washing machine There are a lot of fully automatic washing machines
offered in the market place and it has grown into a crucial household
element. If you are intending to acquire a brand new automatic washing
machine but then puzzled that which machine fits your house needs most
excellent? So, there is a quantity of array of laundry machines varying from
front filling to top loading rinsing machines accessible in the marketplace.
Various firms assemble various versions of automated washing machines &
each one has its specific model and characteristics.washing machine automatic price in pakistan.

Top automatic washing machine price in pakistan

Throughout the era, laundry machines are getting enthusiast and extra
luxurious. Nevertheless, getting a wonderful machine which fits your
conditions. This job repeatedly can be devastating. Here is a minor catalog
of only limited machines which are leading their particular classification.
We have struggled to incorporate machines with all the requirements all
along with the expertise so it would be calmer for the purchaser to make up
their choice.automatic washing machine.


Brands Of Automated Washing Machine Brands in Islamic Republic of

At this moment automated washing machines of below listed companies
are accessible in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
  • Haier washing machine
  • Toshiba automatic washing machine
  • Samsung automatic washing machine
  • Kenwood automatic washing machine
  • Dawlance automatic washing machine
  • Super Asia automatic washing machine
  • LG  automatic washing machine
  • Hitachi automatic washing machine
  • Orient automatic washing machine

Reasons for contemplating top Filling/Loading machines are as

  • No need to bend, to load or to unload the clothes.
  • These machines are somewhat inexpensive.
  • These laundry machines are safest for sites with inadequate space as
    these be able to be piled over one another.
  • You can’t disturb a washing phase of a front loading laundry machine
    as it will deplete all lathered water.

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines Price in Pakistan

The list of fully automated laundry machines is given below. I have
created this catalog centered on my own market place exploration and
collecting data across the internet.

1. Haier (HWM 85-1708) Automated Laundry Machine


Founded in 1984, Haier Group is a global leader in providing beautiful
life solutions. In the process of innovation and business, Haier has
always adhered to the principle of “putting people’s values first”. Mr.
Zhang Rohin, Chairman and CEO of the Haier Group Board of Directors,
proposed the Randhani model, whose modern features, universality and
social characteristics have achieved trans-industry and trans-culture
fusion and replication.
Haier has been at the forefront of Euromonter’s World Home Appliance
Brands for ten consecutive years. Its subsidiary, Haier Smart Home Company
Limited, is one of the Fortune Global 500 companies, while HaierCas Moplot
tops the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s industrial
Internet platform and is nominated by ISO, IEE and IEC. Has gone to
prepare an international draft. Large-scale customization model standards.
In the IoT era, Haier’s ecosystem brand and Randy’s models are leading the


This is very best and good performance and  automatic washing
machine check out all Features Haier (HWM 85-1708).haier automatic washing machine.
  • Its Price range is between 32,500-35,300 in Pakistan
  • It is a brand new model 
  • Dimension 540x510x875
  • It looks remarkable and also have a lot of characteristics such
  • Instant wash
  • Capacity (8.5 kilogram)
  • Single Tap Solution
  • Color: White
  • Spin Speed RPM: 1300
  • Digital/Cardinal display
  • Memorial function
  • Child/Infant lock up
  • Roll velocity (1330 rpm)
  • Fuzzy Rationality
  • Anti Infectious Washer
  • Lint Filter Icon Hand Wash Hand Wash Pillow Drum  Pillow
  • Ten (10) years electric motor warranty

2. Dawlance (DWT-235 TB W ES) Automated Laundry Machine


Dawlance DWT-235TB W ES Fully Automatic Top best Washing Machine (White)
at the best price in Pakistan.8 kg, Top Load, Fully Automatic, Energy
Saving, Low Voltage Startup, Extreme Dryer.


