How to Renew your Expired CNIC through NADRA’s Online in Pakistan
– disabled persons registration card


In this Post We are Talking About how to renew cnic online in pakistan
if you want Renew your expired id card then this post is for you. we are
share all method price to renew online cnic card.disabled persons registration card

How to Renew/Refresh Your CNIC Online

Following are the several tips for renewing /refreshing your CNIC
  • Log in to online Portal of NADRA (National Database and Registration
  • Select “Apply online for CNIC”
  • Fill up all the necessary particulars in the submission/application
  • Enter the address/location where you feel like your ID card to be
  • Via credit/debit card, submit you CNIC renewal fee/dues
  • Upload the scanned photo, thumbprint form and documents
  • To Sum Up, sign the declaration and propose the submission
Everyone understands perfectly about the awkward procedure of obtaining or
renewing their CNIC. Remaining standing in extended lines in front of the
NADRA headquarters to obtain the CNIC is a not an effortless procedure.
Nowadays, by using NADRA online service, you can get a hold of your CNIC at
your front doorstep.
This online process is uncomplicated and stress free. By logging into the
online portal of NADRA, the citizens can submit an application for the
issuance or restorations/renewals of their CNIC. Simple you have to do is to
generate an account on the online portal and fulfill all the particulars
necessary in the submission form. You can pay the dues/fees via any
credit/debit cards. Your ID card will be supplied to the address provided on
the application form. Therefore, if your CNIC is invalidated and you want to
reinstate it, then follow the below mentioned procedure:

How to Renew your CNIC Online

  • The initial step in this regeneration procedure is moving to the
    NADRA’s online portal Link: 
  • Click on ‘Login/Apply now’ button after you have opened the
    link in your browser.
  • If you previously have an account on NADRA’s online portal, then in
    that case type your username as well as password to login or to get
    access. Or Else, you need to generate an account on the portal.
  • When signing in, different options will be displayed on the panel
    that includes (online CNIC, verification services, FRC and many
  • Just Click on “Online CNIC
  • Later, a screen will be found containing a list of
  • Select “My identity card has expired”
  • Then pick “Start New Application
  • An application form will be seen on your computer screen. Make
    Available all the necessary particulars in the application.
  • Fill Up the exact address where you intend your card to be
  • Via any credit/debit card reimburse the application fee/dues
  • Then you have to upload the scanned snapshot and essential docs
  • After that download the thumbprint form and put on your thumbprints
    on it.
  • Then Scan the document containing your impressions and upload it on
    the portal.
  • Next step is to Download the Urdu data form and fill it. Then scan
    and upload it on the portal. You might have to upload the witness form
    if relevant.
  • Lastly, evaluate all the filled facts on the form and then sign the
  • After you have completed the application form, NADRA will twitch the
    relevant procedure. 
  • After accomplishment of the procedure, you will collect the renewed
    CNIC at the address mentioned on the application form.
Application Smart CNIC charges
Normal Fee (31 Days) PKR 750

Urgent Fee (23 Days) PKR 1500

Executive Fee (7 days) PKR 2500


Application Smart NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas
Pakistanis) ZONE A charges
Normal Fee (31 Days) USD $ 39

Urgent Fee (23 Days) $57

Executive Fee (7 days) USD $ 75
Application Smart NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas
Pakistanis) ZONE B charges
Normal Fee (31 Days) USD $ 20

Urgent Fee (23 Days) $30

Executive Fee (7 days) USD $ 40

Required Documents for Online Renewal of CNIC 

  • Photo
  • Verifier/Attester form
  • Fingerprint/impression form
  • Additional supportive docs

Other Online Facilities by NADRA Pakistan

There’s a diversity of facilities offered by NADRA’s online ability. Some
of them are cited underneath:
  • First time New Overseas ID (NICOP)
  • if your card was stolen/lost/damaged or destroyed then CNIC
  • CNIC Renewal if your CNIC has expired
  • If you need to modify your NIC data then ID card Modification
  • if you want to validate an ID Card then CNIC Verification
This adorable facility is a countless inventiveness from NADRA that will
assist Pakistan in guaranteeing e-governance. The foreign Pakistanis can
also access this service to reintroduce/renew their CNIC from anywhere in
the biosphere. These types of facilities were necessities of the hour for
Pakistani citizens existing here or in a foreign country.
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