List Of Top Lowest Currency In The World

There are many countries in the world which have lowest currency rate regarding us dollars, euro etc. Do you know about that countries which have lowest currency in the world and their currencies has least valued? Do you know about their titles and countries from the published? 

It is very difficult to find out and place the lowest valued currencies in proper order when making this list, because nowadays economic circumstances are changing quickly in all these lowest currency countries. 

We have find out the top ten lowest currencies in the world in 2021 which are listed below.


Cambodian Riel (1 (Rs.) PKR = 25.42 Cambodian Riel (KHR))

At 10th position we have placed the Cambodian riel, the world’s lowest currency in the world. Cambodian riel currency belongs to the king state from Southeast Asia.

  • Currency Sign = KHR 
  • 1 ($) USD = 4072.26 Cambodian Riel (KHR) 
  • 1 (Rs) PKR = 25.42 Cambodian Riel (KHR)

In the year 1995, this state issued as a alternative for the Indochinese Piaster.  Initially this currency had a low exchange rate and was not popular because of many local peoples who had already used foreign currencies.

Nowadays even Most of Cambodians peoples still choose to use the U.S. dollar or Euros for purchases, triggering and this is the most significant cause of local currency devaluation.


Paraguayan Guarani (1 (Rs.) PKR = 42.48 Paraguayan Guarani (PYG))

At 9th position we have placed the Paraguayan Guaraní the lowest currency in the world. There are many reasons for devaluation of this currency like economic collapse corruption, poor quality education, impoverished people and unemployment, etc. 

  • Currency Sign = PYG 
  • 1 ($) USD = 6,804.65 Paraguayan Guarani (PYG) 
  • 1 (Rs.) PKR = 42.48 Paraguayan Guarani (PYG)

It is the 2nd poorest country in South America that is Paraguay.  There are two major crops which are shipped to Paraguay, these crops are cotton and soybeans but these two crops cannot fill the requirements of social and economic needs.


Laotian Kip (1 (Rs.) PKR = 58.32 Laotian Kip (LAO))

Out of the top ten lowest currencies in the world the Lao is the only currency that did not devalue but it was initially started at a low rate. If you can compare this currency with the US dollar in 1952 you see that it tends to increase its value but now unfortunately it is at 8th position in the lowest currency in the world list.

  • Currency Sign = LAO or LAK 
  • 1 ($) USD = 9,341.12 Laotian Kip (LAO) 
  • One (1) (Rs.) PKR = 58.32 Laotian Kip (LAO)

If you see on the other side the worth of currency is increased but at this time it is classified in the least valued currencies.


Sierra Leonean Leone (1 (Rs.) PKR = 63.90 Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL))

Sierra Leone is a poorest African country that performed a cycle of tremendous tests that have led their currency to be devalued. This country has faced a quarrel there recently, and also facing the deadly Ebola virus.

  • Currency Sign = SLL 
  • 1 ($) USD = 10,235.00 Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL) 
  • 1 (Rs.) PKR = 63.90 Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)

Peoples of Sierra Leone have experienced many civil wars which become a major cause in the clash of world’s economy as well as in the value of currency.   For increasing the financial system by restricting the countries sell abroad market to diamonds cannot cover the economic values.


Guinean Franc (1 (Rs.) PKR = 64.40 Guinean Franc (GNF))

It is an African country and placed in 6th position in the lowest currency in the world list. It is the most overstated currency that was devalued by a high inflation rate, increasing poverty, and high crime ratio.

  • Currency Sign = GNF
  • 1 ($) USD = 10,297.91 Guinean Franc (GNF)
  • 1 (Rs.) PKR = 64.40 Guinean Franc (GNF)

This nation has most expensive natural gifts, like as gold, diamonds, and aluminum but now it is now including in the least valued currency list.



Uzbek Sum (1 (Rs.) PKR = 65.78 Uzbek Sum (UZS))

On July 1 1994 the president of Uzbekistan put modern amount into motion with a rate of 1 sum equal to 1000 sum-coupons. 

