State Bank Of Pakistan SBP Jobs OG-2 ?

We will tell you about the job of State Bank of Pakistan on this page. You will read all the details carefully and you will have complete information about SBP Jobs. State Bank of Pakistan has now announced the job of Assistant Director. It conducts its business according to the latest banking system. State Bank of Pakistan Is a big bank and it does a great job SBP Pakistan’s job is considered prestigious all over Pakistan because it is a government bank and the job in it is considered the best.

The State Bank of Pakistan Service Corporation was established in 2001 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the State Bank of Pakistan. The Bank was authorized to provide banking services to government institutions and the general public and to meet developmental needs of public and private needs and to carry out export and import business and all such agency functions. SBP, which has its head officer in Karachi, is doing its job through a network of civil field offices across the country. The State Bank of Pakistan is carrying out its work through a network of 16 field offices in the country in which organizations are appealing to the major cities of Pakistan to strengthen it as part of a program of development, change and meaning.

OG-2 Jobs in State Bank of Pakistan Sit Bank of Pakistan Training Program 2021 has announced different jobs. This is indeed a golden opportunity and whoever fulfills its criteria will be filled with this golden opportunity.

Information Of State Bank Of Pakistan?

State Bank of Pakistan is called as Daulat Pakistan Bank. This bank was established in 1948. Basically, it remained unchanged till January 1, 1956, when the banks were nationalized. The State Bank of Pakistan was made the financial base. It is headquartered in Karachi. Full meetings with the State Bank of Pakistan Service Corporation and with the subsidiaries. Central Bank with branches in 16 cities. It was made operational in which it was said that it should be combined with the penalties of the whole of Pakistan. It would also react to the accounting of the banks of Pakistan.

The State Bank of Pakistan has fully integrated institutions, the National Institute and many such commercial banks are supplied by the State Bank of Pakistan. This bank looks after all the private institutions and looks after their accounts. The law of the land which is adopted is the state bank which takes care of the state institutions and their expenses are deposited in this bank and many other such matters are handled by the State Bank of Pakistan What we call wealth is all the wealth of Pakistan is deposited in it through which the employees of all Pakistan are paid. Job opportunities have been provided in the State Bank of Pakistan. State Bank of Pakistan has announced vacancies. We must apply for it.

History Of State Bank Of Pakistan SBP?

The State Bank of Pakistan was established by the British Government as the Central Bank of the Undivided Subcontinent with India before independence on August 1947. On December 30, 1948, the British Government commissioned the Bank of India’s reserves for Pakistan and India 30 to 70% for Pakistan and India was divided between the percentage. 

The small amount of money transferred to Pakistan from the transfer of independence was given to Pakistan in which Muhammad Ali Jinnah immediately took steps to establish the State Bank of Pakistan this June. The bank was introduced in 1948. When India and Pakistan were separated in the subcontinent, the same bank was established in the subcontinent. Later, when the two paths were separated, then the two countries established separate banks in their respective countries.

Both traditional and developmental work has been carried out in the State Bank of Pakistan to obtain guidance. Expenditure and Reporting and Financial Policy of the Financial System as a note of the financial system provided for all these policies. Performing Financial Framework Development Savings and Investment Institutional Training Facility to Banks and Providing Credit to Priority Sectors. State Bank of Pakistan’s policy promotion is a key member of the precautionary framework for activism and financial inclusion. Develops modern digital payment infrastructure launches national payment system government to develop a framework for Pakistan The bank is now operating as a state-owned bank in Pakistan.

OG-2 Job 2021 In State Bank Of Pakistan Details?

The State Bank of Pakistan conducts the financial and credit system of Pakistan and is the central bank. It is the largest bank in Pakistan and the financial instructor of the country’s productive receipts and the approach to maximizing and securing maximum use. Promoting the best national interest and its development and its regulatory and supervisory strengthening of the government and the performance of the banks in the financial environment and checking all these banks falls into its category. Provide full details of the jobs and selection process that will let you know about your job as we will tell you about submitting the application form for OG-2 and you will read all these details May be eligible for this job.

What Is The Title & Description?

1. Organization: Sate Bank of Pakistan.

2. Job:  Location Karachi, Pakistan.

3. Education: 16 Years of Education. 

4. Post: Permanent Job Assistant Director OG-2.

5.Salary: Rs:82000 Per Month.

6. Website:

7. Last Updated: On 1st May, 2021.

The Young Professionals Induction Program  24th Batch Of State Bank Of Pakistan?

The Banking Services Corporation of the Young Professional Induction Program at State Bank of Pakistan has an interesting essay and introductory points that inspire people to pursue career development and leadership skills that enhance their technical and managerial role in Banking Operations. There is a unique opportunity for the youth to get exposure in this program especially in SBP Pakistan in various fields such as Economics, Finances, Mathematics, Information Systems, Technology, Commerce, Physics and many more. This is a program designed for active people.

The State Bank of Pakistan encourages eligible men and women with academic and cultural backgrounds to apply for value in their workplace. The 2010 program has hired about many people who Candidates selected under State Bank of Pakistan have to spend 12 weeks in an organized development program at the National Institute of Banking and Finance in Officer Grade II and enjoy the benefits.

