize money increasing with each draw.

The Prize Bond draw also gives people from all walks of life a chance to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. People often buy bonds in the hope of winning the grand prize and using those funds to improve their lives through investment or other means. It is a great way to promote savings and financial responsibility among citizens while at the same time providing them with an opportunity to win life-changing amounts of money.

Draw 95 Winner Serial Numbers Rs. 750 Prize Bond List Rawalpindi Result 17 July 2023

The list of Rs. 750 Prize Bond Winner Serial Numbers from Draw 95 in Rawalpindi on 17 July 2023 is as follows:

  • 1st Prize Rs.1,500,000 Winner:Coming Soon
  • 2nd Prize Rs.500,000/- Winners Coming Soon
  • 3rd Prize Winners Rs.9,300/-Check Complete in Below

How to Claim Your Prize Bond?

Once you have identified the winning bond, it is important to follow the steps outlined below in order to claim your prize.

  1. Submit a photocopy of the bond and any other accompanying documents to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) or its designated agent for payment.
  2. You must provide valid identification such as a national identity card, driver’s license or passport.
  3. Once all the necessary documents have been submitted, a paid certificate will be issued to you by SBP or its designated agent.
  4. You must then approach the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) and submit the paid certificate in order to receive your prize money.
  5. The CDNS will authenticate the paid certificate and issue a cheque to you for the amount of your prize.
  6. It is important that you keep all documentation associated with your claim as this may be required in the future for any disputes or inquires regarding the prize amount.
  7. You should also make sure to redeem your bond within a reasonable time period otherwise it will expire and you will not be able to claim your prize money.

In addition, if a prize bond has been lost or stolen, you can contact SBP’s designated agent for help in filing a claim. You will need to provide valid proof of identity as well as other supporting documents in order to process the claim. Once approved, an indemnity bond may be issued to you in order to receive payment for the lost or stolen bond. It is important that you keep all documents related to your claim in case of any inquiries and disputes arising from the transaction.

The Rs. 750 Prize Bond is a popular and widely circulated prize bond in Pakistan. It has been around since 1960, when it was first issued by the Central Directorate of National Savings. The bonds are available at select banks, post offices, or through authorized dealers.

Each bond holds a fixed value of Rs. 750 which can be encashed upon maturity. The bonds are issued in series of 100,000 or less and the numbers are printed on each bond. The bonds can be transferred to another individual by just signing the back of the bond, with both parties having to provide identification documents for the transfer to be valid.

The bonds offer a great way to save money over time as they come with attractive interest rates and greater security than regular savings accounts. After purchase, the bonds are registered in a central database, ensuring that if they are lost or stolen, they can be replaced. The bonds also come with added benefits such as tax deductions on both principal and interest payments.

Overall, the Rs. 750 Prize Bond is a secure and reliable way to save and earn returns over time. It is an ideal investment option for those living in Pakistan who are looking to save and earn money without any major risks.

In addition, the bonds can also be used as gifts or as a form of payment when buying goods and services. They provide a convenient way for people to transfer money quickly and easily between each other, with no need for transactions fees or bank accounts. This makes them a great option for those living in remote areas with limited access to traditional banking services.


The above result list of 95th Draw of Rs.750 Prize Bond in Rawalpindi on 17 July 2023 was thoroughly captivating as it had many enticing prizes. Winning the first prize of 1.5 million rupees after investing only 750 rupees was clearly an enlightening experience for the lucky winner.

Five other winners were also awarded with 500,000 rupees each whereas 1696 others also won 9300 each which is a decent amount to invest in business activities. Moreover, this draw was a great way for people to generate wealth using their limited resources and come up with innovative ways to enhance their financial flow as well as the nation’s economy.

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