List of most selling cars in Pakistan:

Pakistan automobile industry is playing a significant role in the manufacturing of new and latest vehicles. These vehicles are not only used by Pakistani citizens but also import to other countries. On the basis of this manufacturing miracle, Pakistan is now involved in the list of those countries, who can make or manufacture their own motor vehicles.

 Pakistan made its first motor vehicle in 1953 at the National motor plant in Karachi. The power batteries that are used in

 motor vehicles are also made by Pakistan.

Excide is the batteries-forming industry that made the first car battery in 1953.

Later number of other industries started work on manufacturing these batteries. In 1961, Allwin Engineering produced precise auto parts and started supply into the market.

Since the beginning of 2020, Pakistan has spotted many newbies in the auto sector.


While most of the companies concentrated on bringing minicars SUVs and transverse on Parkway and others did not hesitate from bunching new Sedan competitions.

Without delaying any time we will have to look at the 6 best and most selling cars in Pakistan as per the Civil air of 2023.


Top best selling cars in Pakistan 2023:

Top 10 Best Selling Cars In Pakistan



1-Suzuki Alto

2-Toyota Yaris

3-Toyota Corolla

4-Suzuki Cultus

5-Suzuki Wagon R

6-Honda Civic

7-Honda City

8-Suzuki Mehran

9-Toyota Vitz

10-Toyota Aqua

11-Suzuki Every


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Suzuki Alto:

This brand of car attracts more people. Day by day, its demand is now increasing in Pakistan. Suzuki has sold 37720 units. On an economic level, this Suzuki Alto is now becoming popular among the community. This is due to its manufacturing material and its size. So this is one of the most popular cars in Asia.


Toyota Yaris:

Its latest or recent edition has now the topmost list in Pakistan. Some changes have been made to its model. Due to its demand and economic consumption, this brand is on the second spot on the list.


Toyota Corolla:

Consumers are expecting to see this brand on the topmost list, but it is still 20% less consuming brand than previous year. It is stood at 18, 355 unit sales during FY2020 2021.


Suzuki Cultus:

After Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Cultus is another smart and awesome seller by its company. This brand is 42 % more consuming by population than the previous year. These cars are exemplary in their beauty. This car has undergone many changes since ancient times.


Suzuki Wagon R:

This 1000cc brand of Suzuki Wagon is about to double its total sale with respect to last year. We observed 12, 659 unit sales from 2020 to 2021. These vehicle brands are very spectacular and comfortable to look at, but it is surprising that it’s rank is low in the world than other cars.


Honda Civic:

Its model is very popular in the world as in Pakistan. This model is great in terms of beauty and travel. The sale of two or a couple of cars in FY 2020-2021 is 25, 276 which is about to make it 12, 500 sales per a couple of cars. The demand for this vehicle is greater than others.


Honda City:

This popular vehicle was invented by Japan in 1981 and Pakistan introduced this brand in 2000 in the market by naming Honda Atlas. It is a beautiful car with many functions. This brand is not available in three variations as1.3, 1.5 and Aspire 1.5. Almost 18, 000 unit has been sold from January 2018 to November 2018. This shows that the demand for this brand is now very high according to its design and comfort.


Suzuki Mehran:

Japan introduced this car in 1984. Its design is 30 years old but this imparts a good impression. People want to buy this car due to its design and mini-sized well-formed parts. The vehicle is not accessible in two variations has VX and VXR. Suzuki Mehran is going to replace in the coming day’s Alto. Almost 37,500 units were sold from January 2018 to November 2018.


Toyota Vitz:

This Toyota Vitz was also made by the Japanese brand ‘Toyota’ in 1999. This brand is valued by everywhere around The World and also in Pakistan. This brand of car is very expensive all around the world. People want to buy this car from the first Era till the third era. This is a multifunctional car and its efficacy confirms that this model has some promising features, as engineers fixed a 996cc engine in it. These engines are very useful from every aspect regarding car’s demand.


Toyota Aqua:

Toyota Prius car is another name of Toyota Aqua. So this is the 3rd model of the Prius family. The number of blended features of this vehicle has.

Whenever we talk about its efficacy of fuel, so this vehicle is much better than other vehicles. Mean to say that it is less fuel consuming car. Almost 7,000 units are imported to Pakistan. So its import rate has enhanced by about 56%.


Suzuki Every:

This is the updated version of Suzuki Carry. This model is designed by the Japanese. So the name was changed from Suzuki Carry to Suzuki Every.

Suzuki Every is fast gaining popularity in Pakistan as well as in asia. Its import rate has improved over 5,000 units to Pakistan. It has high seating capacity. Due to which people want to buy this highly accommodated model.


Most selling vehicles in Fiscal years 2022-2023:

The total sale of cars is as:

  • -Suzuki Alto  37,720
  • -Toyota Yaris  28,295
  • -Toyota Corolla  18,355
  • -Suzuki Cultus  17,510
  • -Suzuki Wagon R  12,659
  • -Honda Civic  12,500+
  • -Suzuki Ravi  9,631
  • -Suzuki Bolan  8,196
  • -Toyota Hilux  7,043


The entire success of these vehicles will gain the success of Pakistan’s economy. Selling good cars means that it will be beneficial for Pakistan’s economy and cars company. Overall this is tremendous peak selling profit for our papulation. The value of these cars has been very high in all the eras. At the same time, it is very important to choose that which vehicle can be useful and best for us. 

I,m hopeful that may this article about cars will be proved very useful for you and if you liked our ideas and suggestions then you can share this link with others.

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