Today We are Talking About Village Life in Pakistan.and Share With
you Village Life all Details and Benifits. Do you know that Pakistan is an
agricultural country. About 70% of its population lives In
villages there is combination of houses of mud and bricks. Streets are
narrow and short. There is no drainage system in village. Some villages are
large and some are smaller in area. These villages are away from cities and
have different system. Villages are very simple. Villagers have simple life

village life – village life essay

Villages are full of farmers. Farmers are spending simple life. They don’t
imagine about modern luxurious system of life. Farmers are working in farms
throughout day. First they harvest then they start other process of getting
production. Farmers grow wheat, cotton, maize, barley and fruits for us.village life pakistan.

Agriculture is the backbone of country. In villages some people are running
small shops. They provide necessaries of life to people. Other people works
as Goldsmith, Blacksmith and cobblers to fulfill the needs of

Villages have strong body. They eat healthy, fresh and pure food. Climate
and quality of air is good. Villages are free from pollution. There is no
sound of ricksaws, bike, tractor and other vehicles. Villages have peaceful
environment. People drink fresh and pure milk. Villagers breath fresh


Villages are also perfect in religious affairs. They offer prayers five
times a day. In villages mosque is used as maqtab.  Where head of
mosque teaches Holy Quran. Student also studies books of primary school in
mosque. Villagers follow views of Imam Masjid. Everyone give respect to Imam
Masjid. Lambardaar, patwari and choukidar are also pillers of village.


Life of villagers are simple and free from worries. In noon after
completion of works villagers gathered  under the shadow of trees.
Where they play different games. They also used hukkah instead of smoking
cigarette. Kabbadi and other powerful games are also arranged in different
seasons.  Villagers are spending peaceful life without any


Villagers are friendly and sincere with everyone. They depend on each
other.  They help each other on different occasions. Tribal conflicts
also occur. Villagers gathered on the sorrow and joys of villagers.
Marriages in villages are totally different from cities. Traditional foods
are cooked on such occasions.


But in some aspects village life has drawbacks. No medical facilities are
available in villages. There is no proper educational system in villages.
There is only primary or high school in villages. Many people moved from
village to city for better earning platform.


Village life is good and peaceful. But due to lack of educational and
medical facilities village life is standard. Government needs some reforms
in villages. Government should pay attention to educational and medical
facilities in villages.If you want to live a healthy life then village life
is better.

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