How To Apply for The Police Clearance Certificate In Karachi?

Immediately you can get professional help from Karachi to get your Police Role Certificate as it is very important to have a clear certificate when you are working abroad for any job or for your wedding in Karachi. Anyone living can follow the specific procedure and contact the local police department and get it from the relevant police station as you do not face any difficulties if you have a place clear certificate. On this page we will tell you about the Please Clear Certificate which if a person in Karachi does not have and does not know how to make it then we will share all the requirements with you.

This means that while living in Karachi, you have to have a clear certificate, which we also call a character certificate in common parlance, because having a clear certificate is a must for anyone who lives in Pakistan and is a citizen of Pakistan. It is important that if any person investigates from you that there have been any reports or wrongdoings about you, you can show him your clear certificate and tell him that I am a Pakistani citizen and an honorable citizen. So on this page we will tell you about all the teachers who can make a clear set and become a great citizen of Karachi while staying in Karachi. Before that we have some Ahmed Butt with you. We will discuss the following.


Police clearance certificate karachi

Karachi Police is divided into several towns and districts so the petitioner is asked to stay at different places in Karachi and obtain a separate Police Character Certificate from the concerned Police Department as the police have many There are other tasks as well so people who live in the respective provinces and in the relevant districts can go to the relevant police station to get their clearance certificates and can also contact them by visiting their official website. Below is the website link.


You can also add all the teachers by visiting their website above and on this page also we will provide you all the regions. We have a professional and experienced team of managers from the relevant police department in Karachi. Please help your family in Karachi to get the role set. We will guide you through the process so that you can get the clearance certificate easily and you will not have any problem as we will give you all the regions. Will provide and certification is very important for an ordinary citizen when you get stuck in any trouble you people are left because of the clear certificate. Because you are an ordinary citizen so that no one can bother you. If any government agency mentions clearance certificates in its report to you, you need to check the clearance certificate with them.


If the record does not exist, the person presenting this document is usually told that you are moving to a city or area other than your place of residence. This basically confirms that the citizen As is clear from his character, there is no canonical activity in which he is involved or has been with him in the past. this is not illegal then please if you are thinking of planning for immigration or to study abroad then you must have this clearance certificate as a citizen. A clear certificate needs to be submitted as proof.


The easiest way to create a clear state is to have your ID card, passport size photos and your relevant education certificate date as it is very important for you to create a clear certificate at any of your relevant police stations or You need to go to the police station where your record is checked. When your record is perfectly clear, you are issued a clear certificate so that when you have the certificate you have your certificate.

 If you want to take any government job, you can easily get a job in any government institution by submitting your not only and the other way is if you want to go abroad. If you still need a clearance certificate, it is needed because if you are not involved in any activity at all, you are given a police clearance certificate for study or for an activity abroad. Can we visit the country? Now we will talk about some important aspects of the certificate for the police.


The Process For Citizens Of Karachi Pakistan?


1. Apply In Person?

 Complete application form obtained from Town or City Police Officer & local district office of  Senior Superintendent of the Police SSP & tehsils & assistant political agent & your area download using the link.

  •  Once the application & The documents in hand for the applying Clearance Certificate
  •  Go to respective.
  • Town & the City Police Officer & your area for the larger cities.
  • The superintendent Police SSP in smaller city & towns & rural areas
  • Tehsil & the assistant political agent in FATA areas
  •  Applicant apply to respective authorities as per their area & can get certificate as advised by authorities


2. Apply at Pakistan’s embassy?

  • Applicant can apply their nearest Pakistan embassy.
  •  Link to locate embassy or consulate.
  • Calls the office and fix appointment also find the details for procedure.
  • The scheduled date & go to office with all document in original & the copy.
  • Please follow officer guidelines to process your application.
  • Consular fee must be paid & The consular fee varies by consulates.
  • This application will be processed the respective department.
  • Notification & certificate will be delivered to applicants.


The Process For Non-Citizens Of Karachi Pakistan?


1. Apply In the Person?

  • A Complete application form as obtained from the local district office & the Senior Superintendent Police SSP your area.
  • Once application & the documents in hand for the applying & Go to respective office superintendent Police.
  • Applicant shall be apply to respective authorities & can get certificate advised by authorities.


