Best Sports bikes in Pakistan

In this article, we are going to tell you the best sports bikes in Pakistan. With the rise of population, the number of sports bikes lovers is also seen to increase to an incredible level. New designs and styles of sports bikes are liked and admired by Pakistani bike lovers. If you are one of such bike lovers then we congratulate you that you are on the best site to seek your taste well. In this post, you will come to know about the best sports bikes in Pakistan. In short, this post is just for you. The value of motorcycles is by no means less than that of cars. Although the price of cars is very high, there is no doubt that the price of many sports bikes is much higher than that of cars. In fact, there are many exciting, stirring, attractive and modish bikes available in the market. If you talk about the most famed or popular brands of bikes in Pakistan then Suzuki Hayabusa is on top of the list. It is not really easy to buy bikes from such expensive brands. It is out of range of most of the common people.


Sports bikes are actually different types of motorcycles that are used by most people these days. Their demand is increasing day by day. It would not be wrong to say that there are billions of people that are enjoying the writing of these bikes all around the world.

Here we will tell you about the top sports heavy bikes in Pakistan 2022, their prices as well as their stipulations. Heavy bikes are actually among one those bikes that are really meant for youngsters. If you are seeking such a bike that fulfills your style, driving, and fun demands then we suggest you purchase a heavy bike right now. Same as other countries Pakistan also has bike lovers and for them, we have top sports heavy bikes in Pakistan 2022 with renovated prices and stipulations.


The young generation is more attracted to heavy bikes so most of the companies are introducing their new models or designs to meet the current demand for heavy bikes. There is no fixed price for them because some companies give outstanding features and fuel average while some companies do not give extra features but present an attractive or fascinating look.


List Of Best Sports Bikes in Pakistan 


Now we are going to discuss some models of top Pakistani bikes their important features and their prices also.



 The price of this model is about 1600000 in Pakistan. The bike is a Japanese mystery. This is really an expensive bike. It would not be easy for anyone to buy this yet this is very stylish. This bike has a 4 stroke and 2 cylinder 450V-Twin engine with a transistorized electronic ignition system. With all these features it can be said that its price is according to its features.


HONDA CBR500:   

 CBR 500 is prised 250000 in Pakistan and it has a wide powerband with excess torque due to the 2cylinder parallel-twin layout of its engine. This model has improved technology with instruments like speedometer, tachometer, real-time meter, trip merger, clock, average fuel consumption meter, odometer, and illuminated engine diagnostic indicator. Its engine capacity is 471cc which is also good for bikers.


YAMAH F2 250:

Yamaha is one of the prime companions and they have provided us with the FZ 250 heavy bikes which is without a doubt the greatest one. It is 150 PKR and has a gearbox of 6 speeds while electronic ignition (Transistorised) is present in it. Its electronic or self-start system makes it a superbike and its wheel type is Alloy. The fuel efficiency of the bike is 25Km/l which is quite economical. That is why it is listed on top of the list in top sports heavy bikes in Pakistan 2021. 



Its price is also very high and is about 700000. Triumph Daytona is a great heavy bike with a 4.6 plus gallons fuel tank, a line 3-cylinder engine that is responsible for the output of 128PS that is 12 valves, and is liquid-cooled. This bike is shaped very beautifully and its style is really amazing and incredible.



Kawasaki KRRZX150 is the one that is really on top of the list and has incredible fame and popularity among sports bikes lovers. For the quiet time, this bike has been number one due to its excellent and superb 2-strokes liquid-cooled engine. The main reason behind its more fan following and rising fame is its ninja shape with powerful dual calipers present at front and present at rear ventilated disc bikes combine to give us a winner bike. 


More ratio of our country’s population loves bikes. Sports bikes are always preferred by people. Bike riding is a dream of every youngster

 and it is a major transport source some special bikes are manufactured that are not for anyone’s use like Suzuki, Hayabusa, etc. So their prices are very high. They give multiple type options during a loss of three top model Suzuki heavy bikes price in Pakistan 2022 are according to their space,  so it depends on your requirements or killing ones will pick up from them. The price of o e of them is 26 lacks that are the price. e of Suzuki Hayabusa Zozz In Pakistan. The rate of car price is nearly equal. Their speed range is 186mph that is the best one in town. Hayabusa can give you a final drive chain with a transmission capacity of 6-speed constant mesh. It contains the quality of keeping a suspension rear which is of line type and also holding a staring. It comes in different colour co.binations cawdy red others are metallic mystic silver and glass sparkle black. It gives you two years’ warranty forms of purchase. Close price of Suzuki is about 17 lack in Pakistan and is more trendy and more loved by fans. 

  The maximum power of this bike is 123bhp, torque 118ft-Ib, and highest speed 120mph. It contains 4 strokes and two cylinders. The wheelbase measures 1655 mm which gives a perfect road base. It is made of a steel frame and the fuel capacity of this bike is 19.5L which is the best range. Its shiny head is made with chroome kind of pipe which adds elegance to the bike. It contains dual lenses and a breaks indicator which is bright in color. If you want an enjoyable drive then it comes with a comfortable height of about 780mm. You can add to raise the seat from front to back. The price of this bike is 6  lac. It fulfills all the desires within affordability, while its selling market is also great, so when one I tend to replace it then it is not a major issue to sell it in market. So anyone from Hayabusa vs Intruder vs Irazuma is class and those people who know their fame, they pay. 



 Well, this was all about the top sports heavy bikes in Pakistan 2022, their prices, and their specifications. Hopefully, you would like our efforts. Thanks for reading our whole article and if you are feeling any difficulty while choosing the best bikes then ask questions by commenting in the comment box.

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