Welcome back my precious readers. Today I am going to talk about the 5G in Pakistan that which telecom operators in Pakistan have those technology and did they testing here or they are working on it yet. We will give you deep insights on all of these questions.

5G is the fifth generation of the wireless technology. A technology in which you can enjoy the blazing speed of internet without any guided media to access the internet. In past we had 4 technologies like that and amazingly we in Pakistan still use 3G and 4G right now. But not with the foreign countries.
The two telecom operators which are working hard to announce 5G as soon as possible are Jazz and Zong. These are the telecom companies operating at the moment for the fastest transmission of internet in the local market of Pakistan. Do you now? These companies have relaxation for their local users in the form of coming back to their network with offer like Zong Sim Lagao Offer which is an offer in which you will get FREE internet.

Zong 5G Test in Pakistan

Zong is the first mobile internet provider who did test on 22 August in 2019 on 5G. This was an organized event specially for the testing of their 5G technology in front of Pakistan Media and Newspapers.

The Zong successfully did the test and the speed of downloading in this test was 1.04 Gbps, Upload 83.02 Mbps with Ping 37 Ms. If we would compare this speed with our speed of this current time then it is 100 times more faster than this wasteful 4G.
When it is expected to be here in Pakistan, Right? Hold On man, It will be available in the local market of Pakistan in 2025 successfully. We have to wait sometime in our life for such an amazing things and events.

Jazz 5G Test in Pakistan

As the Zong did test after that Jazz also tried their best to test their 5G technology as soon as possible because these two companies are two much each other competitor in the internet speed. Both of them call their self the best 4G network provider in the local market of Pakistan.


According to some secret resources of technology we know that Jazz also did their test but it was not like zong in a especially ceremony for their testing of 5G. The Jazz did behind the screen and we got information that the speed of Jazz download was 1420 Gbps, Upload 924 Mbps with ping 12 Ms.
The news of Jazz 5G testing is not 100% confirmed r not any news from the Jazz officially but they just twitted in recent times that #HelloJazz5G. This was the hash tag they used on their twitter account. Maybe it is true or maybe they are just giving some fake news to their customers.
This is all from our side. I hope you did like this review on 5G in Pakistan and I am really happy that we are the first one who announced these speed tactics of this amazing future technology. If you liked it then please don’t forget to like, comment and share this post with all around the internet.
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