Top 15+ Best High Graphics Action Games List 2023 For Android

in this article we are share with you top best high quailty graphics Action games list 2023 These mobiles respond to a need, that of presenting hardware and hardware powerful enough to support graphics quality games that we can find on both PS4 and Xbox . And it is that from a time to this part our mobiles are capable of moving titles that have nothing to envy to the desktop consoles. As an example, the following Android games with the best graphics in the entire Play Store.

Best High Graphics Action Games list 2023

1.The Silent Age

We started with this game that stands out for having very minimalist graphics , but also stands out for its simple gameplay. It does not present any complications in this regard, making it very easy to play it. In this game we play Joe. This is the cleaner who has been working for Archo for a few years. Everything is normal until one day he discovers a pool of blood in the laboratory that he cleans . This causes everything to change radically. It is an entertaining game with simple operation. The download of this graphic adventure game for Android is free . Although we find purchases inside it.

2.Layton Brothers Mystery room

Secondly, we find a name that surely sounds to many. Since it is a saga of games of the best known within the Android world . We are facing the latest installment of the game. The operation of the game has not changed much. We have to deduce through the clues they give us and by observing very well who the murderer is . In this case the protagonist is Alfendi, son of Professor Layton. In addition to a new detective Lucy Baker. It is a most entertaining and enjoyable game . In addition, the music is also original and helps the game. The download of this Android game is free . Although, as in the previous game, we find purchases inside it.


Android’s most successful shooter needs no introduction. The fashion game that puts us in the shoes of a survivor on an island where we must find the best weapons to be the only one left alive when the storm looms over us.

4.Asphalt 9 Legends

One of the best driving games that we can play not only on mobile phones, but on any platform thanks to the use of the accelerometer and the gyroscope of the mobile. Probably the most demanding title for mobile phones and the game with the best graphites on Android .


The game that drinks from Nintendo’s famous The Legend of Zelda. A title with a Cell Shading aspect where you must explore the unexplored islands of the seas, facing puzzles, secrets and monsters while you learn to use magic and discover ancient treasures that will help you in your mission.

6.PUBG Mobile

The alternative to PUBG Mobile with millions of players around the world and a much more realistic aesthetic. The map is much larger and the customization options for each weapon are huge. A game in which to spend hours hooked.

7.Dead Trigger 2

Another of the games with the best graphics in the Play Store that we have already talked about on some other occasion. Throughout its levels, you must fight for your survival in this first-person shooter game where you face hundreds of zombies in screen.

8.Assassins Creed Identity

The best Assassins Creed you can find on a mobile phone where you will review the Italian Renaissance era enjoying the best graphics you can find in a game with these characteristics.

9.Shadowgun Legends

The “copy” of Destiny for mobile is a game that, in addition to brutal graphics, offers you an epic campaign, a competitive and cooperative multiplayer mode, and a Social Center where you can meet players with whom you can share your games.

10.Angry Birds: Star Wars

Basically, there is no recommended article for mobile games. The hottest version of Angry Birds will be missing. Therefore, we chose the latest version. “Angry Birds: Star Wars” incorporates the elements of the well-known science fiction movie “Star Wars”, including characters and some representative scenes. Although the main mode of the game has not changed, it undoubtedly adds some freshness and fun.

11.Flick Golf Extreme

This game is not a typical golf game. In fact, it only gives you a shot to get a more immersive feel. The game scene is also very rich. In addition to the common grassland, it even includes seemingly incredible scenes such as aircraft carriers and oil field rigs . In addition, as the golf ball approaches the hole, a scoring ring is displayed around it, which looks like a dart game, which is also what makes it more interesting.

12.Super Granny (Granny Smith)

This is a small and creative game full of creativity, but it is very interesting. The picture is full of hand-drawn childlike style. The game operation is based on physics. The player plays the role of a grandma with a walking stick and chases the thief who stole the apple . Both characters are wearing roller skates, so they can walk as fast as they fly, plus some rolling elements, it can be said that they are very stylish parkour chasing games.

13.Modern War 4: Zero Hour (Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour)

Although not cheap, “Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour” is still the best first-person design game on smartphones. Relatively speaking, this masterpiece has no special gameplay, but it is still very addictive. There are a lot of weapons in the game and the scene is very rich. Coupled with the overall good atmosphere, you can feel the gunfire in the real battlefield. Very exciting.

14.Real Racing 3

As the name of this game, “Real Racing 3” provides an impeccable real driving experience, the game screen is exquisite, the style of the racing style can be said to be “GT racing” on the phone. Unlike the previous game, the game uses a free download form, which means that some modified and upgraded parts need to be purchased for real money.

15.Ski Safari

Don’t be fooled by the name of this game, it is not a traditional ski racing game, but an evasion game. You need to escape the scene as soon as possible before the avalanche floods you. You need to jump through various obstacles and ride as much as possible Animal transportation, simple game screens can also bring tension and excitement.
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