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Top Six Best insurance companies in pakistan 2023

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Best Insurance companies in Pakistan There are some best Insurance companies in Pakistan. The market filled with agents praising them all and willing to offer you the cool policies however the reality is when it comes to claiming the insurance, clients faces Problems.

Its very important to check the insurance company before selecting them. To buy a insurance plan you needs to have the complete information about these companies and today we are going to provide you that information.

Don’t go on what Insurance companies or agent has to say, ask all the questions you needs to know because these policies are hard to understand and very complicated for an ordinary person like you to understand them easily.

We have created the list to make it easier for you to select from these Top six Insurance companies in Pakistan. so lets start.


list of insurance companies in pakistan

1.EFU Insurance

EFU Life Assurance This company working since 85 years and they work in Pakistan as well and in other African and Asian countries. This is the most largest and most trustworthy Insurance company in Pakistani market they are offering customized policies according to the client’s requirement.

Types of Insurance EFU Plans offers:

  1. Travel Insurance
  2. Money Insurance
  3. Credit Card Insurance
  4. Engineering Insurance
  5. Liability Insurance
  6. Personal Accident
  7. Workmen’s Compensation
  8. Plate Glass Insurance
  9. Burglary Insurance
  10. Golfers Insurance
  11. Computer Crime Insurance
  12. Marine Insurance
  13. Aviation Insurance
  14. Official Website: EFU Insurance


2.Adamjee Insurance

Adamjee started since 1960, It increase the insurance service in Pakistan and Middle East (UAE). The company have corporate clients such as banks, industries, and business market. Adamjee Insurance is good and highly recommended delivers according to clients satisfaction. You can start your insurance plan with them

Types of Insurance Adamjee Plans  offers:-

  1. Travel Insurance
  2. Personal Accident Insurance
  3. Miscellaneous Insurance
  4. Financial lines Insurance
  5. Engineering Insurance
  6. Fire & Property Insurance
  7. Health Insurance
  8. Marine Insurance
  9. Motor Insurance
  10. Travel Insurance
  11. Agriculture Insurance
  12. Liability lines Insurance
  13. Official Website: Adamjee Insurance – Fire & Property Insurance


3.State Life insurance company

The Life Insurance Business in Pakistan was nationalized during March 1972. Initially Life Insurance business of 32 Insurance Companies was merged and placed under three Beema Units named “A”, “B” and “C” Beema Units. However, later these Beema Units were merged and effective November 1, 1972 the Management of the Life Insurance Business was consolidated and entrusted to the State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan.

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is headed by a Chairman and assisted by the Executive Directors appointed by Federal Government. Up to July 2000 the Corporation was run by Board of Directors constituted under Life Insurance (Nationalization) Order 1972. In July 2000, under Insurance Ordinance 2000, the Federal Government reconstituted the Board of Directors of State Life which runs the affair of this Corporation.

Major Achievements

The major function of the State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is to carry out Life Insurance Business; however, it is also involved in the other related business activities such as investment of policyholders fund in Government securities, Stock market, Real Estate etc. The major achievements of State Life are as under On the commencement of the operations, the Corporation took a very important step by effecting reduction up to 33% in the premiums on the past and potential Life Policies for the benefit of the Policyholders.
State Life is smoothly striving towards its objective of making life insurance available to large section of the society by extending it to common man. As at December, 2017 the total number of policies enforce under individual life were 5.695 million and number of lives covered under group life insurance were 3.267 million.
Types of Insurance State lite Plans offers:-

  1. Individual Life Plans
  2. Whole Life Assurance
  3. Endowment Assurance
  4. Shad Abad Assurance
  5. Anticipated Endowment Assurance
  6. Health Insurance
  7. Health Care Plans
  8. Empanelled Hospitals.
  9. Claim Services
  10. Insurance Plans For Gulf
  11. Jeevan Sathi Assurance
  12. Child Protection Assurance
  13. Wealth Builder Plan
  14. Supplementary Covers
  15. Bancassurance
  16. Sales and Policy
  17. Financial Products
  18. Partner Banks
  19. More details Visit Offical Website: State Life


4.Jubilee Insurance

Jubilee Insurance company limited is the latest version of the Insurance company. There main office is in Karachi and they have a  large network of branches across Pakistan, They offers dynamic insurance policies to meet clients requirements and fine when claiming insurance.

Types of Insurance Jubilee plans Offers:-

  1. Family Takaful
  2. Online Insurance
  3. Individual Life Insurance
  4. Micro Insurance
  5. Corporate Insurance
  6. Bancassurance
  7. Official Website Jubilee Life Insurance – Secure your Future


5.TPL Direct Insurance

TPL is a subsidiary of Green Oaks Global Holdings Limited. TPL company has been started sinces 1992. TPL understood the market and the clients,  TPL have a good worth in Car Insurance in Pakistan as it has the huge network and TPL offers separate mobile app GPS locator Map of Pakistan for there clients and cooperates to track their vehicles.

The types of Insurance TPL Plans offers:-

  1. Property Insurance
  2. Home Direct Insurance
  3. 10% Off on Car Insurance
  4. Health Direct Insurance
  5. Marine Insurance
  6. Travel Direct Insurance
  7. Official Website: TPL Direct Insurance

6.United Insurance Company (UIC)

United Insurance Company started in 1959 The company faces many ups and downs until it got stability and transformed toward expansion across Pakistan, United Insurance has more then 100 branches in every corner of Pakistan. They deals with the corporate sector, Business, Travel Insurance, logistics, Crops &  Livestock Insurance.

Types of Insurance UIC Plans offers:-

  1. Health Insurance
  2. Livestock Insurance
  3. Fire Insurance
  4. Motor Insurance
  5. Crop Insurance
  6. Marine Insurance
  7. Travel Insurance
  8. Official Website: The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited

Now i think you may have the information you needs before starting a insurance plan now you can select any insurance company that you like

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