Prado Price in Pakistan Latest Model 2023 Details

 Price of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in Pakistan 2023


Introduction and history of Prado

Prado is the full size four vehicle and it was introduced by Japanese car
maker Toyota. First time it was developed in 1984 with 70 series which have
short body in size, short wheel base and three type of engines which in
Petrol, Diesel and turbo charged engine, which names are like Land cruiser
||, Land cruiser, and Bundara. These types of engine and transmission was
used in 4Runner and in Hino. 

It was the short introduction about Prado now we will give you detail
about 4th generation of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

• Introduction of 4th generation

• history

• Price 

• Specifications

• Key- features

• Design (interior,

• Conclusion

Introduction of 4th generation Prado 

4th generation of Toyota Land Crouser Prado was the beautiful and luxury
car. It was introduced in 2009 and it brings in 3 door and 5 door version
but in Pakistan it brings just in 5 door version. It was decorated with
front grill and LED lights. 4th generation of Toyota Land Crouser is so
expensive which only affordable for high class communities and rich
families. This vehicle was mostly used official government officers and
rich businessman. This vehicle is most popular and most favorite in
Pakistan, its price was increasing day by day as compared to other luxury

History of Toyota Land cruiser Prado


According to history of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4th generation was
coming through the process of first, second, third and fourth generation
with a lot of advancement. These four generations detail will give here
one by one.
First generation: First generation of Prado was introduced
in April 1990 with the same name of Land Cruise and Land cruiser 11. It
was designed in front grill, front fenders, engine hood and head lamps.
It includes 3-door and 4-door version and available in market for
Second generation: Second generation of Prado was come in May
1996, after 6 years of first generation. The body of Prado was
lengthened in 2nd generation and its design was replaced with an
independent design. It available in 3-door short wheelbase and 5-door
long wheelbase.
Third generation: the development of 3rd generation was started
in 1997 and work design in 1998 and come on road in 2002 with originated
form and developed engine v6. 
Fourth generation: 4th generation of Prado come in 2009 and
present in use. It available in two variants of 5-door and 3-door
version. 4th generation of Toyota Prado Land cruiser was offered in USA
with most developed technology and design. It was so luxury and most
beautiful generation and now it was using which price is round about 27
million to 41 million.


Model of Prado 4th generation – prado price in pakistan

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4th generation was coming in three models
which are
  • Toyota Prado VX 3.0D
  • Toyota Prado TX 3.0D
  • Toyota Prado TX 4.0L

Price and specifications of Prado 4th generation

The average price of 4th generation Toyota Prado is round about
27 million to 41 million in Pakistani rupees and in
dollars are $ 168000 to $255000. The further detail about all models
with price and specifications given below.
List of  Prado Models & Price in Pakistan
MODEL Toyota Prado VX 3.O Diesel turbo M/T Price in PKR:27,930,000 Price in dollars:$174,034 Engine: 2982 cc Fuel Diesel Transmission Manual Gear box 5 speed
MODEL Toyota Prado VX 3.0 Diesel Turbo A/T Price in PKR: 39,270,000 Price in dollars:$244,694 Engine:2982 cc Fuel Diesel Transmission Automatic Gear box 5 speed
MODEL Toyota Prado VX 4.0 Petrol A/T Price in PKR:41,410,000 Price in dollars:$25,803 Engine:3956 cc Fuel Petrol  Transmission Automatic Gear box 5 speed


Note:Price will be counted withholding 17% sales tax.


Features of Toyota Prado will be defining in different terms
  1. Exterior design
  2. Interior design
  3. Colors
  4. Competitors
The further detail is given below.

1.Exterior design

The exterior design of Prado is so beautiful and revolutionized in SUV.
It was decorated in front grill with LED lights. It’s so impressive and
powerful exterior, and a lot of population has favorite vehicle in

2.Interior design

According to interior design its so amazing and comfortable, even a
driver drive Prado on messy road you feel very comfortable don’t face
any problem. There is enough space for passenger to sit in and lay down.
4 seats with 2 front and 2 back long seats. It has all accessories of
latest vehicle and latest technology.


These models are coming in 9 different colors which are
Super white, Silver, dark steel, Bronze, Blue, White pearl, grey, Black
DK and green.


Today’s the main competitors of Toyota Land cruiser Prado 4th
generation are BMW, Audi, Jaguar and Ranger rover which all details are
available in Faiz world website.
In this article we give you detail about Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
models, price, features and specifications, we hope this information
will be very beneficial and according your need. In case of any query or
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FAQ (frequently asked question)

  • 1.How much cast of Toyotas Prado in 2023 PKR?
  • The average price of Toyota Prado is round about 27 million to 41
    million in Pakistani rupees with 4th generation latest model.
  • 2.What is Prado called in American country?
  • In America Land Cruiser is not the part of Prado it occupies in
    Prado position in Luxury Trim.
  • 3.What is better Prado or Pajero?
  • Prado looks more stylish than Pajero through their corners. It sits
    flatter and constant all-wheel-drive system is better.
  • 4.Why Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is so expensive?
  • Its expensive due to their best and latest features of safest ride
    and safety is the crucial factors.
  • 5.Is any new model of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado coming?
  • No, still no updates for running or incoming new model Toyota Land
    cruiser Prado invention.
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