Reward bonds are disputed by the government of Pakistan in eight sects in different sects. On the one hand, it is a source of borrowing for the government, while on the other hand, it is a great opportunity to get the prize money, which has attracted thousands of people. Here we will tell you about the details of the prize bond. 



How to Claim Prize bond  – Prize bond cash rules In Urdu

Issued by the government of Pakistan is also considered as love and investment and in this excitement there are people who are familiar with etiquette who live you as an estimate and after winning you and your enthusiasm And the excitement is Suppressed. You won’t find a way to waste your National Prize Bond because all spring you will try to get a Prize Bond and one day you will get it. We will tell you about it. Go ahead. You will tell people how to read Pakistan Prize Bonds and stay with us till the end. You can also read this. Prize Bonds can also be bought online and we also have an online account. You can take money by transferring to and get a prize bond. Live what you like. You can buy it this way.


There is a lot of happiness that you get a prize bond and millions of people in the world get a prize bond and most of the plants do not get a lucky draw from which you get a lucky prize. If you are lucky enough to win and want to claim your prize, you are required to send a copy of your National Identity Card to Pakistan. From four days to a business day, a maximum of six years is required, like Qarandazi. This is a kind of stick ball government bound in which are received at the price within the issue. Prize Bonds According to the schedule, the prize has taken place in several prize bond cities of Pakistan. If you want to have their lucky victory Then you have to follow these rules.


This is a kind of stick ball government bound in which are received at the price within the issue. Prize Bonds According to the schedule, the prize has taken place in several prize bond cities of Pakistan. If you want to have their lucky victory Then you have to follow these rules. To claim a prize bond you need to file a return and a statement is yours and you need a photocopy of your ID card which is a second marriage card and some documents accompanying the original document. It is surprising to know that a computer does not last a lifetime if you cannot afford it in another country as it is a Goreput policy that if you want to buy a prize bond you cannot buy a prize bond from another bank. Because it’s against the rules.


If you store ID card information for a computer but have to struggle with the prize bond due to their unnecessary restrictions. My personal experience is that I bought a prize bond worth Rs 40,000 for the first time from my city and a private Banks have a facility that we can deposit at its branch or take it but it says that tomorrow you must go to the same people or sell for the first time a function worth a thousand rupees. The same is true for making and saving people from unnecessary trouble.


The reality of a prize bond is that it is like a lottery ticket. You have to buy a prize bond in a month and it is drawn on a metaphor which lets you know which one. If the person’s prize bond has been issued, the way to buy it is that you can buy the prize bond from another bank of State Bank of Pakistan and after buying the prize bond you get a number. You get paid based on the number if you tell me. Prize Bond is actually the best investment in Pakistan. It is also known as gold investment. It is considered black with gold and it belongs to a barracks which no one gets because it is like a lucky ticket like lottery. 

how to claim prize bond money in pakistan

There is a ticket and in the same way there is a lottery and it is given to a single person. 100 rupees and 200 rupees, 750 rupes,1500 rupes,7500 rupes,15000 rupees, 25000 rupees and 40000 rupees so that it has a period so it happens that this kind of spring Prize bonds are like a suit prize bond. There are many packages that benefit people. You can buy any prize bond and a lottery is drawn on the date of the first week after the prize bond is issued. It is told with the help of a newspaper or a message about a person’s Qarandazi.



What is the Price Bond Details?

Prize Bond is actually like a lottery bond offered by Savings Pakistan and it is an investment security. These bad wives do not make a profit because there are different sects available. Prize Bond is mainly offered by Pakistan Ministry of Finance. Issued by


In Pakistan, prize bonds are held in appropriate series and series, the maximum value of which is limited to one lakh and no interest or profit is given in Kora Estimation Fish Support and Prize Bond and the lucky draw of lucky winners The announcement is made in it. Heart Lucky Draw is held annually in major cities of Pakistan. It is held 36 times in major cities of Pakistan and according to reputation 60 thousand six hundred Pakistani money is included in it every year. And every year one billion rupees or six billion rupees is won. Prize bonds in Pakistan are available from the following link.


