Why is my Twitter in Arabic?

Twitter Facts:

Twitter is an American-based online specific form of blogging in which it is different in some way from traditional blogs and also builds online social relationships by you can share your activities and services on which its followers post their circumstances and update with statements known as tweets. There are different social activities are available on this site. And it offers you to start any campaign either against anyone or in support of someone. The Twitter account contains two kinds of users who are attached to this site. One of them is having a registered account on Twitter. Registered account users have more social benefits than unregistered members. Registered members of Twitter can like, retweet tweets, and also can post anything they want. while on the other side those who have unregistered accounts on these social networking sites can read only publicly available tweets and can see only public posts. Twitter allows its user’s short message services on their smartphones in some specific countries where Twitter has established its servers and offices.

Firstly it was initiated byJack Dorsey in 2006 in the United States of America. The first message on Twitter is also delivered by its founder Jack Dorsey. Now Twitter has become a very popular social networking website that covers almost 126 Million users across the whole world. 

Even all Official Personalities in the world conveyed their messages to the public by this website. According to a survey Twitter is mostly used by old-age adults who mostly do not use other social media websites. Because on this website you can read tweets and posts published by the official news accounts and political parties. Twitter updates your account recommendations according to your searches.

A blue tick is a Twitter significance symbol that is issued by Twitter to verify an account. This update is proposed by Twitter after public complaints because many people use fake accounts of celebrities and official personalities. By these official accounts, several fake news is spread publicly. Then twitter verified some accounts which are followed by almost  1million people. After verified and an account, Twitter remains in contact with a person by which they update each other about new features and specifications.

There are some requirements from Twitter to verify your account because every person can not be verified by this website. There are some formal policies to register an account that must be followed by users.

•If you applied for the verification of an account your must be related to one of these categories.

*Government Sector: 

Twitter allows govt officials to run their accounts by verification otherwise unregistered members spread fake information from this account. because government officials give their statements and released a notification about any situation by these accounts.

*Firms and Companies:

If your account is not related to government administration then you have to be related to a good firm. A firm or a company needs their official account through which they release their notifications about job vacancies and new articles.


Different Organisations work in the world for different purposes. Some organization’s objective is to spread awareness all over the world about several environmental conditions which may harmful to human beings. So their information is research-based which is verified by world officials because their guidelines are beneficial for humans and coming offspring. Like world health organizations have their official website and account on Twitter by which they educate the public about daily life-saving protocols related to the health care system and also spread more awareness with full guidance in any pandemic circumstances. These organizations through these websites play a major role in public awareness programs.


Twitter also allows news channels to verify their accounts on Twitter. because they have millions of followers on their accounts who are waiting for updates from the newscast. News channel must be verified their account because there is a great responsibility for them.


Entertainment pages can also be verified their accounts because they are likes and followers are in millions from the whole world. Intertainment includes a variety of programs like different tv shows, talk shows, music, and movies. Twitter has no restrictions for nudity. Many female pornstars share their albums with their followers.

*Sports and Games:

Twitter also allows the public to the registration of their sports and gaming pages. These sports pages are followed by millions of people from the whole world. Like football clubs have their pages at which they update their latest information about the tournament and other activities. In sports games is also very popular.

*Important Individuals:

This kind of page can also be verified on Twitter because of their fan following and influence on people. Their statement is very important on public issues for their followers. And some people also proceed accounts of by the name of religious holy personalities and scholars for spreading their message to the whole world.

•So these are the recommended categories by Twitter for the people who want to verify their organization or personal accounts. if someone’s account still does not fall under these categories so he may consult with Twitter official’s websites.

•It would be better for anyone if he gets a blue tick mark from Twitter because he would have some extra features in his account. So he has a choice to share his tweet with their selective friends.

•–Twitter Updates:

When you entered on Twitter now you may see some updates on its layout design which is like lines in the matrix format.it may rebuild your account with new updates. But this update is not liked by most people. Nowadays Twitter presents a wide range of updates in its layout presentation to attract more users to this social networking site.

Twitter also loses the feature of searching for old comments with retweets.

If you have an account on Twitter and followed some official account then you must notice that when Twitter updates its previous version millions of followers left this application. This is because of a new update about the short messaging service attached to Twitter.Twitter banned millions of accounts that are linked by short messaging services. Accounts with millions of followers see a great lack in their accounts. This is all due to the restriction of messaging services with Twitter account directly.

Why is my Twitter in Arabic ? How can I Change Language Twitter

•–Languages Problems On Twitter:

It is Relying on which region of the world you belong to or you are located in, your Twitter will update its language to different languages according to your location. So if you stay in the United States of America, Canada, and its regions or the United Kingdom, it may be updating your language in English.

Yet, if you like your Twitter to be in various languages probably because you may be interested in more than one language. This is also possible you want to understand new languages other than your native language.

There are different languages on Twitter which you can select according to your preferences and region. But sometimes there is little problem for new users in language settings. Their Twitter account has already been adapted to another language by which they are not known. So this is not a big problem if your account show Arabic, Russian or French 

language.Because you can easily change this setting.

•Understand how to alter the presentation wording or language settings on your Twitter catalog. It is very simple you just look at this procedure then you can easily change its language. Choose your best wording for titles, controls, and extra script from the Twitter website.

–•There are some instructions for changing the display language of the Twitter account.

Step #1

First, you go to your mobile or another device you use the setting feature, and tap System.

Step# 2

After reach in the settings then go to languages and for changing language tap at language.

Step# 3

If there is no system in your tool then go to the personal and find there an option for input languages.

Step# 4

So after this selection, your priority language then chooses this language for your use.


After applying your choice language to your Twitter account then you restart your Twitter account for an android mobile application.

•It must be necessary for you to know that Twitter itself would not change the language of your Twitter account. On your Twitter account, that language will display in which you typed your tweets. This website itself can not change the language of your tweets.


Today Twitter is a fast-growing social networking site at which millions of people are linked to each other. This social website covers people from all over the world so they can face little problems like in languages. So this is the basic thing that causes hurdles in communication. There are numerous cases in which people are commonly asked that when they install Twitter in their Android phones there are some problems in its setting. So major problem is language as discussed above in detail if you face a problem like that you can easily solve this by going to your Twitter account setting then you tap the option of input languages there you easily solve this issue by selecting your preferred language. If you want to learn more than one language you have the opportunity to select more than one language on your account.

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