U Paisa Charges List 2023 Complete Details


If you are looking Upaisa Charges Send Money and Withdraw Money. in this article we are going to share with you the complete list of charges u paisa account send received. The UPaisa platform offers a simple, secure, and secure way to send and receive money. You can use this conditional service all over the country. It is at any CNIC that you can make this financial transaction. You only need to have a cnic and a mobile number. You do not have to have a Ufone number only.

UPaisa offers one-stop payment, fund transfer, and mobile balance recharge. Ubank’s branchless banking is partnered with Ufone (Pak Telecom Mobile Limited) to offer services under the banner of U-Paisa. The service is offered at approximately 45,000 agent locations across Pakistan. People can easily pay their utility bills, you can send and receive money, services like debit cards and payment of mobile bills are processed through this service. If you want to open your mobile account, make sure you visit the Ufone franchise or you can visit the service center. This platform offers 24 hours service. They make sure your money is moving securely. The statement said that in addition, consumers can receive/transfer money through agents across the country through biometric verification.

When it comes to implementing and moving forward with financial services, this service has succeeded in providing us with easy access. You may use this service even if you live in a remote location. So if you want to transact and transact financially, you can use this service. All you have to do is go to your nearest UPiasa store and deposit or receive money there. Consumers can now send money anywhere in Pakistan at minimal rates without having to leave their homes.

U Paisa Charges List

U Paisa Charges List

Through U Paisa Agent, U Bank Branch or U Point Send Money from CNIC to CNIC Charges list

Person (CNIC) to Mobile Account

Type Charges
Rs.1 – 1,000 Rs.2
Rs.1,001- 2,500 Rs.50
Rs.2,501- 4,000 Rs.75
Rs.4,001- 7,000 Rs.100
Rs.7,001- 10,000 Rs.140
Rs.10,001- 15,000 Rs.180
Rs.15001- 20,000 Rs.220
Rs.20,001- 25,000 Rs.260

Cash Withdrawal from Mobile Account through U Paisa Cash Agent Charges:

Type Charges
Rs.1- 200 Rs.7
Rs.201- 500 Rs.12
Rs.501- 1,000 Rs.24
Rs.1001- 2500 Rs.46
Rs.2501- 4,000 Rs.75
Rs.4001- 6,000 Rs.100
Rs.6001- 8,000 Rs.130
Rs.8001- 10,000 Rs.180
Rs.10,001 – 13,000 Rs.230
Rs.13,001- 16,000 Rs.280
Rs.16,001- 20,000 Rs.330
Rs.20,001- 25,000 Rs.380
Rs.25,001- 30,000 Rs.470
Rs.30,001 – 40,000 Rs.560
Rs.40,001- 50,000 Rs.690

Send Money from U Paisa Mobile Account to Bank Account Charges:

Type Charges
Rs.1- 1,000 Rs.3
Rs.1,001- 2,500 Rs.50
Rs.2,501- 4,000 Rs.65
Rs.4,001- 6,000 Rs.80
Rs.6,001- 8,000 Rs.90
Rs.8,001- 10,000 Rs.105
Rs.10001 – 13,000 Rs.120
Rs.13001 -15,000 Rs.130
Rs.15001- 20,000 Rs.155
Rs.20,001- 25,000 Rs.170

(CNIC) Fund Transfers from U Paisa Mobile Account Charges:

Type Charges
Rs.1- 1,000 Rs.100
Rs.1,001- 2,500 Rs.100
Rs.2,501- 4,000 Rs.100
Rs.4,001- 6,000 Rs.100
Rs.6,001- 8,000 Rs.200
Rs.8,001- 10,000 Rs.200
Rs.10001 – 13,000 Rs.200
Rs.13001 -15,000 Rs.300
Rs.15001- 20,000 Rs.300
Rs.20,001- 25,000 Rs.300

U Paisa ATM Debit Card Charges

Type Charges
Card Issuance Charges Rs.400 + FED
Card Reissuance/replacement Charges Rs.400 + FED
For U bank Loan Customers Rs.400 + FED

Type Charges
MNET &1LINK Rs.2.50
U Bank ATM Free
Cash Withdrawal from MNET & 1LINK Rs.18.75
U Bank ATM Fre

The above-mentioned charges also include FED.
For WHT non-filers – as imposed by the federal government, in addition to the above charges will be charged.
From time to time rates as applicable.

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