In this Important Article We are going to share with you Scom Devices Dongle and Mifi Packages. With the Internet, there is a focus everywhere and all mobile networks have launched their Wi-Fi devices. Similarly, Scom is not far behind in this race. SCOM has come up with amazing packages of  Dongle and Scom MiFi devices to provide high speed 4G internet access to its customers. Scom has launched Scom 4G Dongle and SCO 4GMFI for its customers. You can choose from two different Scom Internet Devices with different packages designed exclusively for scom users, without any interaction. Both devices are statistical and can only be used in Scom networks. Scom offers 4G package per month for unlimited data.

The Scom network is more popular in remote areas of Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir where other networks are generally not available or their services are not available.

Scom 4G Dongle Price Features

The Scom 4G Dongle is a high-speed USB Internet  data modem that plugs into a laptop / PC and provides instant Internet access on any place. The device can connect to up to 15 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously. Scom 4G Dongle: Rs. 1,800


Scom 4G MIFI Price Features

Scom 4G Mifi is a high speed internet modem that provides high speed anywhere on the network. Up to 15 Wi-Fi devices can be connected to the device at the same time and ensure uninterrupted communication.  Scom 4G Mifi Price Rs. 2,800

You can enjoy many Wi-Fi data packages with SCOM device packages. This package is for your regular SIM cards. Are not available. SCOM offers 2 types of devices. The current price of Dongle is Rs. 1800 whereas the price of Scam MiFi is Rs. 2800.


SCOM wifi device packages


How to subscribe Scom device 4G Mifi & Dongle internet package?

Just Call 111 726 726. To activate these packages or visit your nearest Scom service customer care center or franchise.

How to Check your Scom Device Remaining Data ?

If you want to Check your scom remaining data its very simple 
  • Open any internet browser like google chrome etc 
  • After Type and Search
  • Now Open New Web Page You Enter Password Admin and click on Login Button.


  • After open new page just scroll down and click on ussd option.
  • Now you have Show Balance inquiry button just click on this button after you will received sms or you have show send option in below just Type *125#  and Click Send button.


  • Now you have show your balance details on your screen now type 1 and click on reply button.


  • After You will be Received SMS with Complete Details your Remaining Data.
  • For Check SMS Just go back and Click on SMS Option Open SMS Check Details.
  • Click SMS After Open your All SMS. Now, you’ll receive an instant SMS about the remaining Internet MBs with the expiration date in your inbox. Click on the ‘Message icon’ at the top of the screen to check your inbox.
In case you try to check your remaining data internet but not Know then you can dial  111 726 726 Know your Remaining Data.

The Special Communications Organization (Scom) is a public sector organization. The SCO is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications and is controlled by the Pakistan Army. SCOM provides telecommunication services mainly in Gilgit-Baltistan (UK) and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K). In some areas only service providers AJ&K and GB SCOM. Following a package of measures to protect SQM Corona from this epidemic, SCOM offered its customers SSKM SIM Jaga.

Terms and Conditions will be apply on Scom Internet data device Packages.
You can Subscribe Scom data device internet packages any time any day.
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