  • Its Price range is between 34,500-37,000 in Pakistan
  • This rinsing machine is fortified with Single Tap Solution
  • This machine has Dawlance i-Novate Technology which choose rinse
    cycle, tap water and laundry detergent mechanically
  • It has subsequent key characters such as:
  • Capacity (8 kilogram)
  • Weight:60 kg
  • Power saver 
  • Double tap waterfall 
  • Personalized wash preference 
  • Infant lock 
  • Ten (10) years electric motor warranty

3. Super Asia (SA-708 APG) Involuntary Laundry Machine

The Super Asia Group was founded on a very small scale by Mian Muhammad
Din in 1975. Today, it is a collection of companies serving every segment
of society with a wide range of businesses, mainly home appliances,
automobiles, insulation and packaging materials, and fast food burger
“Super Asia” brand name is known, respected and trusted, not only in
Pakistan but also in many other countries where its products are being
exported. This group is contributed significantly to social well-being of
society. Mian Mohammad Islam Foundation Trust Hospital Gujranwala lever in
this instance.


 Super asia best and old Brand in Pakistan washing machine
making.check all Features in below.
  • Its Price range is between 30,000-31,500 in Pakistan
  • Super Asia is a Pakistani brand 
  • It is a very virtuous involuntary laundry machine with succeeding
  • Capacity (8.5 kilogram)
  • Ambiguous logic
  • Shower rinse expertise
  • Power Saver

4.Kenwood (KWM-10100 FAT) Involuntary Laundry Machine

Kenwood is the washing machine wash in Pakistan. Full range on the
aesthetics of the design and features have been further divided. Clean Auto
series, this series is completely composed of fully automatic washing
machines. Semi-automatic washing machines fall into the Storm and Turbo Wash
series. For the same tub, we have hydro spin and hydro wash series.
Are you Looking for cleaner, brighter, stain-free clothes? Kenwood
washing machine is a solution to all your laundry problems.so Check out
Kwm-10100 Features and price.


  • Its Price range is between 44,000-52,300.in Pakistan
  • It is a very feature ironic laundry machine in Ten (10) kilogram
  • It is moderately pricier than above-mentioned models
  • It has below mentioned characteristics: 
  • Capacity (10 kilogram)
  • LED demonstration
  • Three-Dimensional waterfall
  • Kid lock
  • Contains pump and two (2) water coves

5. LG (Double Wash) Automated Laundry Machine

The latest washing machine technology, attractive color selection, as well
as sleek, modern design. Features – LG washing machines not only make your
clothes look great – they also make your home look beautiful.
Get a complete experience with LG Washer Dryer. Ideal for places where
separate washers and dryers will not fit, the LG Washer Dryer offers
space-efficient and stylish laundry solutions without compromising on
features or performance.
WINWash is a washing solution that has never been used before. It’s all
about performance, washing two separate loads at the same time to help you
clean more clothes in less time.
TWINWash many makes it easy to do your laundry in a number of ways,
starting with less bending for your back and knees. High top washer is more
ergonomic for loading.
Reduced allergens by 99.9%
True Stem â„¢ technology triggers allergy care, steam refresh. Improve your
quality of life by maintaining a healthy, allergy-free environment.LG’s
all-in-one washer and dryer is another of our leading appliance
technologies. Save space in your home and make more space for your
Smart Tan Q2 technology lets you operate or monitor your laundry anywhere,
anytime. You can track energy consumption or use a download cycle to add a
full range of newly developed wash cycles throughout the life of the washing


  • The key Features of this machine are as follows:
  • Its Price around in Pakistan Rs. 288,999.
  • DIMENSIONS (W X H X D): 700 x 1,260 x 770 mm
  • Rinse Dual Loads Simultaneously 
  • Save Time and Space
  • Six (6) Dimensional Motion
  • Direct Drive Inverter 
  • Break/Pause and Add Objects
  • The major Specifications of this device is as follows:
  • Capacity 3.5 kilogram (Mini) and 21 kilogram (Main) 
  • Twelve (12) Kilogram Capacity
  • Spin Speed 1000 rpm
  • Touch LED Display

6.Haier (HWM 90-1789) Automated Laundry Machine


  • Its Price range is between 34,000-36,500 in Pakistan.
  • It has subsequent characteristics such as:
  • Instant wash
  • Dimension 570x550x840
  • Capacity Nine (9) kilogram
  • Single Tap Solution
  • Digital demonstration
  • Memorial function
  • Infant lock up
  • Fuzzy Rationality
  • Roll velocity (1300 rpm)
  • Anti Infectious Washer
  • Ten (10) years electric motor warranty

