In this article, we will inform you about sugar rates. Why rising sugar rates in Pakistan are not being controlled. Sugar rates are increasing day by day. Why? These questions come to the minds of Pakistani people but they do not wake up. Pakistani people do not try to find answers to their questions. And so on and so forth Our country Pakistan is one of the cultivating countries. Every year sugarcane crop is produced in large quantities in Pakistan and sugarcane is sent to sugar factories but still the price of sugar continues to rise. However, the price of sugar is not going down.

Rising sugar prices in our country Pakistan are unbearable. Now we should use jaggery instead of using sugar to teach this sugar mafia a lesson. Instead of sugar, we will use jaggery so that you will get something pure and the other is that after eating jaggery, a person is protected from various diseases. Every year in Pakistan, sugarcane crop is cultivated on a large scale and a huge price is earned from sugarcane crop. People say that farmers do not sell sugarcane crop as expensive as they buy sugar.

Rising sugar prices are worrying people. In this article you will be told in detail how the farmer cultivates sugarcane and the government of Pakistan buys sugarcane cheaply and sells sugar expensively. We should give up sugar for a while and use desi ghar to break the pride of these sugar mill owners. A large number of people still use ghar instead of sugar in the villages and their health is very good.

If we want the sugar rates to come back to normal, then we have to boycott the sugar mafia for a while. As long as we boycott sugar we should use gar and by using gar we are protected from various diseases. So if you want to know more about sugar and sugar rates, you can read this article in its entirety and learn more.


As soon as sugarcane is cultivated in some areas in Islamabad, the price of sugar in Karachi and different parts of Pakistan has gone up and this is the hope. Sugar prices could fall further by three to four rupees Eating sugar makes us suffer from many diseases but when we use gar for ourselves we will be safe from many diseases and on the other hand sugar rates will come down significantly. I’m too late to ask for sugar rates In order to significantly reduce sugar rates, we will generally have to use more gar and get the best sugar rates for ourselves.

The long queues of vehicles with Sugar Mills give these Sugar Mills owners courage that nothing happens. Rate will increase. Use jaggery instead of sugar in your home and cultivate jaggery for your sugarcane cultivation in your own fields. Then the memories of the past will be fresh and the health will be excellent and the taste will be delicious and Yeni will be normal in the market. Today, long queues outside sugar mills make mill owners arbitrary and raise rates, leading to higher sugar prices. When you and I start the business of cultivating sugarcane in our own fields, the lines in front of these mills will be reduced and sugar will become cheaper and the millers will buy your sugarcane at a good price.

Today our farmer buys sugar at a high price for himself and sells his hard-earned sugarcane cheaply. When our farmer does this, the rates of sugar increase. When people in Islamabad and Rawalpindi started cultivating sugarcane, they started extracting jaggery and cocoa from the sugarcane cultivation in their crops, then the rates of sugar decreased significantly. Because the celebrities of Islamabad and the citizens of Rawalpindi started using Garh instead of sugar and the rates of sugar have come down significantly and there is a possibility of further reduction in rates. If we start cultivating our crops in the best possible way in our own fields, the rates of sugar mafia will soon go down.

Consumption of sugar can lead to many diseases and we have to spend a lot of money to treat these diseases. If we eat normal and good food instead of spending money on treatment, we can avoid various diseases and the advantage of eating indigenous food is that on the one hand our health remains good and on the other hand we do not suffer from inflation. If we want to protect ourselves from inflation then we have to choose our local food and use sugar instead of sugar. Only then can we reduce sugar rates
For good health we need to advise our family to use Garh.

When we tell our family about the use of Garh then we will be in good health till old age like our family elders and in this rising ratio of inflation. We can also protect ourselves from inflation We need to grow vegetables and sugarcane in our crops so that we can reduce the rising prices of chicken and the rising prices of sugar. Chicken rates have been on the rise for some time now and people in the cities have started eating vegetables instead of chicken and within a few days the chicken rates have returned to normal. Today, sugar prices are skyrocketing. In order to significantly reduce sugar prices, we need to use ghar instead of sugar in our desserts in our homes.

If we use gur instead of sugar then our health will be better and our style of health will also be better then we can force the sugar mafia to rate down. Today we have a lot of sugarcane cultivation in Pakistan but still sugar rates. There are many more. With this in mind, we, the people, have the best way to get fresh gur in our crops and use that gur in cooking in our homes. Gar food protects us from diseases and keeps us healthy and fresh.


Seeing the rising rates of sugar, big markets and big stores have started selling sugar with different packages. The rate of sugar in Karachi on Monday was different ie Rs 120 or Rs 110 was running in a shop in a market. And while selling sugar at Rs. 110 or Rs. In our Pakistan, a large number of people cultivate sugarcane. If the same sugarcane crop is used to cultivate sugarcane in their own fields, then the long queues of trucks can be seen outside the sugar mills. During the day these rows remain the same.

