How To Apply For Barwaqt Loan In Pakistan

The Barwaqt is a application which provides you credit through the online method, you can get the loan very quickly, secure and in small interest with the help of Barwaqt application. The Barwaqt application provides you different kinds of options for the payment and for get off the amount. You just give the full details about your Bank Account, and good thing about this application is that it does not demand any kind of fee. The application is basically give a complete protection against your personal data and it also declared the cost of credit by the fortune assessment of your details.

Barwaqt loan scheme is rightfully verified and also have legal permission from the Securities and Exchange Commission Of Pakistan (SECP) and it is under the control of Seedcred Financial Services Limited (SFSL).

Barwaqt loan application is providing the facility of credit to the people of Pakistan very quickly, adjustable and very protective and provide the different kinds of methods to the consumers to get off the credit from the Barwaqt application. The interest percentage for the Barwaqt credit application is very small in amount and also it doesn’t charge any kind of amount for loan. The customers data is very securable in Barwaqt and they can use their data for the purpose of certification only.

Who Can Avail the Barwaqt Loan in Pakistan?

• Those Citizens of Pakistan who are the age of 18 years and above the 18 years are applicable for Barwaqt loan.

• The Bank account or Mobile Wallet is must for the customers to apply for loan and receive the loan amount.

How Much Amount You Get From Barwaqt Loan?

• You can get the loan amount from 1500 Rupees to the 25000 Rupees in Pakistan from the Barwaqt application.

• In the starting, you will receive short amount of loan but if you repay your loan amount on given time then you can get the big amount of loan from the Barwaqt application.

• You can get the Barwaqt loan in the period of time from 3 months to 6 months limit.

Interest Rate For Barwaqt Loan Scheme

• The interest percentage for the Barwaqt Loan scheme is just o.6% but it will be decided due to the amount of loan.

• The applicants must repay the loan amount at the fixed interest rate for Barwaqt loan.

For example, if the customer get the 6 thousands Rupees loan of amount from the Barwaqt application for the number of days are ninety then the customer will repay the total amount at the interest rate of 24 % is 6364 Rupees in Pakistan.

How To Register With Barwaqt Loan Application in Pakistan?

• First of all you must install the Barwaqt loan application on your mobiles phone for receiving the loan from Barwaqt application in Pakistan.

• You should use the National Identity Card and use your own register cell number for the purpose to register with the Barwaqt application.

• You also give your own data for loan.

What Can Barwaqt Provide To You?

• It providesyou many smiles

• It provides you 24 hours credit facility and you can easily give an application for loan at any time and any place

• You can check your credit status very quickly and let off the loan

• It provides you different kinds of ways to collect the amount and also inappropriate money withdrawal system

• It provides you stretchable and alternative period of time and worth

• It collects very small amount of interest

How To Get Loan In Barwaqt?

• Youjust go to the Barwaqt application and after this you sign up on Barwaqt application

• After the sign up you will be confirmed through email or SMS

• When you certified then choose the amount which you get as loan and choose the period of time in which you can return the amount

• After these steps you will looking for the inspection

• When this step is completed, you will receive the credit amount

• And lastly after receiving the loan amount, you pay the amount through the installment method


Thefirst step is to go to your Barwaqt application and then login to your account with the help of login information.


After the login into your account, you select the repayment method through the wallet of mobile from the option to repay.


For the repayment way you will select the wallet of mobile and after this you simply enter on pay now option.

If you are a Telenor user.

If youare using the network of Telenor.


Youwill view a SMS which is appear on your mobile screen top. You just verify your amount through providing the PIN which is consist on 5 digits number.


Againa SMS will be appeared on your mobile screen with the details that your payment has been done.

If you are not using the network of Telenor.

There are may be two conditions available


Ifyou are not login into your easypsisa account then you simply login into your easypaisa account with the help of providing the PIN which is consists on 5 digits number .

You just go to menu button on Barwaqt application which is available on the top left edge of Barwaqt application.

After clicking on menu button, you select the my approval option from the menu list and you finally accept your payment.

You final your payment on this option.


If you are login into easypsisa account then on the easypsisa wallet, the total cost of credit can be viewed on which place the repayment will be ccompleted.

With the help of the easypause wallet, you can approve repayment through the clicking on Pay Now button. And you keep the thing in your mind that you must approve your payment with the time limit of 60 seconds.


When the money is moved into the Barwaqt application through the easypsisa mobile wallet, the declaration slip of successfull action from the easypsisa will be send to you.


You also get a SMS of repayment declaration on your mobile phone screen from the easypsisa mobile wallet.


Lastly, you can view your order which has been selected on the Barwaqt application.

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