  • Currency Sign = UZS
  • 1 ($) USD = 10,536.39 Uzbek Sum (UZS)
  • 1 (Rs.) PKR = 65.78 Uzbek Sum (UZS)

Due to the wrong policy of the government regarding financial system the value of the currency decreased and devalued. Now Uzbek Sum is the one of the lowest currency in the world and at 5th position according to the list in 2021.


Indonesian Rupiah (1 (Rs.) PKR = 87.30 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR))

Indonesian rupiah is now one of the lowest currencies in the world and at 4th position. The reason behind this is low value of old-style banknotes. On September 5, 2016 there are seven banknotes ranging from 1 thousands to one hundred were denominated which are issued by the president.

  • Currency Sign = IDR 
  • 1 ($) USD = 13,993.35 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
  • 1 (Rs.) PKR = 87.30 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Indonesia is economically wealthy and very urbanized country. The government takes many steps to improve the value of the currency but all these efforts are negligible to improve the currency value in the world. 


Vietnamese Dong (1 (Rs.) PKR = 143.68 Vietnamese Dong (VND))

Vietnamese dong is one of lowest currency in the world. It is at 3rd position. At the moment this currency ranks 2nd in our lowest currencies list in the world. Now the currency of this nation is completely devalued. 

  • Currency Sign = VND 
  • 1 ($) USD = 23,015.00 Vietnamese Dong (VND) 
  • 1 (Rs.) PKR = 143.68 Vietnamese Dong (VND)

Now the Government of Vietnam taking the right steps in right direction and many experts insists that they can increase currency value by doing the same work in future.


Iranian Riel (1 (Rs.) PKR = 262.86 Iranian Riel (IRR))

At the present the 2nd lowest world’s currency is the Iranian Riel.  Due to the uncertain circumstances took place in 1979 After the Islamic Revolution, the currency value decreased very rapidly.

  • Currency Sign = IRR 
  • 1 ($) USD = 42,105.00 Iranian Riel (IRR) 
  • 1 (Rs.) PKR = 262.86 Iranian Riel (IRR)

The government of Iran takes different steps like restricted their peoples to access foreign currency which leads to upsurge in the black market and this leads to devalue the economy of the Iran almost 400%.

Iran currency depends on its petroleum products mostly but now it is not capable to sell the petroleum because of many restrictions were signed to Iran government that’s why 69% of annual sales of Iran could not proceeds.  According to the U.S. report Iran involved in nuclear developing program

 Now the Government of Iran change Riel to Taman and cut four zeroes, i.e. 10,000 old Riel equal to 1 Taman, from its face value.


Venezuelan Sovereign Bolivar (1 (Rs.) PKR = 10267.07 Venezuelan Sovereign Bolivar (VES))

 Venezuela sovereign is now the top of the lowest currency in the world. it is at 1st position in the lowest currency list in the world. Due to the pandemic condition of COVID19 in the country, worth of this currency became record low in the year 2020.

Currency Sign = VES 

  • 1 ($) USD = 1801562.00 Venezuelan Sovereign Bolivar (VES) 
  • 1 (Rs.) PKR = 102670 Venezuelan Sovereign Bolivar (VES)

The Government takes a step and recognized a “Petro” crypto currency to “struggle the $ “although regrettably, this be in the lead to boost the swiftness of hyperinflation. Currently it is the lowest currency in the world in 2021. 


Why Currencies Devalue?

When economic downturn takes place within a country or in a region the value of currency decreased. when several economic downturns, like war activities, decreasing GDP value, low merchandise prices that make up a important part of exports, decrease purchasing ability and many other political issues leads to devalue the currency rate. It is also due to the poor management policies regarding financial systems which also become a major cause of currencies devalue.



If the lowest currencies countries can produce less expensive products and exports these products to those countries which have stronger  currency rate, this type of business can give benefits to lowest currency countries. This was all about lowest currency countries in the world.

Here we have it guys! This was all regarding lowest currency in the world. If you have any suggestion or query related to this editorial feel free to mention it in a comment section below.

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