How To The Apply For learning & Permanent Driving License In The Karachi?


In Pakistan, a driving license is an official document that allows its holders to operate and authorize a variety of motor vehicles on the roads and obtain a driving license from any traffic police officer or licensing authority in the applicant’s district. No Pakistani police can stop you from having a driver’s license because you have a driving license facility. If you don’t have a driver’s license, the Pakistani police will fine you.


A driving license is an official document that was issued under a policy of the country of Pakistan. The document is issued to the public if it is often given the size of a plastic and credit card that allows a particular person or more than one motorist to drive. Gives it a license to drive a motorcycle, car, tractor or other such things on the road. If you do not have it, you will drive on these things, you will be fined, so having a driving license. It is very important.



Learning license Karachi

Most international agreements use the word route permit for loaders, for example in driving. In this article I will tell you more about the router in specific parts of the country. You can make a driving license. Most of the Pakistani licenses are printed with it, but some driving licenses are used. Can drive any kind of car on Pakistan road if you have minutes and driving license on the road then he will not face any problem.


Driving licenses vary between the relevant rules and the jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions, after the recipient has passed the driving test, the license is issued to the people so that they can use the driving license with their license, while in others. A person gets his minutes before he starts driving. On the route of different types of motor vehicles, I have indoor driving licenses. There are often different types of permanent vehicles, between the difficult jurisdiction of driving test. There are quite a few different categories whose age and qualifications and the required level of practice are preferred by the public. They are given a driving license by the government after passing certain tests and stages. Each type of vehicle is based on a different type of person. It is based on the person who makes the driving license.



Latest Update In Karachi Driving License?

In Sindh province of Pakistan, the drivers of driving licenses were stopped for some time due to the corona virus. Will be reopened in Karachi. New SOPs will have to be followed for people showing up for driving license. It will be necessary to stop coming against the virus after resumption of my operation. You will need to go to the official website of Sindh and apply for a speech in advance by following the approved SOPs. In fact, the Sindh Driving License Authority has launched an online application.


You can also ply online and then go to their respective center and clear the test. You can check your natural application status after booking through the online portal and get the details verified through the online system. You can apply online with your name and computerized number and your ID card and this facility is available on the driving license website and now you can go to your desired driving license center in Karachi within the given time. There are fines for driving on the roads of Karachi without permission. However, you can see very young people driving without breath, which is enough for other people on the road with driving. The above is present. 


Therefore, it is very important to have a driving license. If you do not have a driving license in Karachi, the traffic police can fine you in high traffic, so make sure you have a driving license and keep it with you once without fining. So to make your life easier, you can make your own driving license and follow the instructions of Karachi Driving License Authority and we will share some of their suggestions with you below which you can drive. Licenses can be easily created.



Why You Needed Driving License IN THE Karachi?

If you look, in the past it was very useless and difficult to get a driving license in Karachi but now it is not so. Nowadays strict laws and easy and simple process to get a license has become mandatory. Please bribe inspectors. The days of taking and giving are getting longer. The comfortable feeling of law abiding and the constant fear of being caught by the police are two very strong reasons for holding a bachelor’s degree. Do not enter License is a hint and is suitable and best for your driving. Here is a comprehensive guide on getting driving license in Karachi and surrounding areas. With the help of this guide you can get driving license. 


If you do not get a driver’s license, the file center police may fine you and arrest you because if you do not have a driver’s license, the police station will arrest you for any crime. So when you have minutes and driving license on the road, you will be a full citizen so that you can walk on the streets of Karachi, so it is very important to have a driving license.



Eligibility criteria In Karachi Driving License?

We will tell you about the criteria of driving license, at what age you can get a driving license in Karachi. You can apply for a driving license in Karachi and also take a look at some of the most important elements that will help you apply for a driving license in Karachi so that you do not have to worry. The following are some features of creating a driver’s license.


  • You must be over 18 years of age and have a National Identity Card.
  • If you have a National Identity Card, you can be helpful in getting a driving license application. If you do not have one, you cannot create a driving license, so it is very important that you have a National Identity Card.
  • You should have 4 photos of yourself that will fit on the driver’s license so you must have four friends and general photos.
  • If you are applying for a driver’s license, you may find it helpful to have a 45 day old learner’s driving license so your application should be processed within 45 days.



Where to go to get a driving license in Karachi?

The citizens of Karachi in Sindh province in Pakistan are not aware of this fact. They do not really know the offices and centers of driving license. There are three driving license stations in Karachi. You can go to these stations and go to your area. You can submit your application and get access by visiting your election office in person.


1. Clifton Branch 5th Zamzama Neelam Colon.

2. Korangi Branch Sector 6A.

3. Nazimabad Branch Nawab Siddique.

4. Baldia Town Branch Traffic Institute.



Driving License In Karachi Branch Timing?

Karachi KK Driving License Centers are open from Monday to Saturday at 4:00 AM and on Fridays from 12:00 AM to Lunch and from 1:30 PM daily to Karachi Centers in Swat and on Sundays. These offices are closed.



Types Of Driving License In Karachi?


In Sindh province, the driving license department is under the control of Sindh Police. In Karachi, the pair of driving licenses and permits is responsible and in accordance with the traffic laws imposed across Pakistan, people have to apply for these three types of driving in Karachi. The following is required.


1. Learner License

2. Permanent License

3. International Driver Permit


The Learners Driving License ?