State Bank Of Pakistan Job OG-2 Eligibility Criteria?

1. Qualifications OG-2

To qualify for the post of Assistant Director at State Bank of Pakistan, the qualification criteria for Education M. is to have completed 16 years of Master’s or Bachelor’s degree from HEC in Universities or Business Education Program, Commerce, Technology, Accounting, Information Systems and Technology. Math must be passed along with at least 60% marks on the wedding night and a minimum of 2.5 CGP out of 4.0 is very important. 60 Personal marks are required to come and wait for the final results till the last date. Will not be eligible for. Therefore, if he passes all these criteria, then he will have a job opportunity, so you should have a lesson number and you should have 16 years of education.

2. OG-2 Age Criteria

  • You must be under 26 years of age before the deadline to submit an application to the State Bank of Pakistan. If you are 26 years of age, then you are eligible.
  • Candidates from Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA and Azad Jammu and Kashmir will be given a three-year age concession.
  • There will be a five-year age limit for existing SBP employees or any of its subsidiaries to meet the second eligibility criteria.

The Compensation and Benefits?

OG-2 Job During Residential Theoretical Training at NIBAF?

1. Stipend Of Rs.41000 Per Month.

2. Free Boarding & Lodging.

3. Medical Facility for self.

Appointment as OG-2?

1. Monthly monetized salary of Rs.82,000

2. Medical Facility for self & eligible dependents

3. In House Free OPD

4. In House Free Pharmacy

5. Emergency Treatment at Hospital

6. Group Term Assurance

7.  Loan & Car Loan & House Building & Advance.

OG-2 Terminal Benefits?

The State Bank of Pakistan develops a comprehensive player for the officers selected under them. According to the rules of the bank, the State Bank of Pakistan separates them and joins the new participating fund and the new or group in a large amount of qualification. On a daily basis the officer is paid and they are thoroughly trained and after the training they are given different types of funds and they are prepared.

OG-2 Selection Cycle?

  1. Job Advertisement
  2. Online Application
  3. Submission Application
  4. Written Test
  5. Medical Test
  6. Physical Test
  7. Interview
  8. Screening
  9. 12 Week Training
  10. Officer Grade 2
  11. Joining Formalities
  12. Boarding At SBT & BSC

How To The Apply state bank of Pakistan jobs og2?

  • The first thing you have to do is apply online. After you apply online, you are messaged on Google or internet ticket. The first thing you have to do is apply online and see the criteria. Is required.
  • You are told by email that you are eligible and you will be doing more than that next year as it will be an important channel of communication with you. You have to complete your application in one session and Is added to you by.
  • When you fill out the online form, you do not have to write your phone number and full home address in your email. If you give the wrong address, you will not be told about your job. You need to provide accurate information.
  •  And you have to apply from the official website of State Bank of Pakistan.


OG-2 Application & Testing Procedure?

  • Interested Pakistani citizens are required to log on to NDS and website for eligibility criteria meeting.
  • Check the age of your ID card carefully and then apply for this application. If you are too old, you will be rejected.
  • Information and details such as photo, date of birth, all your documents, Sindh education certificate and your papers, Naat and your short list have to be completed.
  • It is very important to have all your copy in which the application form roll number slip registration slip national identity card list of state bank pakistan select list and copies of all your documents and a copy of one of your photo and it is required to have head office karachi.
  • When you go through all these procedures you will be mailed and you will be told whether you are eligible or not. When you are eligible you will be started with the return test data.
  • Eligibility criteria and shortlisted candidates will be mailed through NTS to appear in the written test.
  • The list of eligible candidates is uploaded on the State Bank of Pakistan’s NTS website.

OG-2 Pre-Insulation Training?

When all your procedures are completed, your medical unfit examination will be passed. After completion of all the formalities already involved, the selected candidates will be passed through the National Institute of Banking and Finance. If I pass the tests, then his leader also goes. He is painted by the leader. After doing five, he has to train in the National Institute. After the training, he is admitted in the bank for 12 months. During this time he undergoes extensive training which enables him to perform his duties at the bank after passing out.

OG-2 Apply Online?

Last Selection Process Review For State Bank Of Pakistan?

We are going to discuss the selection process for the SBP job and how to prepare for it. First of all, when you submit the application, the Selection Board Charlotte the eligible candidates. You have to choose to appear in the test, then you have to compose more English in it and the National Testing Service is conducted by those who have general knowledge and such agents. 

After clearing the test, the candidate passes the physical test After passing the physical test, the candidate is medically examined. After passing the medical, the candidate is interviewed. The interviewee has to wait at home again. After waiting, the candidate receives a call letter. After receiving the call letter, he has to undergo twelve minutes of training at the National Institute. After twelve months of training, he is taught how to work in banking. After twelve minutes, he has to work as an officer in a bank. Performs.


We have provided you all the retail of State Bank of Pakistan. When you read all these teachers, then apply. After the whole process of training, you will come to Call Trust. You can join and you will do your job as an officer in the State Bank of Pakistan. We have provided you all the details of the State Bank of Pakistan. You read so carefully and then ply in the State Bank of Pakistan and Then get your work done. Thanks.

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