How Many Draw Prize Bonds Held In Year?

In Pakistan, every type of prize bond is drawn in four ways: Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs. 25000 and Rs.40000, Are held as per the schedule announced by CDNS and it is a throw of Pakistani bags. Whenever you are satisfied, you will be informed about it so your regional documents And you are refreshed to see the money and then if your prize bond goes out you are rewarded and that is your prize bond reward.



Where does the prize bond come from and what is the schedule for 2021?


Prize bonds are defined in such a way that we are given a kind purchase by the State Bank of Pakistan which is issued by the government and is rewarded in giving business to the person whose bound comes out. Prize bonds are received in the form and those who do not can withdraw their prize bond. It is issued by the Ministry of Finance of Pakistan under the direction of the Government of Pakistan and the prize bond is held on it for the second week. The lottery is drawn every month and those who receive a prize bond are given a name-like prize bond and those who have not seen it are given a refund to buy their prize bond.



Conventional Method Of Prize Bonds?

For cases below Rs 20,000, there are SBP offices nearest to the Pakistan Banking Service Corporation. Clear the prize bond money and wait for your turn in line. How to get the money? In most cases you get taxed. And with it is given to you in various processes won more than this prize of twenty thousand rupees on the bill head details five will tell you directly below.


1. Please visit the State Bank Bs office and also consider the total amount of infidels in which the number of the recipient of the prize winning copy is included in his CNIC copy for his turn. I will wait in line and submit to your counter.


2. Once you submit your prize bond at this claim counter, you will be issued a receipt. On this receipt you will be recognized for the prize money claim and ready to make your payment yet. Receipt of payment from receipt of claim for less than one argument amount is 20 business days from receipt of payment order and on the other hand receipt of payment from receipt of payment is 30 business days.


3. Decorate upstate bank off on due date and submit it while waiting your turn in line to receive payment order.


4. Once the payment has been credited to your account, the SBP will withdraw your tax deduction certificate and start you off one day, leaving you with a confirmation as if you were The lottery will determine your prize bond.


5. You will find out inside the business heart whose prize bond has been issued. If yours has been issued, then you will also know and money will be transferred to your account through SBP.



How To Get Direct Prize Money In Bank Account?

1. Going forward with prize bond digitization in Pakistan, SBP introduces live cricket of prize money directly to the claimant’s account, nor do I have direct SBP from the less direct cricket from which your prize money is received and steps taken. The number of decreases.


2. There is a special section for reading the details of the design atonement in which you pay from your name and ID card number and the expiration date on the standard of residence, the contact number is its tax ie If the filer is a non-filer then we have to fill the recommended form of claim in the prize bond and choose the mode of payment.


3. As long as you choose Pakistan Cricket, you have to mention your sister’s name, account title and IBAE number in your sister’s name. Also use BAN as your SBP on the website to go that you present in your prize today and get your win according to the timeline if you are lucky.


4. In addition, you will be notified via SMS and e-mail regarding the receipt of payment to your CPR computers if the SBP tells you to use the website according to this facility. If for some reason you are not, you can submit SBP and tax deduction certificate.


5. You can also use Prize Bond online. Fill out your online form. Deposit money online from your account and when you get the message that Prize Bond Prize Lucky Draw is about to take place on business days. Then you will know that if a person’s bankruptcy has taken place, then the direct taxes in your bank will be deducted and you will be paid.



A prize bond is like a coroner, a lottery is drawn in it and then the name of the prize bond is drawn like a person’s coinage. The amount is paid. It is not a very lucrative business. It turns out to be very profitable but only one of the people gets a prize bond. It is a lottery bond. The prize pound from the government is as an investment and the person who gets it gets it. It is paid.

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