7. Panasonic Front Filling Washing Machine

Now you can wash delicate clothes such as ABAYAS and other clothes, which
previously required hand washing or dry cleaning.10 years Washing motor
warranty.They are designed to create the perfect environment for soft and
efficient washing of clothes by creating more foam in the drum and even to
control stains on the edges of the clothes.
The S-shaped rib is designed to scatter anti-stains. He doesn’t beat the
clothes, he treats the clothes gently. The S-shaped rib has 138 sprinkler
holes, which produce a rapid and gentle flow of water and foam with a
constant change in washing speed while intelligently controlling the
Fast wash Improving the washing program by reducing one key, time and
energy. Increases the effort in the washing process by penetrating even more



Specifications are as Follows:

  • Capacity 7 Kg
  • Dimensions (W x D x H)595x495x850
  • Spin Speed 1200 rpm
  • Power Consumption 162 Kilo watt hour per year
  • Conventional Wash technology
  • Foam Sensor
  • Control Panel Type Big LED
  • Auto Load Sensor
  • Drum Design

8.Haier Series (Top Load) Involuntary Laundry Machine


  • Specifications are as Follows:
  • Price Range PKR 72,000 in Pakistan.
  • Series Front Loading HWM 80-B14876
  • Color: Grey
  • Dimension850x595x530
  • Wash Capacity (Kg) 8
  • Motor DD motor
  • DD Inverter motor UV Light UV Light Dual Spray Dual Spray
  • 12 Kilogram Wash capacity
  • Spin Speed 1400 rpm
  • Digital Panel
  • Warranty Parts: 1 year Motor Warranty: 10 Years
  • Pillow Drum
  • Top Filling

9.Samsung flex-wash Laundry Machine

Two washers in one can wash you loads at the same time or independently.
With two individually controlled washers in the same unit, you can run two
types of washes with different configurations and options, keeping your
different types of clothes clean and in good condition.


Collection of large 5.0 cubes. Less than a foot capacity washer with a
dedicated 1.0 cue. Fit capacity upper washer means less wash, less time in
laundry room, and more time for you.
Super speed  Wash off the full load in less than 30 minutes. Choose
Super Speed to run electric through 50 faster laundry days without
sacrificing clean performance. * Lower washer Normal 59 minute wash can now
be completed at lower speeds up to 30 minutes of super speed than WV55M9600
Samsung’s steam wash uses the power of steam to remove untreated stains.
Unlike other steam-releasing washers from the top, Samsung releases steam
from the bottom of the laundry tub, loading everything and cleaning even

Now you can take care of the laundry day from home or from the comfort of
your sofa. Bucksby, Alexa and Google Assistant enable Wi-Fi connectivity,
allowing you to start or stop your bike remotely, schedule laundry on time,
get rid of bicycle alerts, and access your smart via the SmartTings app *.
Allows more rights than phone. * Monitoring is allowed for gas dryer only
for safety reasons. Need wireless network and Samsung Smart Things app. The
Samsung Smart Things app supports Android OS 4.0 (ICS) or later, which is
suitable for Samsung smartphones (Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series). This app
also supports iOS 7 or later for iOS models. Smart stuff is available in the
App Store and Play Store.



Improves your detergent’s ability to penetrate and clean the fabric more
deeply. Our unique PowerFoomâ„¢ technology uses an innovative blend of water,
air and detergent to the heart of the fabric. With the power of foam, clean
your big things with deep confidence.
Silent washing reduces vibration by 40% more than our standard VRT. An
innovative tub design and special sensors balance heavy loads even with fast
spin speeds. Upstairs laundry has never been less eagle – run your washer
upwards while your kids are sleeping.

Specifications are as Follows:

  • Smart washer with flexwash Price in pakistan Rs. 108,900/-
  • Characteristics of this washing machine are as follows:
  • Dual dispersed washers 
  • Bottom for Large loads 
  • Super washing cycle choices 
  • Disinfecting and mist surroundings for washing
  • Five tints in a single cycle 
  • Small upper gasket for gentle objects 
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