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Find out Exact tax customs/rates :

The mobile phone taxes calculator gives you the exact pay and approximate taxes on a mobile phone that you wanted to buy or import.


Update: A lot of tax prices have been reduced. Updated versions of most tax calculators are now available on the internet.

PTA Mobile Tax Calculator - How to Check PTA Tax on Mobile


The list of mobile phone taxes doesn’t include your phone or you think that this list includes high mobile tax prices. You can comment about such queries in the comment box where we can answer your these queries and we also provide you the full information regarding your mobile phone tax amount that you have to pay.

You are here because you wanted to know about the tax prices of mobile phones. You will get all the information of taxes below the table which includes all the approximate taxes of mobile phone which one have to pay when he or she is on an airport or you are at the office of the customs department.



We are here to guide you so you have to follow the following steps for checking the mobile taxes in Pakistan:

  •  first of all you have to click on the Brand option in the table below to select your brand.
  •  After select the model of your mobile phone
  • Now you will get all the information regarding the taxes that you have to pay.



If your mobile phone taxes price is not known through the table above or your mobile model is not in the above calculator then don’t worry. You have to follow the following steps to get the answer.

  • first of all you have to put your mobile phone’s value in US Dollars in the calculator given below.
  • then you have to click the calculate icon in the calculator.
  • you will get the desired information of the mobile phone tax that you have to pay.



As you know most phones available in Pakistan are of imported categories. Most of them are bought through online websites such Ali baba express or any Online website that you know. As you know any imported things need taxes to use in Pakistan. Below you will get the information about the various mobile phones taxes that you gave to pay when your phone is importing to the airport.


This is based on the prices which are taken in the form of US dollars

  • PKR 180 = from $1 to $30
  • PKR 1800 = from $30 to $100
  • PKR 2700 = from $100 to $200
  • PKR 3600 = from $200 to $350
  • PKR 10500 = from $350 to $500
  • PKR 18500 = from $500+


2 : SALES TAX  :

This sale tax is also based on the prices in the US dollar

  • PKR 150 = from $1 to $30
  • PKR 1470 = from $30 to $100
  • PKR 1870 = from $100 to $200
  • PKR 1930 = from $200 to $350
  • PKR 6000 = from $350 to $500
  • PKR 10300 = from $500+


  • PKR 70 = from $1 to $30
  • PKR xx = from $30 to $100
  • PKR 930 = from $100 to $200
  • PKR 970 = from $200 to $350
  • PKR 3000 = from $350 to $500
  • PKR 5200 = from $500+

4 : Information Technology Duty = 9%


This is based on the prices of PKR rupees.

Mobile levy will be about PKR 1000 if the cell phone which is imported is of prices between 10000 to 40000.

Mobile phone levy  will be 3000 Pakistani rupees if the price of the phone which is imported is between 40000 to 80000 Pakistani rupees. 

 Mobile levy will be 5000 Pakistani rupees if the price of the mobile imported is above 80000 Pakistani rupees.


6: Provincial taxes :

It is about 0.9% in provincial taxes.

After reading above all values. Add these values of prices and after adding you will get the total and exact prices of the taxes that you have to pay for importing any kind of mobile.



If you think that the tax values for your mobile phone are not included in this calculator or are missing then you have to follow the following steps :

first of all you have to comment on your mobile phone model and the name of your smartphone in the comment box of our website.

Then we will let you know about the tax that you are eligible to pay for importing your smartphone.

Secondly, we will also add all these tax prices and values in the above-mentioned calculators so that in the future you can check the liable tax by yourself.

If you wanted to know about the values and market prices of smartphones in Pakistan then you can visit our website to know about the prices of different models and mobile phones used in Pakistan.

So now of you were hesitating in importing mobile phone or you were unknown about the taxes you have to pay for mobile phones but now it is not a problem you can check our above calculators to check the tax that you have to pay for importing a smartphone. You are also afraid of these high prices of taxes we hope for the better steps from the government to reduce these taxes.



I hope this article has increased your information about tax prices and hope you will like it. If you like it then kindly share it with your friends and family. Thank you.

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