Ufone is a Pakistani GSM cellular service provider. It is the third-largest mobile operator in Pakistan and Ufone’s parent company, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest landline telephone provider in the country. Ufone customers can now keep their account balance safe by setting a Ufone Balance Save Lock Code.

Ufone Balance Save Code

This Ufone Balance Save Lock Code will block all outgoing transactions from your Ufone account and will allow you to use your Ufone services without any fear of balance depletion. In order to set your Ufone Balance Save Lock Code, simply Dial *6611# from your Ufone number and follow the on-screen instructions. Once your Ufone Balance Save Lock Code has been set, you will be required to enter it every time you attempt to make an outgoing transaction from your Ufone account. This ensures that only you have access to your account balance and that your Ufone services are used only by you.

You may have noticed that your sim balance was deducted without any notice or subscription. The reason could be because you’re using data service when there isn’t an internet package, which will deduct more money from the account and can lead to a Simlish imbalance!

It has become very easy to save your balance with Ufone. The new code just revealed by the network allows its users to save the desire balance whenever they want and for as long of time without any deductions or restrictions! This is a fantastic service that will make people happy because it prevents save your balance.

How to Subscribe Ufone Balance Save Service?

If you’re a Ufone customer, then you know that their balance save service is a lifesaver. This short post will tell you how to use it so that you can keep your account in good standing and avoid any unexpected fees. Read on for all the details! Ufone offers a free service to its customers that allows them only internet usage from bundles and it saves your mobile balance.

  • Dial*6611# from your sim to subscribe Ufone Balance Save offer.
  • Charges: Free
  • After this service is Activate, the internet will only work as long as you have FREE Data  MBs from a valid Package Activation
  • Users will still have access to multiple apps/Websites such As Free Facebook, Ufone Website, etc. after the balance save service is Subscribed.
  • This Balance service is for both prepaid and postpaid Ufone customers nationwide
    This service is free of cost.
Package NameBalance Save Offer
PriceRs. 0
InfoYou can Save your Balance WithoutAny Pay.
How to ActiveDial *6611#

Ufone Balance Save Code – Ufone Balance Lock Code 

Ufone balance lock code. so we have one method to disable your exter services close and save your
balance. just follow method:
 Ufone Balance Save code Dial *3344# 

PACKAGE NAMEUfone balance save code
PRICEStandard Charges applied on this bundle
SAVEyou can lock balance through code and use internet
  • Firstly open your Messages and goto Write new meassage Type Unsub and
    send 3030.
  •  One Year Ufone SMS Bundle: To Unsubscribe with this
    bundle  write type new sms “Unsub” and send to the “8601.
  • Ufone SMS FnF Bundle:goto Write New sms and Type“Unsub” and send it
    to “8604
  • Ufone Daily SMS Bundle:open wirte new sms option and type “Unsub” and
    send it to “506.
  • Ufone Weekly SMS Bundle:Type “Unsub” and send to the “8066
  • Ufone Night SMS Bundle:Type “Unsub” and send to the “8609
  • Ufone Block Service:write new sms type “unsub” and send it to
  • UTunes Service:Type “UNSUB” and send it to 666
  • Ufone Call Waiting Service:dialing *43# and Unsubscribe Call Waiting

 After Close all Services save your ufone balance.

Terms and Conditions 

  • Ufone telecom Terms and Conditions Applied on above offer.
  • All Government Taxes applied on balance lock offer.
  • Ufone telecom Company can change these USSD codes  Packages and
    tax charges amount any time.
  • Above Offer only for Prepaid Subscribers.
  • Your Ufone sim is your identity, so take your sim after complete bio
    metric verification.

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