No doubt this world is now so much advanced and we see that every single person has his Android phone. Some applications that only worked on Android are sometimes not working on the PCs so for this purpose nox launcher is used. Android apps are sometimes difficult to use because of low memory and small sizes of mobile. Many games are not provided with good features on the androids so the gamers do not enjoy the games with those features. So they are always in search of apps or applications which can run these games on computers so that person can enjoy the all features of games.

So if you wanted to run your games on your computer with the help of the Android emulator. These emulators can be downloaded from the play store, then is installed on pc ultimately you are capable of running Android apps on your pc.

Emulators are the few applications that aid you in running your Android apps on your computer.

We can use many emulators available in our market but the most demanding and with best experience emulator is Nox App Launcher. By installing this you will enjoy a thrilling experience of Android games on your personal computers.

Nox player like other software causes problems. Any software which is running always faces some errors. NOX player also faces the same issues. It encountered many errors. The error on the top is “UNFORTUNATELY NOX LAUNCHER HAS  STOPPED WORKING”

As every problem has a solution so same is the case of the Nox Launcher player. We have a lot of solutions to fix this problem. 

Now we will discuss the causes of nox launcher errors that usually occur. Also, we will discuss the solutions to these errors. 

Following are the issues and their solutions 



These are major issues faced by every Android emulator. Due to this problem emulator doesn’t work properly and the software show error in functioning. If you are running many apps at a time with Nox player then you can come up with this problem. This issue can be fixed by making an increase in your computer’s virtual memory size.

For fixing this error you can follow the following steps

1: Go to the THIS PC icon on the desktop screen of your computer by right-clicking on this icon then you will see the PROPERTIES icon go by Clicking on it.

2:  Then you will see the icon of ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS; go to this icon in the right navigation panel

3: In this ADVANCED tab click on SETTING which is under the PERFORMANCE icon.

4: Now you also click the CHANGE button located below the VIRTUAL MEMORY option in the ADVANCED tab. You will see that the Virtual memory option will appear.


6: Then look at the CUSTOM SIZE BUTTON. You have to set two types of values initial and maximum values. For better results and perform the memory you allocated will be at 1.5 times more than the physical memory.

7: once you have done with the values, press the SET  button and then save the new setting by clicking on the OK button.

8: After all this procedure restart the computer to check the effect of the setting.

  Now you will see that Virtual memory had been increased so the Nox launcher has been started and running without further errors.




The computer is a device that has a defense system to detect any sort of viruses. This anti-virus function of the computer is sometimes causing trouble in operating the Nox launcher on the computer. The computer security applications like firewall, ANTIVIRUS, and many other security apps will cause a hindrance in the launch of Nox player. They will consider it as a virus or some sort of Risky file. Due to which computer denies accepting this application.

This kind of error is common. The software is downloaded from unknown sites or if the apps are overzealous.

This problem can be fixed by the following procedure

  • First of all, you have to deactivate the system’s security features.
  • After deactivation starts the Nox launcher application in the computer.
  • Now again activate all those security features however Nox launcher is running.
  • In doing deactivation you have to first kill the Nox launcher file from the task manager and then stop the internet supply to the computer. When the app is running then you have to restore it.


 * Third cause of error in launching Nox player is BUGS, VIRUSES, AND SPYWARE


Whenever any unknown app or file is installed on the computer it will show it as bugs, viruses, or spyware. You will see the appearance of a bug when an Android application is downloaded to the computer. Virus and spyware will be detected by the computer when the software is downloaded from unknown sites or sources.

If you thought that your software is infected or corrupted then you must uninstall it. After uninstalling go and download the fresh copy of the software and also reinstall it. If you wanted to get rid of further errors in your Nox launcher player then make sure that you have installed the versions which are original and official of the Nox software from authentic sources.



You know that downloading many emulators will cause trouble. This is one of the causes of stopping the work of the Nox launcher in your computer. If your computer has other Android emulators then they will cause a conflict with the Nox app launcher. So if you want to run the Nox player launcher smoothly then you have to remove those other Android emulators.

So Above we have discussed some common causes of Not working with the Nox launcher in your PCs. We also have provided solutions to those problems. By using these solutions you can fix your Nox app launcher problems within few minutes by following the simple steps that we mentioned above. When you have fixed the issue you will be able to enjoy your full gaming experience on your desktop.



I hope this article will help you out in fixing the Nox app launcher issues. If you like it and you are enjoying the best gaming experience on your PCs then kindly do share it with your friends and family.

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