Ranger rover car price and outlook in Pakistan 2023


Ranger rover is the most beautiful and dreamed car in Pakistan. It is the different type of SUV in market. The model of Ranger rover produced in 1970 to complete SUV of Japan and now this car was most popular in all over the world.  This vehicle complete name is Ranger rover classis car and this car is used for Government official and military officers. It is so luxury car you feel very comfortable by sitting it. This car is so relaxing even ride on massy road don’t face any problem. The price of ranger rover vehicle is not so high as custom duty like other expensive car like Ferrari, Limousine and Lamborghini but not affordable for a common man in Pakistan. range rover price in pakistan.

In previous article we give you detail about LimousineFerrari and Lamborghini cars but in this article, we will give you complete information and Pakistani prices of Ranger rover car. If you are interesting to purchase latest and luxury cars then you must know about Ranger rover car which complete detail are given below.

In this article we will explain Ranger over car

  • History
  • Models
  • Prices
  • features
  • Outer look
  • Inner look
  • Specifications
  • Conclusions
  • FAQ about Ranger rover car

The further detail is given below.

History of Ranger rover car


The ranger rover car was produced in 1970 by British Leyland. This vehicle was launched to compete japan SUV. Now this car was found in 4th generation.

First generation of Ranger rover car was used from 1970 to 1995 and it has made 2-door vehicle till 1981, later its 4-door model establish by specialist firm.

Second generation- after twenty-five years ranger rover car establishes second generation in 1995 with 8 inches longer and latest model V8 engine. It was ownership of BMW group and latest equipment and premium trims.


Third generation- The third generation of Ranger rover car was launched in 2001 with latest electronics, core power units and BMW 7-series. The manual transmission was totally removed in third generation and convert in automatic transmission.

Fourth generation- The fourth generation of Ranger rover was established in September 2012 with diesel powered electronic model. Its ordering process started in September 2013. It was included all latest electronics and features and which was uses till 2021.

Models of Ranger Rover cars in Pakistan


There are 63 Ranger rover classic cars are available in Pakistan and buoyed by individual. The most popular models of Ranger rover with quantity are mentioned below.


  • Ranger rover Vogue 22
  • Ranger rover Autobiography 17 
  • Ranger rover Sports 16
  • Ranger rover Supercharged 2
  • Ranger rover Evoque 6

Here are all models of Ranger rover with different years but hope so recently new model will be launched so to know keep in touch with us.


Prices of Ranger Rover car 2021 in Pakistan 

The average price of Ranger rover car round about 12 million to 75 million Pakistani rupees with different models, and in European countries $74000 to $468000.

The latest model Ranger rover Vogue purchase in July 2020 in 55 million Pakistani rupees.

The price of Ranger rover depends on model and conditions. There are different models of Ranger rover with fourth generations including Ranger rover sport, Ranger rover Evoque, Ranger rover vogue and some others.

  • Ranger rover vogue 2021=  4.2 crore PKR
  • Ranger rover supercharged 2014= 3.6 crore PKR
  • Ranger rover autobiography 2019=  6 crore PKR
  • Ranger rover Evoque 2013= 1.6 crore PKR
  • Ranger rover sport 2018= 5.2 crore PKR


Key-Feature of Ranger rover


 Key-Features of ranger rover car are explained in three terms which are

  • Design (exterior-interior)
  • Refinement
  • Technology

The further detail is given below.


Exterior design : The exterior design of Ranger rover is most beautiful and effortless. It has front grill and front bumper with integrated exhausted and striking LED lights. Latest model of Ranger rover roof can be opened.

Interior Design : Interior design of Ranger rover car is more beautiful than exterior. It has 3 LCDs, one in front side and two in back seats for passenger. It has many facilities in ranger rover which are telephonic system, charger plug, Mega pixel camera for pictures and video recorder, FM radio and Bluetooth.


There is latest type of technology used in Ranger rover car which detail are given below.

  • Steering wheel- its programming and sensitive touch switches. 
  • Seat-rear entertainment- 10-high definitions touch screen with wireless headphones, remote and USB to support multiple devices.
  • Pro-service- provides traffic flow system with door to door.
  • Protest- give information about fuel level, window open check, parking area, and record your journey.
  • Voice recognition- you can drive this car through traffic voice instructions without focusing on screen.
  • Smartphone pack- stay connected with other smartphone devices.



  • Automatic transmission
  • Color (white, black, silver, blue, green)
  • Engine type (Petrol, Diesel, and Hybrid)
  • Availability (local, Imported)
  • Model category (big, luxury, Jeep, sports)
  • Picture availability
  • Video availability


Here we give you detail about all models of Ranger rover but the best ranger rover model is autobiography which is most expensive and more comfortable which price is $399000 in Pakistani rupees 63 million round about. It is red color in mostly and much luxury car with all latest equipment. If you need extra guidance you can contact us on our website or our email address given below.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  • 1.What is the price of Ranger rover car 2021?
  • Ranger rover car average price in 2021 is round about 15 million to 75 million in Pakistani rupees.
  • 2.Which model of Ranger rover is best?
  • According our knowledge and research Ranger rover biography is best and most beautiful and luxury car.
  • 3.How much seats in Ranger rover?
  • In Ranger rover have 3 to 7 seating capacity according their models. In sports car 5-7 seats and in Evoque 4 to 5 seating capacity.
  • 4.What is difference between Land rover and Ranger rover car?
  • Simple Land rover is the name of brand of vehicle and ranger rover is the specific model of land rover, So the complete name is Land rover Ranger rover classic car.
  • 5.Which Land Rover model is so cheapest and affordable?
  • The Land rover discovery sport is the most affordable car which can be purchases 4 to 5 crores in Pakistani rupees.



Here we give complete detail about Ranger rover car price and overview. Please share this amazing and latest information with your friends, family and loved ones through Facebook, Whattsapp, twitter and Instagram so that they can be entertain and get benefit from this information. For any query, or need extra guidance visit our website or contact us Or Comment given below.

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