PTCL Withholding tax certificate 2023?

All those customers who want to generate or create their own PTCL withholding Tax Certificate online for free while staying at home with PTCL withholding and 4G can get it today. It’s a great way to get acquainted with people you know and love. In PTCL and 4G you need MDI number and ISN number and higher CNIC number which is your national identity card.

Because we will share with you how to make PTCL tax certificate 2023 which will be of great benefit to you. Because it is the right of every citizen to know how much tax every mother is paying and on what basis she should be aware of all these things when you make any effort in Pakistan There are a lot of people who don’t even know what they are paying taxes on but it is very important for all of them to know about it. 

This is because when you find out that you are spending so much money on your bill and half or less of it because every Pakistani citizen must know all these things. Whoever is using these things is very important because if you people know all these things then it will be easier for you to bill. So today we will introduce you to PTCL. Explain the text certificate which will also increase your knowledge and make it easier to pay.


If you use PTCL then there is a tax on your bull which some people know about it some people don’t know some people don’t know about tax so today we We have brought to this page all the guides about PTCL tax for people so that they can know why they pay PTCL tax and how to create it. We will tell you that Fill out the online form and pay your taxes and you will also know how much tax you are paying each mother.

 First you need to go to their official website to know all these things. If You need to know how much tax you are paying through Ptcl. This way you can get information about your household budget. Because every citizen should know about PTCL tax information, how much tax he is paying every mother. When you get your heart, there is also a tax option on which it is written. 

You also have to pay this tax. We will tell you that you can also pay taxes online from home because every parent pays whatever is paid along with it. Tells you when you need to go to if you need to enter your phone number, your CNIC number or exactly the number and fill out this form and submit all your trains. 

When you collect people, you know how much tax you are paying each month and when you pay PTCL tax, your text effect will be created by the company itself. You will find it easy and you will know how much tax you are paying every mother and every year because there are many people in Pakistan who do not know about these things but today we We will talk about all the details for you. All the instructions are related to the text certificate.


Get PTCL Text Certificate of Popular Service PTCL withholding tax return is available for Landline NOR 4G service as you all may or may not know. Ptcl has become Pakistan’s number one internet provider and has been operating in Pakistan for a long time and has over 1.3 million subscribers in more than two thousand cities and towns across Pakistan. If you are also a PTCL customer, then you have come here to learn how to get Ptcl then you have reached the place. Today we will tell you how you are and start without wasting time.


What Is The Withholding Tax Certificate?

Taxes such as tax withholding have to be maintained and income tax which is paid to the government by the common man instead of the tax payer is similarly withheld or deducted from the income due to the tax payer. In most jurisdictions, tax avoidance is applied to employment income. Many jurisdictions also require withholding tax on the payment of interest or profits. In most jurisdictions, additional taxes and holdings are liable. Stripes are also present. Even if the recipients live in different jurisdictions, the holding tax is sometimes levied on the sale of royalties such as royalties and rents. Government tax building as a means of combating tax evasion. Are also used and are sometimes tax building requirements. If the recipient is late in paying the tax pleas, such tax evasion is considered normal.


It is usually determined that if the last person to collect the withholding tax is treated as a liability payer, it is already done, while if the tax tellers are rounded up, the taxpayer’s tax. Can be deducted from the tax liability of the taxpayer if it is determined that he has stopped the liability of the tax collector of the sun, then in some cases the tax is deducted from the tax liability of the taxpayer. Is also treated as and the tax refund is an additional tax or the amount of the tax on payments other than income is usually levied at a fixed percentage The amount of withholding tax in case of the employment income is often issued by the employee Is based on the estimates of or the government.


How To Get PTCL Tax Certificate?

Getting PTCL tax has become very easy. All you need to do is read a form online and then you will get the text effect. Where and how to get the form using the following link. The tax is collected which they have to go directly to where they are asked to select the soft service. According to the service, there is information for account identification tax. And follow their instructions step by step we are telling you for free you follow the following strategies to get the certificate online below.


Step No.1

First you have to the turn on your mobile and then go to Google and on Google you have to search on their official website given below.


 Get Your PTCL Tax Certificate /button

Step No.2

Now you have to fill the form that you have received from their official website as per the instructions given below.


  • Select Service Type: Landline /EVO/CharJi
  •  Select the service for tax certificate
  • Area Code:
  • Choose your the Area code
  • Enter Phone Number & Account ID:
  •  Enter account ID given your PTCL bill
  • Select the Start Month & the Year
  • Select the end Month & the Year
  • Enter text shown in image
  • Click on Inquiry Tax Button



If you want to meet PTCL tax certificate or you are facing any kind of the problems, you can also visit their official website and email them. If you like both of these tasks you can call their official helpline. You can discuss your many problem and you can solve it. You can call their helpline 1218.


How to Check PTCL Tax Certificate EVO/CharJi?

The second part of finding the withholding Tax certificate for the Evo & 4G device is that the method is very simple and easy. And if you also have a problem with this problem then you can look at your verse below and you will know that you can solve this problem too.


1. Click on URL given above

2. Select service type EVO/CharJi

3. Now put MDN number without 92

4. Second step is enter ESN Number

5. ESN number is also known as ICCID

6. Enter CNIC number user whose registration has done

7. Please select holding tax date to the expiry date

8. Solve the captcha & the click inquire tax



Taxpayers are now ready to update their tax at home as you can get the certificate online by calling it online and it is available for free on the website if you are still facing any kind of hassle. If it is raining then you can go to the PTCL office in your city and you can go to that office and discuss your problem then they will check all your tails and consider your problem and solve it. You can also call their agent at 1260 for more questions and then they will check your details and also check the above instructions and you can complete your text deletion.Thanks.

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