PM Imran Khan Announces Skill-Based Internships Worth Rs. 30,000 Per Month

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced the launch of a new initiative for skill development in education sector and skills-based internships for the those students who are in the unemployed situation. According to PM’s statement, this will be done as part of his ‘Pakistan Education Vision 2030’ campaign for improved quality of education system in order to provide all citizens with an opportunity to enter higher learning institutions.

Announces Skills-Based Internships for Youth. 150,000 graduates will be given an internship of Rs. 30,000 per month for the next 6 months.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has told to the nation on TV that the Government has make decision to slow down the price of petrol by 10 Rupees and also decreased the price of electricity by 5 Rupees and good news for the people is that the prices of both petrol and electricity will not increase for the upcoming budget.

Primer Minister also declared that unemployed graduates will get the amount of 10 thousand to 20 thousand Rupees in every month. How to receive these allowance? The method will be explain very quickly in the few days or months.

On 28 February, the Prime Minister Imran Khan particular address to the nation and he told in his address that when we discuss especially on the overseas management of our country. He explained that he had latterly tripped to two big countries, my first tripped for China and second trip for Russia in the month of February.

The PM Khan told that the position in the whole world was altering day by day very fastly and these affects of the world was also affecting by Pakistan.

He said that I always wish that the overseas management of Pakistan to be self-reliant from the time when I was begin the political life. A self reliant management means that the people of this country must compose a their own overseas management for the betterment of its people and they are tried not to prepared a management that is basically gave the advantage for the others people of outside of their own country and this management system damaged your personal country.

At the time when we are the element in the United States battle on fearfulness, as I told you before that we had not got lesson from this battle. One Pakistani is not take part of the 9/11 battle.

Prime Minister explained that first Pakistan took part in the United States battle against the challenge of Soviet Union and the time when again we took part in after the period of 10 years, and it was the first jihad for us but when United States took steps into our neighborhood country Afghanistan, they was named as terrorism.

He told that because of this battle more than 80 thousand Pakistani were martyred, about 35 lakhs people were also misplaced from theirs homes, many tribal regions were damaged, Pakistan disappeared in the amount of more than 150 billion US dollars in this battle but this thing always remains very embarrassing in the history of the whole world. That was first chance when a country was battling with the help of anyone and that country was bombing on that’s country.

Prime Minister told that in our country more than the 400 drone strikes were transplanted, and under the supervision of General Pervaiz Musharaf only 10 drone strikes out of 400 drones strikes were transplanted but after that the Government is came into existence of two democratic ruler of Asif Zardari and other is Nawaz Sharif and in the 10 years time period of their government about 400 drone strikes were transplanted in Pakistan.

Imran Khan told that if during the government of these two leaders, there was available a separated overseas management then Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif must said the USA that our children, women and angelic people are dying due to your drone strikes, therefore these two democratic leaders did not take any action on these striking at the time of bombing.

They both did not make any decision or any statement on this incident. An American broadcaster were wrote a fact in his book that Asif Ali Zardari has explained the Army Chief of United States that he did not worried about the related disadvantage in the USA drone strikes.

Imran Khan also claimed that the acknowledgement of Asif Zardari had been gathered from the persecution. So the management system in our country never be handout.

He also forward a information to the whole country’s nation that if all the people of Pakistan are wishing that in our country is also available a self-sufficient overseas management system then in the future you never vote for the those parties whose property, revenue and also money are available in the other countries. The reason of this is that they will not develop an self-control overseas management system in the Pakistan in the upcoming time.

Prime Minister told that in the previous tours which I have made adding two very necessary tours to China and Russia, our country was most respectable for us and in the upcoming time this thing will certify that the both tours for China and Russia had been great tours and we had made important details with these countries.

He told about his tour to Russia, he told that the purpose for tour of Russia is that we have want to implicate 20 lakhs bulk of wheat from the Russia due to the lacking of wheat in our country and second point is also very important that Russia is the country in the whole world which produce the 30 percent gas of the total gas in the world. Due to the insufficiency of the gas in the country, we have signed the gas projects with Russia and in the future soon we are to be in the position that we implicated gas from the Russia.

Prime Minister told that Canada had the high level expansion rate in the last 30 years. Britain had also got the high level of expansion rate since the year of 1992 and Turkey also had gained the high level of expansion rate in the last 20 years.

At this moment, he also told the people about the performance of the past governments related to the expansion rate and he told that in the first government of PPP, the expansion rate has been at the 13.9% stage, in the second time government which is only two years government of PPP, the expansion rate is at the stage of 8.34%, in the 3rd time government of PPP, the expansion rate increased upto the level of 11.6 % and in the 4th time government of PPP, the expansion rate is increased to 13.6 %.

Prime Minister told about the Muslim League N and he said that the expansion rate in the first government of PMLN was 10.8 percent, in the second part of their government the expansion rate was 7.2 percent and in their third government the expansion rate was 5 percent.

