Zong advance balance code – zong loan code 2023

How to get Zong advance emergency balance| Zong loan code 2023


Zong is a china-based telecom company and Good working in Pakistan. Zong is fast increasing network in Pakistan and millions of users. Zong provides super internet offers and SMS packages, call packages and 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies. The best offer of increasing Zong network user is their internet facility and advance balance. Zong internet speed is so high and super internet packages. Zong gives 50.RS loan as a advance balance which loan amount is much higher than other telecommunication networks, but a huge quantity of Zong user’s don’t know how to get loan from Zong network.


In this article we will give you information of USSD code and procedure that how you can get loan from Zong network. The further detail is given below.  Zong advance balance code or advance loan service called the “rescue” service, if you need an emergency loan, the goal is to extend 4g  services in more and more areas of Pakistan to provide users with fast, broad, deep data services and quality experience. You can get loan from zong whenever you need it, if you don’t have balance and lack of time. So you do not have any shops nearby where you can get the zong card to review your account. Zong offers a very good offer of the zong advance balance code to resolve your user’s emergency problems. It’s offering amazing calls and SMS packages to serve users with affordable prices. this company facilitates its customers in every possible way. In case of emergency. In this post, you will know zong advance balance code 2023.




How to get Zong loan code

You can get Zong loan by dialing a USSD code *911# and press send button. After dialing this code, you will receive a conformation message that you number is received 50 Rs Zong loan.


After dialing this code, you will receive 50 Rs loan and the tax amount of taking this loan is 3.57 Rs which will be automatically deducted each time by Zong network when you recharge your SIM card. To take this loan your mobile balance must be below than 10 Rs.


Zong provides 4G internet data and devices in more than 100 cities in Pakistan so that Zong users can be facilitate more. To get zong free balance loan it is required that your balance will be charged. Be less than. There is one more requirement to get a 5-zong loan in your account, you may have charged your account in the last 30 days. This shows your reliability that you can withdraw your loan when you load balance in zong sim, the loan amount will be automatically deducted.




Complete procedure to get Zong advance loan balance 

  • You can get Zong loan by dialing USSD code *911#. You can also get Zong advance balance by an SMS which has a complete procedure given below.
  • Write a message “Rescue” or a blank message and send to 911.
  • After few seconds you will receive a conformation message that your number has been send Zong loan Rs.50.
  • The charges for this loan are 3.57.
  • Loan amount and loan tax charges will be automatically deducted when you recharge your SIM card.
  • When you recharge your SIM card your balance will be 53.57 deducted. 50 Rs your loan amount and 3.57 is your loan charges.



How to check Zong balance

Many Zong users don’t know how to check Zong balance. Here we will tell information about Zong balance check code.


  • To check Zong remaining balance dial a code *222# and press call button.
  • After dialing this code, your screen will be displayed a response with your remaining balance amount.
  • Minor charges round about 0.24 paisa will be deducted on Zong balance check.
  • Standard tax charges will be applied on each transaction
  • This code is valid just for prepaid customers.
  • You can check your Zong balance by downloading Zong app from google chromo.




Terms and conditions

  • Terms and conditions will be applied by Zong Advance Loan Balance offer.
  • These services can avail just Zong prepaid customers.
  • Zong Company can change these Activation codes and tax charges amount any time.
  • You can take loan or check balance while using any package.
  • To check your SIM detail, install Zong app.
  • Your remaining balance must be 5 RS or below than 10 Rs before taking loan.
  • For any additional information or in problem call Zong helpline number 310.
  • Unwanted and illegal messages can be reported by writing sender number and send to 9000-PTA
  • Your SIM is your identity so take your SIM after complete information.



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