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This article is related to the season Harry Potter. I will discuss questions and answers related to this season. If you are looking for questions and answers then this article is for you. I will cover the all questions in simple and easy language. Here is the list of some important questions related to the season Harry Potter.

What things transform easier according to Harry Potter?

Similarities in appearance are the answer to this question.
After getting the answer to this question you will get some experience, points of attributes and you will also be closer to the new spell.

What do you know about Merula Snyder?

She was a young talented girl. Different hidden qualities were part of Merula Snyder. Determination, cunning and ambitious is top qualities that are integrated into Merula.Snyder. She was also a cruel and spirited girl. Extreme arrogance was also part of this cruel girl.

Should I trick or ignore the filch?

Flitch was the only hurdle. He has never dealt with such a hurdle before that. You can choose two different options. You can ignore him or trick him. You will require knowledge 6 in the attribute for tricking him. Then it will give you 10 attribute points.

How many total numbers of chapters are Hogwarts mysteries Year 1?

Hogwarts mysteries year 1 has a total of 10 chapters.

Should I promise Merula to tell if he opened a cursed vault?

When class ends, Merula will ask you to promise me. Tell to Merula if she opened any crushed vaults. This choice depends on you. She can reveal any information or open any crushed vault.

Should I bring Hogwarts mystery Penny or mystery Ben?

In this situation, you have two different options. Ben and Penny are two different options. There is not much difference between these two options. If you bring along then you will be able to raise the level of friendship.

How does someone become friends with Hogwarts mystery penny?

According to the Harry Potter season. Upon the completion of chapter 7 within 1 year then Mystery penny will be unlocked. If any player will reach level 10 then a unique clothing item is gifted to the player.

What do you know about sleeping Draught?

When someone drinks and falls into a deep sleep then this condition is called sleeping draught. You can choose this condition very easily but this condition is dangerous for your health. In the past, many princes drank and fall into a deep sleep. They move in unconsciousness for time being. This condition was achieved to get rid of tensions and worries.


In this informative article, I discussed questions and answers related to season Harry Potter. I discussed these questions in simple language and if you feel any difficulty then ask questions in the comment box

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