In this article we will tell you how you can pay a token tax of your car and check online, now Islamabad police check token tax of all vehicles online and which car token tax is short These vehicles are stopped and the person in whose name the vehicle is named will fill in the short token of the vehicle and the vehicle will be received from the President Polish Station to show the receipt when we are traveling on the highway in Pakistan when a If they enter from one district to another, they pay toll tax, then with the same tax, the government of Pakistan makes the roads work and builds new roads in Pakistan. When we cross a river bridge we pay toll tax just like when we buy and sell cars we pay car token tax.

First of all, people try to pay the lifetime token tax of the car to the government of Pakistan as soon as they buy the car. This token tax is levied on vehicles such as a motorbike tax is not levied while traveling on the road and a motorbike token tax is not levied while crossing the bridge, just as there is no token tax on a motorbike who has paid all the lifetime tokens of the vehicle. The receipt of this vehicle is the same Whenever the police stop, show the card or receipt to the police and they will let you go. So in collaboration with the police and the government of Pakistan, the citizens of Pakistan should pay token tax on their vehicles and adopt the vehicle legally.

We sometimes see people arguing on toll tax as to why we should pay tolls. These people should cooperate with the Pakistani government so that road works can be done and we can live a safe life from accidents. While walking on the road, when we see an accident, we start shouting at the government, not at how much we have cooperated with the Pakistan National Highway Authority, what we have done on the roads of Pakistan. Taxes paid. Our Pakistani nation runs in the name of taxes as if there is no tax, if you ask for something poisonous, young people who fight for tax of twenty or thirty rupees become heroes in universities and colleges Such young people should understand that these taxes are for us. These taxes are then spent on us.

Our Pakistani nation needs to take out the car from the showroom, pay all the token tax on the car and make the car its own legally and drive it on the roads of Pakistan in a halal way.

When we pay vehicle token tax we get a letter from the Exxon office which is stamped with clearance and our vehicle is cleared. You can drive such vehicles anywhere in Pakistan. With the tax we pay on vehicles, the government of Pakistan lays the best road network for us. When the roads are good, hours travel in minutes and minutes travel in moments and the chances of accidents are very low. So try to pay the annual token tax on your car on time and pay token tax while traveling on the road because these taxes are spent back on us so we have to pay the tax on time. Learn how to pay token tax in the best way possible in this article.


1- You can get information about all the tokens of your vehicle by visiting the official website of Excise Taxation and you can also get information about the operation of your vehicle. You will open the website and enter the vehicle and engine number. After searching for a while, you will get the total report of your vehicle. If your vehicle is clear then you will also know if your vehicle tokens are short. That too will be told to you.

2-You will see an option on the screen. After clicking on this option this website will open and you can check the complete report of your car token tax from here. Sometimes the web page is very busy which Due to this, there is some delay in opening the web page and some waiting for the site to open.

3-Then you enter your vehicle number and engine number on this website and send the request. In a few moments, you get your complete details through a message and you can get information about your vehicles.

4-Once you have done all these procedures then you can search by typing the registration number and get the vehicle information when this site shows you the complete report of your vehicle and informs you about the tax of your vehicle.

5-When you have completed all these procedures, on this page, you will have a complete report of the vehicle including your vehicle number and engine number, registration number, and color of the vehicle and you will be able to know all the taxes of your vehicle in the best possible way. You can pay in the office.

6-When you search, remember to check your name and your son’s name. If there is any mistake in the name, make sure to set it up and get all the information about your car from here. Is getting the best work from and getting the best information about their vehicles.


In Punjab Excise Taxation you can get information about your vehicle taxes online and pay all the short token taxes of your vehicle online as you have just read that you will open an official website. And this website will enter the complete revert of your vehicle. After searching for some time, you will get complete information about your vehicle. When you start paying car token tax, one thing to keep in mind is to check the car number, engine number, registration number, and the color of the car. People pay their car taxes from this website and get the best information about their cars.

