How to block Stolen SIM Card, unwanted Calls and SMS

In this article, we will share how you can block their unwanted calls, SMS and their SIM which stolen or miss place or you don’t want to use further due to any reason. 

If your SIM is stolen then you need to must block it so that no any one can miss use it for any ill legal purpose. But many people don’t know how to block their SIM, to help such people we are write this article.

Some times some unwanted calls and SMS was disturbing you and you don’t know how to block these numbers, for such purpose this article will be very helpful for you. So, read it and get information.



How to block SIM Card number

Here we will tell you how you can block their SIM card if your SIM cards are stolen or you don’t want to use it further in different ways and in different networks

• Block SIM card through Franchise

• Block SIM card through PTA

• Block Telenor SIM Card Number

• Block Ufone SIM card Number

• Block Jazz Number

• Block Zong Number

• Block Warid SIM card

• How to block unwanted numbers and SMS




1.Block SIM Card through Franchise

The best option to block their stolen or useless SIM is Franchise, you go to their nearby Franchise related their SIM Card. when you go to Franchise, they will give you Form where some questions are written, SIM card number, why you want to close their SIM, do Signature and take your CNIC copy. After completion of all requirements, they will block their SIM Card. 



2.Block SIM card through PTA

The other best way to block their SIM Card is to report PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) it was the Government platform where you can complain any issue related their unwanted calls, SMS and their Stolen SIM card. After complaining PTA your SIM will be automatically blocked and you will not face further any problem related their SIM card.



Block SIM card through Helpline number and website

Here we will tell you how can block their SIM through helpline number or official website by sitting at home. Helpline customer care center will ask some important detail which are

• Computerized national identity card number (CNIC)

• Address

• Mother name


 It was also an easiest method which you can use by sitting at home which further detail is given step by step according telecommunication network.



3.How to Block Telenor SIM Card

Telenor users can block their snatched phone number or stolen SIM Card through different ways which all are given here.


  • Dial a code *710# and follow the instruction
  • Call to Telenor helpline number 345 and talk to customer care representative.
  • From PTCL call this number 111-345-100
  • You can block their SIM card from any option given above.
  • After calling any number they will ask their CNIC number, address and mother name and block their SIM.

4.How to Block Ufone SIM Card

There are many options to block Ufone SIM card which all are given here

  • Go to Ufone official website and input their SIM data to block it.
  • Do live chat on Ufone website 
  • Call to Ufone helpline number 333
  • From PTCL dial this number 033-11-333-100.
  • Visit Ufone business center or Franchise with original identity card.
  • You can use any option given above which you feel easy.



5.How to Block Jazz SIM card

Jazz is the NO.1 network of Pakistan which provides many facilities to their users and give different methods to block stolen SIM Card which are explained below.

  • Call to Jazz helpline number 111
  • From PTCL call this number 111-111-321
  • Visit any nearby Franchise or Customer care center.



6.How to Block Zong SIM card

To block Zong SIM card due to any unpleasant matter follow the options given below.

  • Dial a Zong helpline number 310 and follow the instructions
  • From PTCL dial this number 111-222-111
  • Contact Zong Facebook official page.



7.How to Block Warid SIM Card

The other networks Warid telecommunication network has same procedure to block SIM card which mentioned below.


  • Call to Warid helpline number 321. Here after asking some detail your stolen SIM number will be blocked and will never be mis used.
  • For PTCL calls this number 111-111-321
  • Or visit Warid 321 service for further assistance
  • You can select option which you think easy.



How to block unwanted numbers and SMS

Here we will tell you how you can block unwanted numbers and SMS. Many times, some numbers are continuously disturbing you and you don’t know how you can solve this problem and block these numbers permanently. For this problem we are writing this article and we will give you information.



1.For Telenor users

Telenor users to block any number, calls or SMS by the given method

  • Dial this code *420# or call this number 420. 
  • Charges of this service 7.5 RS + tax. 



2.For Ufone users

Ufone users can block these numbers like as

  • Dial a code *420* or call 420
  • These codes also use to block any numbers
  • You can block maximum 20 numbers by this code
  • Service charges of this offer 4.48 RS + tax.
  • Or Use “UBlock” service



3.For Jazz users

To block any number on Jazz network, follow the method given below.

  • To block any number, write a message Block space number and send to 420. 
  • Or dial a code *420#.
  • You can block maximum 50 number by using this method
  • If you want to add more numbers in block list you need to dell any number any previous numbers.



4.For Zong number

To block number on Zong network was the same method like Jazz numbers but the service charges are different


  • Write a message Block space number and send to 420.
  • Charges of this service will be 15 RS + tax.



5.For Warid numbers

for Warid users can block number by dialing a same code *420# and they can block maximum 50 numbers.




In this article we give you complete information about all networks that how you can block their stolen SIM card numbers and how to block unwanted calls and messages. Hope so this article will be very beneficial for you and increase your knowledge.

Please share this information with your family, friends and their loved ones through Face Book, Whattsapp, Twitter and Instagram so that they can be enjoyed and get benefit. For any query or need extra guidance then please visit our website, leave a comment in comment box or you can contact us on our Email address given below.

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