The Sawat Moterway Map With Complete Details?

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government successfully completed Pakistan’s first provincial motorway with its own problems, allowing people to move from one place to another in a very short time, which is the only way for people to travel in a few hours. It can travel miles in hours. It was formed in 1966 alone. The FWO has defended the Pakistan Army of Engineering. Since then, the FWO has been involved in various activities in the country. Such development projects and all such highways have been constructed in Lahore, Sialkot and all such major cities. That is why the FWO, in the light of similar experience, has also worked on the Swat Express project. Has been a contractor.

Because people used to be very bad to come and go, many problems have been improved due to the motorway, so the motorway was inaugurated and we will provide you all the details about the Swat KP Motorway in this post. You will increase your knowledge by reading all the details and we will share it with your thoughts and people and we will provide you all the details in which we will tell you about some colors. Explain the role of these tunnels in the motorway and how they were constructed and share all the details of the motorway. The Prime Minister inaugurated the tunnels on the motorway so that people do not face any kind of trouble.


Swat motorway map

Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled a plaque marking the inauguration of a new type of tunnel on the Swat Motorway and measured the three completed ones built by all such Frontier Works and Organizations. Federal Minister for Communications Murad Saeed The MNAs from Murad Swat were also present at the time. On arrival in Quetta and Malakand, the Prime Minister was received by Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Muhammad Khan and Director FWO. He also said that the 80 km long Swat Express and Along with the above engineering and three hundred gauges whose lengths are 271,1266 and 324 meters a W by itself has also built a 140-meter-long rocket function to protect passengers. Don’t have a problem.


The FWO has also set up a data exhibition system to control the various features and qualities of these firefighting systems, CCTV cameras and all such things, and all these systems, because any kind of people on the motorway. There was no danger and all these cases were provided for the convenience of the people. If a person moves illegally on any kind of motorway, then these CCTV cameras and all the facilities due to which the Government of Pakistan PM Imran Khan also visited the newly completed tunnel section of the Expressway.


The FWO had also presented to the Prime Minister a model of the serving section of the Swat Express as his role is that it was dug up due to the mountains on the way and the road was built and then the motorway. The Swat Motorway has been made the best and PTI has started the best express motorway in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in its own province. This road has also facilitated the Swat Valley and Malakand Park area. This motorway has been stolen. Km and the starting point is Sher Khan Interchange Motorway Peshawar Islamabad. The end point is that over the past two decades, Pakistan has witnessed the development of many new infrastructures, including the construction of highways and new expressways.


And the end of motorways in different parts of the country. The main purpose of all these developments is to speed up and smooth the trade routes and strengthen the good traffic. This is how it is facilitated to international travelers and also promotes tourism in the country. In this blog we will talk about Swat Motorway so that you can know all the details of Swat Motorway and we will discuss these important details.In which all the details of Swat Motorway KPK we will share with you are as follows.


More About The Swat Moterway KPK?

The latest addition to Pakistan’s motorways network is the Swat Motorway, a large-scale infrastructure project with a multi-lane two-way access and express motorway to date and the first phase of the project is Frontier. The foundation stone of the Swat Motorway was laid back by the then Prime Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Khan and I. It is currently in the process of being completed. Part of the Swat Expressway. The Swat Motorway was opened to the public in June 2019. According to the latest express regarding the incident, Mr. Mahmood Khan who is present in it, the Chief Minister had announced for this motorway.


The Swat Motorway started in August 2016 and was opened in June 2019 and Mr. Mahmood Khan and the Chief Minister announced that the front of the Swat Express is workers and fully operational by the end of August this year. With links to one of the most important roads in our native North Pakistan, we have completed a Swat Motorway which will increase our traffic through the Swat Motorway and increase our revenue when our transport from our motorway is in one place in the best possible way. If we go elsewhere, our business will grow in the best way and this question will benefit our country Pakistan due to the huge number of transactions due to the motorway.



The Features Of The SWAT Moterway?

Swat Motorway Express According to the times to come, the project will have six interchanges and others. It has five pools and six lenses. The Swat Motorway is 81 km long and runs from Sher Khan to Chakdara in KPK. And in the years to come, as Swat Motorway has developed, so will our business in the next few years and we will share with you the details of Swat Motorway Road.


1. The expressway runs 2 km through Nowshera district.

2. Morning passes 18 km on I-Road and 40 km in Mardan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

3. The 21 km motorway passes through Malakand district.


The interchange at Kamal Sher Khan at the southern end of the Swat Motorway has already been built by the National Highway and is not considered part of the Onn Gong project. Provides easy access to remote areas and blackouts that were previously inaccessible.