When your car taxes are paid in full, you are notified via SMS and you can drive your car anywhere in Pakistan or outside Pakistan. Most people think that challan and vehicle token tax is one thing. Let them know that there is a big difference between challan and token tax. If people delay in filling challan then don’t delay in filling token.


If a Pakistani citizen lives in any province and has a car, he will have to pay token tax to the excise taxation. Token taxes can be cleared and when we search for these vehicles we should read our name and vehicle information carefully then pay vehicle taxes When we are living in a province of Pakistan, we have to pay car tax. Paying car tax makes our car legal and we can drive this car anywhere in Pakistan in the best way. Maybe the excise will not disturb us at all


Deputy Commissioner Islamabad has informed the people of Pakistan about vehicles. He said that car owners across Pakistan should pay token taxes on their vehicles online or physically at the excise office, which will help you in the best possible way. There are taxes on your car and they will be paid According to the Deputy Commissioner’s order, we should get our vehicles exempt from token tax as soon as possible. No one will be allowed to walk. Excise taxation has introduced best practices on how we can get our vehicles tax cleared. When we think about tax clearance for our vehicles, we have two options. We follow these two options. The easiest way to get your car cleared is to get the car cleared at the showroom so that it can be cleared at the time of purchase to avoid any hassle so that our car is not stopped on the roads of Pakistan.

Another great way to pay this tax is to go to the official website of all the details of your vehicle and after clicking on the options there will give a full report of your vehicle after a few moments. All the information about your vehicle will appear on a page in front of you. You can pay your vehicle token taxes on the same website and get your vehicle’s clear receipt via SMS.

Remember that when paying the vehicle tax, after paying the vehicle number, registration number, and engine number and complete confirmation of your name, you will pay your car payment so that your payment can be avoided and your car can be counted in clearance. The second way is that you will go to the excise office for clearance of your vehicle and after completing the paperwork with the help of the officers there, you will pay the token tax on your vehicle. Will be found And your car will be seen traveling on the roads of Pakistan in a legal way. When you clear your car journey in the best way, your car travels on the roads of Pakistan as registered.

In this article you will also learn about where the excise duty on our vehicles is spent by the excise department. We pay the tax. Link Road and Main Roads have been constructed with the help of the Excise Department and have been opened to the public. With the taxes you pay, the government of Pakistan gives you the best roads and you live the best life because of these roads and you live a peaceful life in the society. I have a lot of fun and the journey is very easy and great Therefore, the people of Pakistan should pay token tax on their vehicles to the Excise and Taxation Department on time

The office of Excise Token Tax Department is located in Islamabad, the capital of our country. Can run on the roads Every Pakistani car driver in Pakistan should pay short tokens for their vehicles and drive their vehicles legally on Pakistani roads.

The Excise Taxation Department assigns duties for our welfare, so cooperate with these officers and pay your vehicle taxes on time online or in person so that you are safe from any hassle or penalty.


In this article, you have learned about token taxes of your vehicles and through this article, you will know how you can get your vehicles cleared and drive your vehicles legally on the roads of Pakistan. Some of the things that are good in us are that we do everything at a time when we have the time to finish the job. There are some of our gentlemen who will not pay taxes on the vehicles unless they stop the excise vehicles and when the vehicle is seized then they will continue to pay fines and keep clearing the vehicle. Pay your car taxes on time to avoid it.

Based on the toll tax we see on the roads of Pakistan, we can get better for ourselves. With the help of these toll taxes, we can build the best roads in Pakistan and protect ourselves from accidents. Are And then here the people are worried about these taxes too but these taxes are levied for the benefit of these people for the benefit of these people so that the best road network is laid in the country and it is easy for Pakistani Awa to travel. Accidents also happen. In order to save time and to avoid accidents, we have to pay taxes to the National Highway Authority and we have to change our thinking and our views about them. They will have to pay road tax.

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