2. Apply at the Pakistan embassy?

  • Applicant can apply their nearest Pakistan’s embassy.
  • Link to locate embassy.
  • Call the office & the fix appointment can also find the details for procedure.
  • On the scheduled date & go to office with all  document in copy at original.
  • Officer guidelines to process & your application.
  • A consular fees must paid.
  • Notification & certificate will be delivered by the applicant.


Required Documents To Get Police Character Certificate In Karachi?


  • Valid identity document: Id Card passport & driving license.
  •  Address card: utility bills & Water Bill
  • Copy of valid CNIC
  • Id copies from father and the mother of applicant.
  •  Ud copies from two neighbors same address.
  • 4 passport size photographs of applicant.
  • Copies of educational & degrees certificate
  • Attested photocopy of applicant’s CNIC & the NICOP from NADRA.
  • Marriage Certificate:Only For Marriage
  •  A witness form the Filled & the signed by neighbor.


In general?

1. Valid passport.

2. Valid citizen proof.

3. Passport size photo.

4. Birth certificate.

5. Proofs of legal stay.

6. Email ID.

7. self addressed envelope with or without stamp.

8. Valid contact number.


These are the basic documents to get police clearance from Karachi which you can’t get without them as we have mentioned above so it is very important to have them and this is a policy of Karachi Police Clearance. All these documents can now be submitted but any documents and information can be obtained from the concerned police department applicant. ID card is not required for foreign nationals if they are staying in Karachi for employment or business purpose. But they will have to produce a woman from their employer in which their employment is confirmed. 

Based on this letter they will be cleared and without it they will not be cleared and if the job is confirmed and they are staying in Karachi then for your need in the relevant public leisure class and magistrate and in Pakistan The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also be able to help you verify the police clearance certificate from the Saudi Embassy or any other Thirty, but this is considered a separate task. Additional documents are required for this. Speaking of crane sets for citizens, we have provided you with all the documents at your service. You can complete these documents and get them with you from the police station.



The Processing Time ?

If you have completed all the requirements of the Clear Certificate and submitted all your documents to the police station of your city in the relevant district, you will receive your Clear Certificate within 8 to 12 business days. It takes 8 to 12 days to prepare it in four minutes then you are given your clearance. Based on the clearance certificate you will not be caught illegally anywhere in the country as it is a It’s like a citizen and you don’t have to make any accusations because of the clear certificate. It happens to you within eight to twelve days.



Whenever you fill out the Clear Certificate Form, decide for yourself because the person who wants to get the Clear Certificate Accurate enters all his documents in his name and ID card and passport number when you use another person If you apply it, there may be an error in your documents, so you should decide it yourself and your ID card and passport and your father’s name and mother’s name and address are completely correct. Enter it. If you enter incorrect information in it, you may be in trouble. Action may be taken against you. Therefore, you have to submit the correct information inside your stomach so that you can be given the correct certificate in twelve days. If you provide them with the correct information, it will be given to you within twelve days.


The Required Information?

  • Name of the Applicant & 
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  •  Passport Number
  • Date of Issue
  • Date of Expiry
  • Place of Issue
  • Father & Husband Name
  • Permanent Address
  • Temporary Address
  •  Includ Telephone & Email
  • Address and Duration of stay.
  • Pakistani CNIC & the NICOP No.
  • Education Character Certificate


Character Certificate can be used?

1. Immigration process

2. Admissions

3. Jobs & Employment

4. Marriages abroad

5. Visa Process


Need for Document ?

This is a state issued by the police which is also called a clear certificate and in common parlance it is also called a character certificate. You want to go to study in it. You want to go here for a visit visa because if you are a criminal. If so, your record will be available at the police station. If you are not guilty, your record will be perfectly clear. If you are perfectly clean, you will be able to get your clear clearance certificate from the police station. You will be added to the government job when you think of moving to another country, you still need clear desi tips and there are many things in the country where you need clear health. That’s why everyone must have it.



Just like a person has other personal documents in which he has a character certificate, he has a degree, he has an ID card, he has a birth certificate, his interpretation is dress, just like he has all these papers. Character certificates are also important for this. It is a certificate that will make it easier for you to go to other countries and secondly when you take a government job. You are in dire need of a Character Certificate. Without a Police Character Certificate you cannot take up a government job because if you are an accused or involved in some legal work we cannot prepare you nor can you go to any other country. Because you are a criminal, it is very important for you to have a character certificate, and if you live in Karachi, you can go to any nearby police station and complete all your records. We have shared all the requirements with you. You can create your own character certificate by fulfilling all these requirements. Thanks.

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