For five or six days the vehicles are parked in the lanes outside the Sugar Mills with load guns, which reduces the weight of the loaded sugarcane on the vehicles to a minimum, which is to the detriment of the farmers only and to the mill owners. Is very useful When we disagree with a factory or a company, then that company factory or mills negotiates with us and meets our demands. I should use the old-fashioned sugar or gar So that the owners of sugar mills become aware that people no longer consider sugar necessary for them and they will buy your cultivated sugarcane at good rates and send the sugar out to the market at reasonable rates.

Sometimes these marketers stop giving sugar to small shopkeepers which leads to shortage of sugar. Due to shortage of sugar, they give sugar to small shopkeepers in big markets at high rates and small shopkeepers sell sugar in cities and villages. Sell ‚Äč‚Äčexpensive That is why sugar reaches the people at exorbitant prices. We have to use ghar and sugar in our homes once again like in the old days to alleviate the shortage of sugar. So you should buy sugarcane from the farmers at a cheaper price from the shops and use gur or sugar in your home made earthenware dishes so that the food is tasty and reasonably priced. Gar and sugar tea is excellent and tasty.

The big markets sell sugar at wholesale for these small shopkeepers as you have read that on Monday Karachi was 120 rupees per kg and somewhere 110 rupees. If you buy sugar at wholesale from Chinese markets then we will have to pay Rs 90 per kg for 100 kg of sugar and these small shopkeepers make an excellent profit by buying sugar at wholesale.

According to medical science, excessive consumption of sugar causes diabetes, so instead of buying expensive sugar and diseases, try to prepare healthy food in your house instead of cheap jaggery and sugar. Will be saved from and will also be saved from various diseases.

In our Pakistan, our farmers cultivate a large number of sugarcane crops and sell not only in their own country Pakistan but also outside of Pakistan at a very reasonable price. By using turmeric and sugar, we can enjoy the best tasting foods and also avoid the high prices of sugar.


Every year the price of sugar is fixed at Rs. 80 by the federal government and with the dealers the price of sugar is reduced to Rs. In order to control the rising prices of sugar, the government registers the existing sugar mills and sugar dealers so that they do not steal more money from the people. But still the people kneel before these dealers and buy sugar at exorbitant prices due to shortage of sugar which gives these dealers a profit of millions of rupees. There are some cities in Pakistan where even though they are registered agents, they are forced to buy expensive sugar. The government of Pakistan should punish such agents and remove them from office.

When the government of Pakistan will take action against such people then the people will get things at the right rate. Today our Pakistani people buy little things at high prices. They should be legally punished by de-registration After 85 rupees, some areas of Pakistan buy expensive sugar and that is, they buy sugar for 100 rupees, 110 rupees or 120 rupees. And these dealers should be punished for this crime. Today, sugar mills have become very numerous in Pakistan and a large number of these mills sell their company’s sugar in the Pakistani market under their own name but still sell sugar to the public. It’s expensive

The government of Pakistan should ask its registered sugar mills to account for the monthly production of sugar and the sugar going to the market and then the market which buys sugar at what rate it has bought and at what rate it will sell it. Write on the register and put their thumbs up so that the dealers can sell sugar to the public at the same rates as the government tells them. A large number of people have stockpiled sugar. When there is a shortage of sugar, they start selling sugar on black. They sell at double and triple rates. The people’s government should punish such dealers and without permission. It is a crime to privately stockpile sugar cane for personal gain and sell it at black rates during difficult times.

The government of Pakistan should look for such Chinese stickers and punish them severely so that sugar can reach the people at the right reasonable rate and the people should also look for dealers who are registered by the government of Pakistan and are the best for the people in the market. We are selling sugar at a reasonable rate. The rate is selected by the government of sugar. After selecting the rate, they set up their own registered small offices where you can find out the rates related to sugar and you can get it with the money given by the sugar government rate.


The rates of sugar available in Pakistan today are as follows: Today the rate of sugar in different cities of Pakistan is Rs. If rates continue to rise, sugar will become more expensive and people will stop buying sugar. The best thing for the people is that seeing the rising rates of sugar, the people should use local sugar and ghar so that the people can avoid various diseases associated with inflation. People today ignore these things and buy sugar at high prices. Which is why the sugar mafia is powerful and courageous Today sugar from different cities in Pakistan is being sold from Rs 110 and Rs 120 to Rs 70 and Rs 90. The government of Pakistan should catch these people through its registered institutions and de-register them.


The government of Pakistan provides rates to the people by registering these sugar mills but the reason for the high cost of sugar reaching the people is not the government but the people who accumulate sugar stocks and sell sugar at double the rates. The Pakistan government is punishing such people and the search is on If you are worried about buying expensive sugar then there is no need to worry now because the government of Pakistan is now introducing its own registered sugar makers and the people will provide sugar at a fixed price. This is the best offer for such people. There will be those who used to buy sugar at higher rates The government of Pakistan is taking the best measures against the sugar mafia and is offering cheap sugar to the people

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