What Is The Computer Full Form & Details?

On this page we will tell you what the complete form of a computer is and who made it and its history and how the computer is used and we will tell you about the shape of the computer in it. What are the things that happen? At the beginning we will tell you a little bit of its details and then we will tell you about some of its parts and then we will talk about its history.


Computer is a Latin word that is defined as being used in calculations and many other tasks. The term computer and its meaning is that it is just a word that has its own meaning. Computers are full-fledged forms on the moon. The most complete form of computer used is the full form and the operator machine is deliberately used for technical and educational research. It was just a kind of calculation and a calculating machine and calculations were done with it.


In simple words we will call it operating machine and technical thing. It is a tool used for calculation and educational research in our daily life. By the way, it is not a computer and it is an electronics device which we will call electronic. A simple machine that we use for a lot of time and it has the best role in performing our work according to our instructions. Simply put, a computer is an electronic device that helps us to simplify our work and Tasks are programmed that help us get the job done and get the job done right faster.



Full form of computer

Some people want to know the full form of the computer. In this page we will talk about the complete form of the computer and its various parts and tell them their names. The operating machine is used. Its seed is called the father of computers because Charles Babbage invented this computer and he was the first to research it, so he is called his father. In 1830, he succeeded in planning an experimental engine, which he became tired of in the months leading up to the so-called computers across the globe, and he invented the computer.


What Is The Computer?

A computer is an electronic machine we call an electronic alb which helps us to carry out our needs according to the default instructions. The computer stores the data and makes the necessary changes and typing in Google is very important. Whether it’s emailing, building a website or designing programs, there are many different things that computers do and have become a part of our lives.


You will all be surprised to know that our mobile has also become a mini computer and that is why nowadays mobile helps us to save our very important work and pack and time facilities as well as computer is an electronic machine. Which provides a system for storing data using hardware and software and using instructions to perform these computer programs and and related negative arithmetic and many such related tasks. Performs computer technology and was built on hardware. Other computers besides laptops and such mobiles are all machines and have different functions. Nothing can do without software.


The computer has now become a machine that helps man to automatically perform physics on the side of mathematical negative operations. The computer system has become a complete computer hardware and operating system to which there are many things connected. All people use it. Comes to work and it helps them in many tasks such as school, college, university and many such educational institutions, computers play an important role. 

A lot of work is done from the computer in which a lot of work is done like machinery. Many products are stored in the computer and we can sit anywhere and talk to each other. The second war is considered to be the special work and the first digital light blocking machine. After the semi-control transistor in the 1940’s it was redesigned in the 1950’s while the technology resulting in Micro and the revolution of the microcomputer in the 1970s, then the speed of the computer increased and the speed of the transistor increased.


Just as the world has evolved, so has the computer evolved. Computers have become a part of our lives because we take on so many tasks that we can design our own programs and do with the education system and our own. We can run data from one country to another. We can run our business system. We can take advantage of it. There is a computer machine, but now we can take a lot of work.


What Is The Computer Etymology?


A computer is an electronic machine. As you all know, according to Oxford English, the first name of the word homeland was 1613. It was introduced by an author named Yong Mans. The word “middle” was used with such a meaning in the beginning.


Scientists based it on research that would help them calculate and read in the future, meaning that the agent would work on a system and an online dictionary that would make it one hundred and ninety-seven. The line indicates in the dictionary that the modern use of the term means that the program’s digital system and its functions can be applied to it, and in 1945 its theoretical calculations and nineteen hundred and thirty-seven. According to what was known as the machine I will work in the coming times in terms of which people will take it to work in factories and studies and colleges and universities and it will help them in many tasks from which man He will be able to work from home in the coming days.



What Is The History Of The Computer?

Let’s talk about computer history. Most of the fingers that have been used for counting for thousands of years use one-to-one letters and notebooks with our fingers. We have a form of initial counting and accordingly a form of it. I have a record-keeping aid system that represents the count of Asia. Severe goods and livestock are hollowed out in hollow clay controls, and it is primarily used for mathematical tasks. We are talking about its children. 


There are thousands of types of computers and it has many types of functions. Computers have been used for mathematics and many other tasks. Roman Abu Kiss was developed from 2400 BC and used to be followed by calculation boards and other inventions and a 14 cloth on a table in a European counting house. Will be placed and killed according to some principles moved around him was assisted to calculate was assumed to be a total machine and was made Greek prime minister in 1901 and the method is given to 100 BC According to the anti-control method there are many mechanics for calculation and exposure of a level girl’s area will not be out until a thousand years later.


It was used to solve problems in the field of proportionality and was developed in the late sixteenth century to benefit people in arithmetic and make it easier for them to change their studies. Engineering has clarified its calendar machine and according to this we can take a lot of work from this machine keeping in view the length of four thousand seven and eight different days and when this machine was made it took a lot to make it. It was a huge machine that could fit in a room, but it developed slowly and in 1920 it was made smaller. Scientists worked and many of the machinery Works the opposite of work. 

Just as the world has evolved, so since the beginning it was built, it was a huge computer and it was a bit difficult to use, but as the world evolved, so did it evolve and people introduced it. When it was designed to help people build and build, it became known as a small system, and now in 2021, no matter what kind of invention was invented, no one is allowed to have a computer now. It has been shaped so that we can hold it in our hands and use it and carry it anywhere in our pockets. According to its history, for many years it was said that it was a lot. In a large system we can’t move it from one place to another.




