Zong Handset Offer 2023 Get Free Unlimited Data internet

Zong Handset Offer 2023 free GBs internet


Zong’s affiliation with Pakistan’s top smartphone company no longer bothers Zong users at all. Our Zong company can buy 12GB free zong internet in all these smartphones. In Infinix, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme And Tecno you can buy 12GB Zong Free Internet Bundle from these Smartphone companies.

Where you buy the device does not necessarily mean that you will buy the mobile phone online or offline. You can get 12GB of free mobile data from anywhere. And it is not necessary that you buy the device from the official website of zong. You can buy the device from anywhere in Pakistan.

How to Get free 12GB Data with Zong Handset Offers

If you want to get 12GB of internet data for free, it is very important that you have a mobile phone from a company affiliated with Zong. Are In order to get the offer, it is very important for the user to have mobile phones from Zong Company. Then they will be eligible to get this offer.How long a user can use this offer depends on the user’s mobile phone company model. Some smartphone companies are offering this offer to customers for a period of 3 months after which this offer will be terminated. And some smartphone companies offer this offer to their customers for a period of 6 months after which the offer expires. Now it is up to you customers to decide which company and which model is smart so that this offer can be extended for a long time.

And it is important for consumers to know that this internet data will not be available all at once, but will continue to be available in three months in the form of 4Gb. In other words, you will be able to use 4Gb internet in one month. After the completion of the month, you will get 4GB internet data. In such three months, you can get 12GB internet for free. And enjoy free internet.

If users get this off for six months, they can now avail this internet offer for 24GB free internet in six months in case of 4GB per week. But it is important that Smart Zong is affiliated with the company and the term should be six months. Only then can you get 4Gb of data every month for six months.

How to Activate Zong Exclusive Handset Offer

When you buy smartphones, if you buy Infinix, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and Tecno, this free internet offer will be activated in these smartphones. In order to avail of this offer, it is very important for the users to know the most important things so you can avail of this internet offer. When you turn on the smartphone, put your Zong SIM in the SIM One pocket of your smartphone. If you put the SIM in the pocket of the smartphone, you will not be able to get these offers.

Here are some simple steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for free internet data. * First of all, put your Zong 3g / 4g SIM in the first pocket, that is, put it in SIM One.

  • Remember! It will not work in other slots and you will not be able to get off.
  • You will need to dial * 4114 # to get the offer. After waiting a few minutes you will receive a confirmation message from the company.
  • If you do not see the message, you can check your internet data by dialing * 102 # or * 102 * 4 #. * You may face 7 days delay due to overwork. If internet offer is not activated in 7 days then you can dial 310 and talk to the company.

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Free Data Parches of New Smartphone

When you buy a new smartphone, it is very important that you take a look at all these things. So you don’t miss out on any new offers When you start activating offers on your new smartphone, keep all these things in mind.

  • Offer charges are 0 / –
  • This is the code to activate the offer which must be dialed.
  • 4114 # If you do not dial this code then you will not be able to get this offer.
  • The internet bundle you get can be used for 90 to 180 days.
  • All Zong customers will be eligible to avail this offer. Charges = 0 / – How to Subscribe / unsubscribe = Dail * 915 # Mobile Data Volume = 12G / 4GB Each month validity = 30days.

Get 6GB Additional on installing My Zong APP

f you buy a new smartphone and want to get a 6GB internet offer, you can go to your mobile Play Store and get 6GB internet from My Zong Offer application. And this offer is available to all Zong users who have not yet installed this Zong application on their smartphones. So they will also be eligible to get this 6GB internet offer.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: WHO can Get these Free Zong Data Offers.?

A: You will then be eligible to receive this offer. When you have a smartphone affiliated with Zong Company.

Q: Wich Customers Are Eligible for This Offer.?

A: New and old Zong users will be eligible to avail of this offer unless they are affiliated with Smartphone Zong Company.

Q: When I will Get The free Data on my Smartphone?

A: As soon as Zong Company receives the IMEI number of your smartphone. You will be automatically activated on the internet offer.

Q: How To Register on Zong Network?

A: There is a very easy way to get the registration. If you give a simple call to the smartphone company and tell the IMEI number of your smartphone, the internet offer will be activated in 7 day’s.

Q: What Is the Validation, Duration, or Time Limit of Free Received Data?

A: Freezong internet data is activated on different smartphones for 3 months and on different smartphones for 6 months, depending on the company and model of your smartphone.

Q: Does Free Data Available on Both SIM Slots?