The Route Of The Swat Moterway KPK?

Earlier, the journey between Kamal Sher Khan Interchange and Chakdar Chowk lasted for hours. The express took only about 45 minutes to reach this prominent place. The situation in Pakistan. The safety and security of the link of this major road is monitored. Motorway Police is also doing and according to the latest updates on Swat Motorway CCTV cameras are also installed in various check posts. On one side note National Highway and Motorway Police is also visible. If you want to know more about this federal agency, the high speed and route of Swat Motorway will help in the promotion of tourism and economy in the region with all the key features made in this most important express vision in Pakistan.


The Department Status Of The SWAT Motetway PHASE I & PHASE ll?

There are two phases in the master plan on Swat Motorway. With the recent completion of Chakdar Interchange, Swat Motorway Phase One and Swat Motorway City Urdu are almost complete. Has been completed on because the direct route has been opened to you and the traffic is running and the land issue for the other phases of the Motorway Express in phase Two is already under discussion. This road is 71 km long. And once the other stages are completed, the Swat Express will be the longest express in Pakistan. It is one hundred and sixty kilometers long.The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has cut crores of rupees for the expansion of the express motorway and, like the motorway, has placed the responsibility of the highway authority in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in it and the express coming from it has been organized and maintained.



The Others Infrastructure Development In The Swat Moterway KPK?

To build this project side by side, the National Highway Authority has proposed another load link to become a major motorway in KPK as soon as possible. This is also known as Nabi Express. Are often combined with the Swat Express which is a very different project as the name suggests that it also has a limited access express which makes the eastern type of Shangri-La District a western right of all to Swat. The road is 66 km long and is maintained and managed by the National Highway.


Swat Motorway This motorway was inaugurated to entertain people and make business pigeons and now this motorway has become the best motorway in Pakistan as it will transport us through this motorway which will improve our import-export business. And we will be a source of our income with our other countries and we have all the details of the motorway on this page that it is a long way, it is perfect for travel and business, this route was chosen by Prime Minister Imran Khan in KPK. Because our board is the best source of support.



The Swat Express Way Boosts Connective Across The  Malakand Division?

The FWO-built Swat Express may have reduced travel time for passengers, especially blacks and traders, as well as the entire Malakand division of Swat, Dir, Chitral, Lal Haveli and similar large districts. There is a lot of benefit because the transportation has become easier because of the motorway, so this motorway is preferred. Most people choose the motorway because the motorway is a smooth road. This project started in 2017 in Swat. Had passed through all the districts of the country like tourist destination and other such areas which benefited the people immensely.


The material projects around it were completed and passed through areas like Nowshera and Kushk Ai. There is an 80 km long road in stages of Swat Motorway which covers Peshawar, Islamabad and all such affected districts and It ends on the National Highway in the south under Provincial Colonel Sher Khan and the Chief Minister and Prime Minister Khattak chose this motorway on August 25, 2016, demonstrating in their minds the Swat Express 14 transaction control access facility. It has extensive converts to 6 lanes to meet future transportation needs and has 3 tunnels and major thoroughfares and employs more than 400 workers.


Apart from the rest of the country, it also provides direct access to fruit markets in the valleys at a cost of Rs 36.2 billion. The project was completed by the National Economic Council Company recently. Approved 10,000 kanals of land for Swat Express Fee Two and has been constructed from Chakdara to Fateh Road to Maidan at an estimated cost of Rs. 37 billion. Rupees have been spent. With the completion of Swat Express Phase-I, trade and business and tourism opportunities have been opened up for Malakand Division. It used to take about four hours because of the narrow vision.


FWO Emerge As The Trend Setter In The Tunnel Engineering In The Pakistan?

Tunnels and underground spaces are built for many purposes around the world. These roads pave the way for railway traffic, metros and colleges. Their calculated advantage is that they are going underground, while life on Earth continues as normal at a level that has no effect on the environment over the past few decades. Significant progress has been made in the design and construction of underground spaces around the world, but this is not a slow and significant offering.


As a result, Pakistan has not yet worked on it. Pakistan, in particular, is improving the highway network of GB and IG, and is building large-scale tunnels to address the urban flooding trend in Karachi and Lahore. Is starting to use.FWO is a trend setter in tunnel engineering in the country which has built several roads in different places. There is a highly qualified expert and technical manpower to implement trainer projects anywhere in Pakistan which has built the General Institute of Pakistan. Has also started where it intends to bring Pakistan technology and formal promotion support and work. The government is involved in the construction of roads in the mountainous areas of the country should look at the possibilities to provide better services to the people. To ensure and promote economic growth in them.