A learner’s driving license is basically one and without it you will not be able to get an international driver’s license in the future. The good news for you is that it is issued in a very simple part. Register is a small thing you have to pay and the fees and accuracy are below and the form is also available from their website and you can also go there and get that which is as follows in fee.


1. Motorcycle Fee Rs.50 One Year Validity

2. Car Fee Rs.100 One Year Validity

3. Motorcycle & Cars Fee Rs.150 One Year Validity



The Permanent Driver License?

Many people find the challenge in the driver’s license permanent part but with our tips and voice advice you can easily clear the test and after completing these tests you can apply for permanent respiration. And by going to the permanent person’s form and passing the driver’s license tests, you can get a driving license where there is a list of tests.


1. Fitness Test

2. Traffic Sign Test

3. Competence Test



The Fitness Test?


  • First you are taught from a distance of twenty-five to the distance of the grass registration plate in which you have the letters and figures of more than three inches of words and other such letters of the figure from twenty-five to you. Is checked and you are completed which leads to registration.
  • Second, you are placed at a 130 degree work point.
  • It teaches you to distinguish between red and green so that you can study the colors and then you can have them or not.
  • Your voice and your knitting are checked to see if you can drive properly.
  • Then your body is checked for stroke and serious heart disease and mental illness is checked if you have it becomes yours.



The Traffic Sign Test!

This is your second test at this stage and you are computerized Multiple Choice Traffic Sign is checked and it consists of 25 ones. You are promoted to the last part and for your preparation they check the two rivers, check your English Urdu through your sign and pass you in these stages.



The Competence Drive Test?

In this section you face the final results. Most people fail. The following things tell you that you can take any vehicle of your choice to the test center and you can easily clear your trail. Can have the following features.


1. First you have to start your car.

2. Second, you are moved to a straight angle as you move your car back and forth.

3. It checks you right from left to right so that you can drive by looking at the car from right or left.

4. This section checks your driving to see if you can stop the car in an emergency.

5. You turn the car back and forth and check left and right and if you drive all these things correctly and with the help of signs you park the car exactly right and the traffic controller points you to the car. If you park your car in the right place with the help of all this, if you clear this post, you get a chance to get a driving license.



The International Driving License?

International driving in Pakistan and in every breath your message can be easily accepted in most countries of the world. You can easily take advantage of it in the driving license test centers. It is a good idea to take more vacations. If you want to go or someone in the country if you want you can buy or rent a car and submit your form around and by getting an international driver’s license in Karachi you can also get a driving license.


  • You can get an international driving license by submitting your copy on valid passport and submitting your CNIC.
  • You have to pay a fee of five hundred rupees and if you want to submit an urgent fee, you have to pay an apple of one thousand rupees and you will be given a your driving license.
  • Your medical certificate will be prepared and four passport photographs and your ID card and passport will be checked and by clicking on it you will be given an international driving license.



Transition Of The Permanent License From Learner License?

Upon completion of forty-two chains to obtain a driver’s license, you will be eligible to apply for a permanent respite. Can get a license Permanent sister can be obtained in 14 days and shipped to your address.



The Driving License Fee Schedule?

It is great to see the flexibility of a driving license for five years, but the quality of a modern driving license expires in time and you have to pay a significant amount of money within 30 days because you have the following modern methods. We will tell you according to the fee schedule. If you want any kind of person, you have to pay it. Here are some of the fee schedule.


1. Motorcycle Learner Fee Rs.50 & Permanent Fee Rs.450

2. Car Learner Fee Rs.100 & Permanent Fee Rs.900

3. Car & Motorcycle  Learner Fee Rs.150 & Permanent Fee Rs.1350

4. MCR Learner Fee Rs.100 & Permanent Fee Rs.900

5. MCR & Motorcycle Learner Fee Rs.100 & Permanent Fee Rs.900

6. LTV Learner Fee Rs.100 & Permanent Fee Rs.900

7. HTV Learner Fee Rs.100

8. LTV & Motercycle Fee Rs.150 & Permanent Fee Rs.1350

9. Endorsement & Relevant Permanent Fee Rs.450



Driving License In Karachi Important Tips?

  • You guys have a lot of opportunities to pass the test, you should take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Read the traffic signs thoroughly using the above common district and get a training center at the driving school and check the latest signs and gain experience on your scales.
  • Practice changing your car and try to drive your car in the best way.
  • Practice and to pass the test you will need to do some practice and in the practical field you will need to learn something. If you do not learn these things then you will not be able to clear the test.
  • To clear the test you will need a vehicle east on a motorcycle so consult before paying and pass the trace and test well.



Driving License In Karachi Mobile Apps & The Feature?

Technology you can easily download the application form for driving license by visiting the website of the official Traffic Pervez, from which you can now submit more driving licenses by going to the online verification section of the website of Sindh.


Now Sindh Police has launched its own website for submission of applications through online website. You can go there and submit your application and get your treatment. You can submit your Driving License application on the online portal. And then you will get a good form on which you have to complain to the training station. You will be studied through SMS. 

You have to go there and clear the test and you can take the test online. Full details are known and how to get your driving license by sending an SMS. You can now submit your application from your mobile phone by visiting the Driving License website, filling out your form.




It is very important for every citizen to have a driving license. We have provided you with all the details of the above driving licenses. Answer: If you apply for a driving license, you will need to prepare a little. Fitness and learner and Permanent and for each year you will need a little information and guidance. You can read all the above teachers and pass the driving license test. If you have any questions, you can message in the comment box. Thanks.

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