Seagull assistant Application 2023 Free Download for Android and ios

 If you are student of science or any other discipline and you want to increase knowledge of science then you are at right place. Because in this informative article I will discuss about computer based knowledge and education from android phone. 

For this you need to download Seagull Assistant Application from Google play store or from tablet. Basically this app is related to marine life. You can improve your marine life knowledge from this app. This application is available in iOS and Google play store. 


Seagull assistant

This application is improving day by day according to the reviews of users. If you want to enhance your knowledge related to marine life then it is good option for you. Then download this good option. 

It is designed for those who want to improve marine life knowledge. It is basically a training application. If you are looking for knowledge then download this application and you can download this application from google play store or from iOS app store. 


About Seagull Assistant Application:


It is one of the best android application. It was developed by android developer for the welfare of USA users. But users from all over world can use this application. This application offers different types of trainings about sea life. Self assessment feature is also added in this application for learning purposes. Students can easily evaluated through different tasks and students can check their own proficiencies. After registering on this application you need to make a schedule on this application. 

 The seagull training app allows users of the seagull training administrator (sta) to use their training needs and competencies position. Users can track the important fleet before the next assignment on the ship so that the company can access this facility. The new advanced seagull training application has been completed with the possibility of running modules and movies directly from the main menu. This app can also be used in wide range of mobile devices and tablets with dynamic screen layouts of all cases. seagull training app’s accessible seagull as part of info.


This app is intended to use their training requirements and qualification status for all users of the seagull training administrator. You can now chart your training needs and inform your manufacturer that you are ready to evaluate them from due date. Note: before using your station credentials for login, your company will have to approve the use of the app.

Name of App: Seagull Assistant

Version of App: v.7.2.1

Total size: 21.03 MBS

Developed by: Seagull

Price: It’s totally free


It’s main purpose was to increase the knowledge of students of marine sciences. If you are willing to join marine life then you need to follow this application. Different equipment are introduced in this app. Those all instruments are used in marine life. 


After studying and getting training from this application students will be able to know about the all basics of marine life and ship site. 



Trainings programs offered by Seagull Assistant Application:


Different trainings are given to the students. Here is list of trainings.


1- Training about personal safety:

  • Interested students will learn about causes of accidents in sea and how to protect yourself from these accidents.


2- Training about general safety of ship:


  • You will get training about safety measures during working on ship.


3- Training about inert gas generator:


  • In this portion students will know about different parts used in generator and principle of pressure breakers.


4- Training about vessel:


  • Students will learn about basic structure of vessel.


5- Training about P & I insurance:

  • In this training you will be able to know about insurance of ship and it’s workers.


6- Training about inspection:


  • In this portion students will know about procedure of pre arrival and inspection.


7- Training about Assessor:

  • In this portion you will know about basics and latest training about assessor.
  • You can use this code as a password to unlock different trainings.
  • “marinersguide245”



Process of downloading application:


You can download this application by clicking on link given below. And you can also download this application by typing Seagull Assistant Application in the Google play store and in iOS app store.

You will have a home screen with the app icon. Click on the left corner of the application list of options to open. Create a list of options you want from the list. If you want to participate in CBT training, click the CBT test or click this option if you want to participate in ces. After selecting any training, it will open a list of training offered by this app. After any training, you can contact the xor for your personal capabilities. After completing a test, repeat the process further.


How to use this application?

After downloading this application. Open the application. You will see list of different trainings. You can easily select desirable option. If you want to participate in assessor application then click on assessor tab. You can also participate in the different tests. After completion of test you will be able to know about your proficiencies of marine life. After completion of one test and training you can repeat this procedure for other tests.


Seagull assistant  APK Download free



It is one of the best android application. It was designed for the welfare of students. Students can increase their knowledge by participating in different trainings and tests. If you are interested in marine life and you want to learn about marine life then download this application.

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