The Swat Motorway KPK Speed Limit In The Pakistan?

Your speed varies on the Swat Motorway. The maximum light transport vehicle called the color of the motor should have a speed of 120 km per hour and the major transport which is also called a bridge in our public service is this motorway. But the speed limit should be 110 km per Hour and the maximum speed of LTV motor cars in Pakistan on Express Swat should be 100 km per hour and HTV 90 km per hour despite the slow speed. The limits of Swat vary according to the maximum traffic and road conditions and you will need to follow your speed hand while checking your travel time.


If the speed of the people you are driving goes too high then you are driving too fast which is too fast for the weather road or or traffic conditions even if you do not exceed the speed limit of the post you are speeding One of the most commonly reported assets associated with an accident is speeding. One of the biggest factors involved in a road accident is speeding. This increases the chances of an accident. That the motorway police provide you to maintain the laminate of your vehicle on the Swat motorway.


The Swat Moterway Benefits?

The biggest benefit of Swat Motorway is that the people of Malakand Dir and Chitral and Shangla and Muradan and Swat districts should benefit from Swat Motorway to a large extent as all the districts of Swat Motorway are taking full advantage of the motorway. Due to the Swat Motorway, they can travel in just a few hours and in other parts of Malakand Division, being an important department of the government, tourism has also been greatly promoted. Other trades in horticulture and agriculture have also increased as it is much easier to trade because of the motorway.Because when we will give more priority to our work through quick export or export through our high speed vehicle or motorway, the motorway will be of great benefit to the businesses of our people. The businessmen who are working in the big cities have benefited a lot.


The Additional Swat Motorway Driving Tips?

When driving on the Swat Motorway, keep a distance between your vehicles. Leave at least two seconds between vehicles and if you have time to stop, your speed is also under your control. The goal of a four-second break is set by sensible people. You also have to plan your route. You intend to get out of the junction. You need to know the name of the tire manufacturer. You will need to have enough evidence these days as well. Abroad left-handed drama sects are avoided and right-handed passengers in these trucks are present at the start of the seat and on the road. Other users move and may fail to pick up. Living abroad requires good care. Save such vehicles from this extra distance if you have recently passed your test and feel like using the motorway. If not, consult an experienced driver.


Keep a distance between vehicles and most importantly check your car’s tires. Check the inside of your car and then get on the motor and if you are not on the motorway for the first time, learn to drive from your experienced driver. And then use the motorway because the speed of the car is very high on the motorway so check your car and drive your car according to the distance.


The List Of The Other Motorways In The Pakistan?

1. Name: Motorway M-1 & Route: From Peshawar to Islamabad & Length: 155 Km


2. Name: Motorway M-2 & Route From Lahore to Islamabad & Length: 334 Km


3. Name: Motorway M-3 &  Route: From Lahore to Abdul Hakeem & Length: 230 Km


4. Name: Motorway M-4 & Route: From Pindi Bhattian to Multan & Length: 309 Km


5. Name: Motorway M-5 & Route: From Multan to Sukkur & Length : 392 Km


6. Name: Motorway M-6 & Route: From Sukkur to Hyderabad & Length: 296 Km


7. Name: Motorway M-7 & Route: From Dadu to Hub & Length: 270 Km


8. Name: Motorway M-8 & Route: From Ratodero to Gwadar & Length: 892 Km


9. Name: Motorway M-9 & Route: From Hyderabad to Karachi & Length: 136 Km


10. Name: Motorway M-10 & Route: Karachi Northern Bypass & Length: 57 Km


11. Name: Motorway M-11 & Route: From Sialkot to Lahore & Length: 103 Km


12. Name: Motorway M-14 & Route: From Hakla to D.I Khan & Length: 280 Km


13. Name: Motorway M-15 & Route: From Hasan Abdal to Thakot & Length: 180 Km.



The motorway in Pakistan has eased a lot of problems. When there was no motorway in Pakistan, it used to take many hours to travel from one place to another, but now the thing is that there is a motorway facility in Pakistan. Thanks to the motorway we can easily get from one place to another and in just a few hours we can get from one place to another via the motorway. The motorway facility has created a lot of facilities for us like if we have an emergency we can easily solve it by using the motorway. We have shared with you all the details related to Swat Motorway KPK. You can increase your knowledge by reading all the details carefully. Thanks.

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