Things to check and consider when buying a used Android Phone

Many smartphone-savvy customers argue that the thrill of buying a used phone is secondary compared to the happiness of opening a new smartphone that is jam-packed with technology and functions and looks utterly irresistible. Hence, purchasing a new phone might not always be an option. 

Mobile prices in Pakistan are increasing, and if you consider yourself a self-described technology fanatic who constantly searches for the newest Android models making waves in the smartphone industry, you should purchase a used Android phone. 

Sometimes, purchasing a used phone is much more cost-effective than going with a new one, especially if you do not plan to spend a lot of money on high-end phones.

You should also be aware of the right moment to switch to a new mobile phone. No matter what will be the reason behind your upgradation, keep in mind that it might be challenging given the market’s abundance of malfunctioning and counterfeit devices. We have provided a list of things to check and consider when buying a used smartphone. These factors will make your decision easier when buying a used smartphone.

1.Check Your Budget

Many smartphone-savvy customers argue that the thrill of buying a used Even if you decide to purchase a used Android phone, you must first check your budget. This element has an impact on the Android device you end up purchasing. If the used smartphone still ends up being less expensive, bargain carefully while keeping in mind the phone’s current state, and only finalize the sale if it is reasonable and results in significant savings. Else brand new mobiles such as Samsung, Vivo, Tecno, Oppo and Xiaomi  are better choice for budget friendly smartphones.

2.Request the purchase receipt from the seller

Asking the vendor for a legitimate sales invoice is one of the approaches to ensure that your used smartphone was not stolen. Always refuse to buy from a vendor who won’t provide you with a legal receipt.

3.Check How Old the Phone Is

One of the problems I have noticed when purchasing used goods is that sellers frequently make false claims about the purchase date. It is the reason why the purchase record is so crucial. You may find out how old the phone is by going to if the vendor doesn’t provide an original receipt and you eagerly want that smartphone.

4.Examine the device for any physical damage

Smartphones are the most misused pieces of technology in the world, so there’s a good possibility that the one you are planning to buy has experienced physical abuse that could have shortened its lifespan. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the equipment from all perspectives.

If you’ve already decided to purchase the used phone, then remove stickers that are on the front or back of your smartphone. The seller might be concealing unsightly dings and scratches behind it. Also, inspect the screen for scratches and remove the tempered glass if it is opaque.

5.Find out if the phone has been repaired before

It is one of the essential factors before purchasing a used smartphone. Ask the vendor if the phone has been repaired before. Always check the edge where the phone’s frame and screen meet attentively if the vendor responds negatively.

6.Verify that the phone has no locks on it

Make sure to check that the phone you will purchase has no locks on it. Verification can be made by giving it a thorough examination. Attempt to use every feature of the phone.

7.Check the IMEI number of the phone

It is necessary and significant. Visit to check the authenticity of your device. You may get all the information about your device on this website. When you enter the IMEI number of your phone and choose the ‘Search’ option, you will know whether your phone has been stolen before. Verify the IMEI before purchasing any device, whether it is an Android or an iOS model, to avoid getting arrested.

8.Observe the Battery Percentage

It is essential to check the battery percentage of any used phone before purchasing it. The battery depends on how often the phone is used, and the battery in an Android phone last for two years. Keep an eye on the battery percentage if your smartphone is more than a year old. It is good to use the phone for 10-15 minutes and see if the battery is quickly draining.

9.After buying, reset the mobile device

Once you have paid for your used Android smartphone, you should reset it to the factory settings and delete your old data.

Final Thoughts

Mobile prices in Pakistan has increased dramatically in recent years. The prices of the most recent Android flagships have risen to the point that it directly competes with the iPhone. It is smarter to buy a used Android phone if you cannot afford the new one. But buying a used phone is also another challenge. There are many things that you should keep in mind before buying a used smartphone. We have compiled a list of a few factors that you must check and consider before making a decision.

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