A: Yes .! It works on IMEI on both Sims Slots, But better to avoid any hassle, run Zong SIM in the SIM 1 slot of your smartphone and activate and enjoy Zong free internet.

Q: Changing The SIM slots will Effect the Eligibility of Data?

A: You will only get the data that you activated in SIM 1 Slots. Changing the SIM slots will delete the previous data.

Q: Can I Transfer Data To My Friends or Other Zong’s Customers?

A: No, you can only use free internet data yourself, free internet data cannot be shared with friends.

Q: Can I use This Bundles on Another Smartphone As Well ?

A: No, you cannot change your handset. If in any case you have to change the handset, your previous data will be deleted.

Q: How I can Buy zong infinix Handsets?

A: You can buy this handset through their agent. All of these handset companies have their own international brands. Includes infinix, samsung, vivo, tecno, oppo, realme huawei etc.

Q: Warrant And Repair Claim’s?

A: Five Methods To Get Zong free Internet Offers on your sim.

Handset warranty and repair Mobile phone box contains a warranty card, If your handset bothers you due to a malfunction, you can get the mobile work done with the help of delegates.

Many Zong users are anxious to find out about the free internet. Because when the internet bundle is not activated due to wrong code, sometimes users get upset. Because many videos claim to give internet bundles by giving wrong code. But that is all fraud and lies.We will tell you about Zong’s internet bundles in this article. So that Zong users can avoid further harassment due to fake videos and incorrect code.


Different companies in Pakistan keep informing their customers about the best bundles through the best mobile apps. Similarly, Zong has brought to you an app called My Zong App which you can now download and install in your mobile Play Store to get the best offers and their code information. This app gives you 6GB of internet as a gift when you first install it. Provides 200mb daily for 30 day’s Download My Zong App on your smartphones now and get 6gb internet gift on first registration 200mb will be given daily for 30 days And Zong also gives you this facility. You can also get an amount of 10mb to 500MB on a daily basis.


Zong now offers free Facebook to its users. If you do not have internet package, you can use free Facebook. And can be enjoyable. All you have to do is turn on Facebook and click the Free Mode button above. In Free Mode Facebook you can’t view photos or videos.If you want to enjoy Facebook completely, it is also absolutely free, so Zong has brought that offer for its users. You can sign up for a new Facebook ID with your Zong number and enjoy Facebook for 14 days.Facebook is an app that runs around the world. Millions of people are online on it at a time. Create your ID now and sign up for that number from Zong’s number and enjoy 14 days of free Facebook. Share videos and photos with friends. Zong has also come up with the best offers for its customers.


If you have bought a new smartphone through Zong Partners Samsung vivio infinix oppo Huaewi Realme & Tecno, now * 4114 # Match the company from your smartphone, after confirming the IMEI code of your mobile, you get 12Gb free internet. 4 GB internet is sent for three months. And if you buy a little more expensive mobile, the company offers you the best bundles with its best offers. Bundles ranging from 12GB to 24GB are also absolutely free.

If consumers buy Z Ultra smartphones, the company offers you the best internet bundles as well as the best sms and calls bundles. Now Zong has brought you the best offers for its users. 4000Mbs and 4000Mbs of Whatsapp every month and 4000 Zong to Zong minutes and 300 all network minutes.


GET FREE INTERNET THROUGH ZONG SIM LAGAO OFFERS Zong users, if Zong users have not used their Zong SIM for 30 days, then install your Zong SIM in mobile now with Zong SIM application offer and get 8GB internet and 4GB WhatsApp and 600 zong minutes and 6000 messages if you use it. If you want to get offers on your SIM, then insert your SIM which has been blocked for 30 days now and dial * 2244 # in your mobile and enjoy the best offer, Zong has brought the best offers for its customers, so don’t delay now. Get a Zong SIM and get the best bundles for freeŘĒ Get the best bundles from the SIM card offer now and enjoy it and tell your friends about this offer so that they too can benefit from this offer. The world of thousands of Mbs and WhatsApp is overwhelmed and it is not difficult to get this offer from Zong.


Dear Customers, If you buy Zong’s new SIM, you can get the best bundles of the internet from Zong. Will Get rooted now Enjoy with Zong and enjoy the life of social media with the best bundles and offers because Zong Is a strong network provider company across Pakistan. Enjoy seven of the fastest net MBS with free bundles and enjoy full calls with the best network.
Buy Zong’s new SIM now and get the best bundles of 4000mbs and 1000 MB Whatsapp and get lots of free minutes. Zong has brought the best offers for its customers.

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