Best Clothing Brands in Pakistan


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speaker”

Fashion is something that has taken over the age and is currently one of the fastest growing industries of the world. From kids fashion to adults, everything that comes into this line, the clothes, the style, jewelry, makeup, everything from top to bottom holds a dear place in the hearts of our generation. In fact when it comes to fashion, not only the wearables but their presentation is important for the user as well. For example design of custom shirt boxes is as valuable as shirts themselves.

Some call fashion an art since it allows you to express yourself in ways that you might not have imagined before. How you dress and how you carry you in the public speaks volumes about how you truly are so it’s important to pay a lot of attention in that regard.

Over the last decade Pakistani fashion industry has made a lot of progress. Our industry mainly deals with fabric and refers to it as ethnic clothing. Although, we do have clothing brands that deal in western style but our main focus and source of income has always been traditional and might always be as well.

As soon as you step into the world of Instagram, you will see how some commendable designers have made a name for themselves over the years. These designer and non-designer clothing brands contribute a huge sum to our economy and are a vital part of our cultural growth.

However, if we are specifically talking about clothing brands in Pakistan that are promoting our ethnic culture and bringing diversity then we can list down our top 10 favorite brands in that regard.

So, take a look at our top choices for the best clothing brands in Pakistan,

1.Gul Ahmed

If we talk about the pioneers of fashion in the Pakistani industry then the very first name that crosses our mind is none other than Gul Ahmed. This is the only group in Pakistan that began their journey in the textile industry before Pakistan even came into being and eventually became the iconic name of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd in 1953.

From there onwards, the only thing that Gul Ahmed saw was there up rise in the clothing industry. However, what makes Gul Ahmed such a huge name isn’t just their success in the textile industry. The brand also managed to launch itself in the retail business when they started their flagship store as Ideas by Gul Ahmed.

They started from Karachi initially and now have a huge chain of more than forty outlets all around the country. They are offering a wide range of products that includes home décor, men’s collection, women’s collection, cosmetics, kids wear, pret and what not.


Bareeze is another pioneer of classic textiles in the world of clothing in Pakistan. The brand is by far the only pioneer that has maintained its reputation for being the best even after decades of service. Their fabric never lost its touch and neither did their quality.

What started out as an unstitched clothing range for women now has an entire setup of home expressions, men’s clothing and designated pret wear as the brand name Chinyere.

Bareeze stepped into the world of retail long before any other clothing brand did. When there wasn’t any other name working in the Pakistan market, Bareeze was there to lift it up. It also happens to be one of the most expensive clothing brands in Pakistan.


Khaadi was established back in 1998 and since then, it has become a global name that people around instantly recognize.

If we talk about entrepreneurial success then Khaadi is the biggest success story that we get to hear today. It turned traditional cloth weaving into a leading fashion trend and has been one of the biggest initiators of fusion fashion in the Pakistani industry.

The CEO of Khaadi also became an exclusive retailer of a wide range of products that included a phenomenal line of home and clothing, fashion accessories, perfumes, hair and skin care solutions. The brand right now holds a chain of more than 52 retail stores around the country and 21 stores around the globe.

4.Junaid Jamshed

You know how so many celebrities now own their personal labels and brands in the Pakistani entertainment industry. But have you ever thought about who started this trend and was one of the first people to initiate their clothing line and later turned it into a global brand?

The name “Junaid Jamshed” comes to our mind. The late singer turned religious scholar was the pioneer of launching his own clothing brand. Junaid Jamshed is one of the biggest retail stores in the clothing market that offers a wide range of products.

From kids wear to women’s clothing to men’s wear to fragrances, Junaid Jamshed offers an exclusive range of products and their quality is unmatched. The brand also has its own cosmetics line as “Note” that has gained a lot of popularity among the local customers over the years.

5.Nishat Linen

One of the biggest name in Pakistan’s clothing industry is Nishat, a brand that none of us could never look over. It was established back in 1951 and is among the modern and largest vertically integrated textile companies of Pakistan.

Through this name, we got the phenomenal Nishat Linen, a line that was created to provide high-end clothing material to the consumers. Over the years, Nishat has maintained its reputation for being the best and has offered a wide range of fabric for men and women along with some high end accessories.

Nishat Linen also stepped into the world of home accessories a few years back and since then is coming to our rescue every time we need something high end.


Sapphire was the first brand that transformed the concept of high-street fashion into something totally traditional that consumer has loved ever since it became visible on the map.

The brand became a huge name in the clothing industry right after its inceptions. It is a high-street brand that was introduced by one of the largest names of the industry has since then focused on providing quality fabric to the users along with a wide range of products.

Khadija Shah, one of the high-end designers of Pakistan who also happens to be the runner of Elan and Zaha was also the head designer for Sapphire for many years. In 2019, Khadija parted her ways with the brand but she had already given Sapphire the push it needed.

We also love this brand for their variety of fabric and how they are determined to sell with a wide range of price points.

7.Beech Tree

What started out as a contemporary pret wear exclusively for women has now turned into a full-fledged retail store and is popular for catering to the needs of young girls and women. Beech Tree is a name of trust and standard that has been a top name in the clothing industry of Pakistan.

The brand initially launched an exclusive range of ready-to-wear clothing for women and later started their own textile industry. Currently, Beech Tree is among the most affordable yet classiest women wear in the market.

The brand also has a subsidiary named as Pepperland that caters exclusively to young kids and teens. Their fabric has ever since the best in the market and they have maintained their brand name by offering quality products.


Another affordable and familiar clothing brand in Pakistani market is Limelight. It is fairly a new name among all the giants we have mentioned but in a very short time, Limelight has proven itself to be one of the best retailers in the country.

It was established in 2010, starting from women’s wear, Limelight eventually explored the world of kids and men’s fashion and now their retail stores are popular for accessories and shoes as well. You get both, unstitch and stitched fabric at this brand and they happen to be one of the low-cost retailers in the market.


Outfitters is ranked as the number of retailers for western fashion in Pakistan. It was established by Kamran Khurshid in 2003 who had a vision to reinvent the Pakistani fashion industry and close the distance between traditional urban apparel.

The first store of Outfitters was opened in Lahore and from there they took the smart street men and women fashion to the next level. In 2008, Outfitters launched their own junior line by the name of “Juniors” and became highly popular among kids fashion.

Today, Juniors is the first name that crosses whenever we think about getting clothes for kids. Followed by the success of their junior line, Outfitters went ahead and launched their traditional clothing store named as “Ethnic by Outfitters” that became a national success because of their artistic and contemporary approach towards traditional fashion.

10.Bonanza Satrangi

The last clothing brand that we would like to mention is Bonanza. It has been 40 years since its inception and since the very moment Bonanza came into the market, it set a high standard for men’s wear.

Bonanza was originally popular for winter wear and how good their fabric was. Until 2012, Bonanza decided to venture into an exclusive clothing line for women’s fashion named as Satrangi and has now become a one stop solution for all kinds of women’s fashion.

So, these are the top 10 clothing brands in Pakistan that you can consider for your next shopping spree. We hope this article has been thoroughly helpful to you. If you have any other suggestions in this regard, do let us know through your feedback below.

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