Imran Khan told that due to dangerous COVID-19, the big trouble came into the Afghanistan with the expansion rate in all around the world, and at the current time Ukraine and Russia battle has create many problems in the world. So in these tough conditions, the extension rate of Pakistan was to be at the 5.6 percent. This expansion rate was in the past period of PML-N and when the position spread through the arrears and also accept loan was 5.6 percent in the period of third year of time of PTI and it is not for us but the World Bank is certifying this factor.

He told that we have acknowledged the worth of 31 billion dollars in endowment. We have transported the most 38 billion dollars in the history of Pakistan and also the gathering rate of tax is growed to 31 percent by quantity due to the dangerous virus COVID-19.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan told the people that the beneficiaries of Ehsas program that’s received 12 thousand Rupees but currently we have to enlarging this amount to 14 thousand Rupees.

Imran Khan told that we have made a decision to give scholarship to the young generation of Pakistan whose have completed their Bachelor degree and they are still unemployed and we will give them a Scholarship of worth 30 thousand Rupees to the graduates candidates and through this method they can received money.

For the purpose of this scholarship program, PM told that we are providing the 26 lakhs scholarships in the field of association and for this dependent provinces and also we are donating amount of 38 billion for this project.

He explained that the whole charge of this scheme will be available on the Prime Minister’s portal and all scholarships will be given on the only merit basis, with the time we also get updates ourselves from this project and also a team of well experienced persons has been established for this. If any candidate has facing any issue regarding to Internship then he will contact to this portal for more information.

Prime Minister also declared encouragement for the field of Information Technology telling that we have decided to  given the facility of 100 percent tax privilegment and also give them 100 percent privilege on the overseas convention.

Prime Minister Of Pakistan Imran Khan has been declared the Prime Minister Internship Program for those young generation of country that are currently not working or they are not getting the jobs opportunities.

 The students which are now to be completed their Bachelors or Master degree and they are in the position that they are not getting the employment opportunity will be competent for getting the paid scholarship chances. This Scholarship opportunity was declared by the Prime Minister Imran Khan in his address to the nation on 28 February 2023.

Imran Khan told the people that “Education is the basic element in the field of economic development ,” adding that it is a “necessary stepping stone to success”. He said there are numerous opportunities for youth and they can work anywhere they want in any field of knowledge on various fields. He also urged relevant stakeholders to help students get access to educational facilities, particularly vocational training, by making them qualified professionals who are equipped to fit properly into our economy.

The scholarship program by PM Imran Khan will be delivered in many kinds of administration, many ministry and also non government companies or compact throughout the different cities of Pakistan. Man and woman students can easily be registered them in this Scholarship program and all the candidates who are the part of the provinces Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, KPK, Azad Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan fir this scholarship. In each month the allowance of 30,000 Rupees worth will also be delivered from the government of Pakistan for those candidates who are to be elected in this scheme.

He also stressed upon government’s efforts in providing incentives to develop vocational skills and trainable professionals under special programmes. He also pointed out that while introducing vocational training in the country, the federal government also launched a project “Wastewater Reuse Improvement Project” to improve irrigation. He further revealed that the goal of this project is to provide clean drinking water to nearly 200 million people across the country which would lead to economic enhancement and job creation.

To continue expanding knowledge generation, PM Imran Khan also proposed to give scholarship worth Rs 1 billion to deserving university graduates. He also praised research institutes and universities for making outstanding contribution in developing countries.

 He invited Pakistani students to become global champions, so that we can stand alongside world leaders like France, Germany and UK and look up to our own role in advancing international peace and stability. He also encouraged teachers and scientists to explore new opportunities in science and technology because this would contribute to our progress and prosperity in the future.

“Through knowledge, we can create a better future for our children and a brighter future for current and future generations,” the premier said. He also praised Pakistan’s industry for creating jobs and developing industries through the use of innovative technologies.

The prime minister urged the youth to focus more on entrepreneurship and creative industries rather than pursuing degrees and pursue other options. He said that according to his vision 2030, Pakistan is trying to achieve self-reliant system of economy so that we have no need to depend on outside resources, however, the country faces difficulties due to inadequate resources and lack of proper infrastructure as well. He emphasized upon building bridges between all sectors and private sector organizations which requires investment in both public and private sectors to enhance industrial development in the country.”

Prime Minister Youth Internship Program Eligibility Criteria

• The eligibility criteria for the Prime Minister Young Scholarship Scheme is given below:

  • Gender: Both Man and Woman
  • Education: B.A/B.Sc/BS/M.A/M.Sc or equivalent.
  • Marks: At least 50% or 2.5 CGPA.
  • Age Limit: Upto 30 Years

Prime Minister Internship Program Monthly Stipend

The government will be giving the amount of 30 Thousand Rupees for each selected candidate in every month throughout the limit of Scholarship.

How to Apply for PM Internship Program

When the Government will starting the authorized enrollment gate then both man and woman can easily register themselves for PM Imran Khan Internship scheme in the upcoming time.

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