How Does The Computer Working?

There are two main components of a computer, one is hardware and the other is software. With the help of this we can run the computer and with the help of this we can use it. Then its main function is that it has hardware processing system which Helps to communicate with happens. We will discuss both hardware and software monopolies in the article. There are many functions of computer. We work with these functions. If there is not a single function of computer then it The computer will not work so it contains major function software and hardware.


The two major components of a computer are software and hardware, but the four main functions of a computer are also included and are divided into different parts.


1. Input

 Inside the computer there is a system on them with the help of hundreds of keyboard and mouse etc. we receive the data and information of our users in the form of data and with the help of keyboard and mouse we type and run it.


2. Processing

 A part of a computer is also a process which we call the practical form of information and data in Urdu language in which we perform our operation data and information we save our information and from one place Send to another place. It provides us with information for many days and for many years.


3. Disk Top

 A part of a computer is a disk in which we can store our belongings in the pen driver storage from which we can take advantage and work. We can save many things in it at a time.


4. Output

Now we will talk about this out of data information received by the consumers and through printing and small machinery like Putala etc. It comes in print from which we can extract our scanned items.



Important Parts Of The Computer?

We will now talk about the two main parts of a computer that make it work


1. Hardware 

2. Software



Hardware Of The Computer?

Just as hardware is an important part of a computer, without hardware we cannot run a computer. Just as scientists have transformed a large computer into a small system, so too a small part is hardware. What we call body hardware is the computer hardware that we use to shape the hardware. It has special things like a keyboard mouse and we can say that the physical things we use to run it


1. CPU

An important part of computer software is also the oysters, ie the central processing unit is the processing brain of the computer that provides all the data and consequently the most used computer laptop in the world today. Computers have all the parts that we will talk about, just as the human brain is the same as the computer’s brain, without which it is impossible for a computer to function



2. Moterboard

Inside the computer’s brain is a motherboard, as we call a door board. It has a chip-like keyboard and it connects to the computer’s neighbor. It supports all kinds of apps and computers. Can’t be run just like human parents have it is a mother system and it happens and provides in its dates and running


3. RAM

Inside the brain of a computer there is a compassionate system which we also call storage. It stores all the data of the computer from its heart which makes the computer run. This will completely eliminate the computer which will not be able to run the computer in any way.


4. Hard Drive

Computers do have many, but one of them is a hard drive that stores the necessary information forever. It is a part of the computer. The driver system is installed and helps to keep the operating system safe.


5. Mouse

The computer has a main function which we call mouse. With the help of mouse we move everything just like we work with human. Similarly mouse is a part of computer. It works instead of hands. By using it we click on anything. By clicking it processes and executes things. It takes a lot of work from us which helps us to run our computer.


6. Keyboard

With the help of the keyboard we type and send things. It is also an important part of controlling the computer. It runs many things and takes advantage of it. It has a lot of names in Urdu. It has everything in every way. It is a function of the computer which we know as hardware.


Just as hardware software helps a computer to operate, DO do some of the hardware components that help a computer learn.


7. Speaker

8. Projector

9. Scanner

10. Desktop

11. Video Card

12. Sound Card

13. Random Access &  Memory

14. Fan

15. Hard disk drive & CD ROM & Floppy Drive & DVD.

16. Central Processing Unit.



The Software Parts Of The Computer?

The second part of the computer is the software without which it is impossible to run the program. It is in the inner part of the computer. The most important software is the computer operating system. It provides help in installing computer software. Microsoft Office and many such things like Photoshop etc. are inside it. It is used in computers. The second most popular operating system is the rich system of appeal. It has many important things that we can use. Software has become a very important thing that we can use our computer to run and discuss a lot of things.


1. Operating System & Android &Linux &macbook  & Different windows.

2. Microsoft office, e.g: Words, Excel, Power Point, One Drive etc.

3. Different Photoshop

4. Internet Browser & Firefox & Google Chrome & Internet Explorer etc.

5. Movie Player & VLC Media & Windows Media & Player etc.



Classification Of The Computer & Basic Technology?

1. Super Computer

2. Mini Computer

3. Micro & Personal Computer

4. Mainframe Computer

5. Hybrid Computer

6. Digital Computer

7. Analog Computer


The example of laptop and disk hat in our life is like the way we use our daily life in the same way laptop and disk hat also have a special role in our life.



The Basic Application In The Different Field Of The Computer?


1. Entertainment

2. Marketing

3. Transport System

4. Banking & Financial Hubs

5. Engineering & Science

6. Defense Forces

7. Education

8. Healthcare

9. Online education & Bill Payment & Watching Movies etc.

10. Skills


The Top Branded Computer In The World?

1. Apple

2. Dell

3. Lenovo

4. Toshiba

5. Acer



We told you about computers, what are the parts of computer and in its full form we informed you and discussed them. Computer is a modern invention from which we can do many things. Just as man is evolving, so is machinery evolving with man, and the computer has become a companion of man, which we use to do many things. Man has made computers very large in the past, but slowly. In terms of slow development, it has taken the form of a mobile that we can take anywhere.

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